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  1. BeauZo

    For Sale Cards for sale 12/09

    Hey everyone. Clearing out some cards. Open to offers as always. Postage $4/$8/$12. 16+ cards will be $8 minimum and sent as a parcel with tracking. Please message if you have any questions. Thanks and enjoy! 50c/$1 $1/$1 $1/50c 50csold/50c sold $5/$5 $1/$3 Sold$20/$3 $2/$1 $1/$1 $1/$1...
  2. BeauZo

    For Sale Random Lot $30 dvld

    Looking for $30 dvld for the lot, but I have no idea on value being an NBA guy, so I’m open to offers. Thanks for looking!
  3. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED 100 Cards Dvld for $100

    Hey guys. 100 cards for $100. All cards pictured will be sent plus some extras. Thanks for looking!
  4. BeauZo

    Completed 1711mark & Beauzo

    @1711mark gets Pippen flawless Beauzo gets paypal agreed?
  5. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED Scottie Pippen Flawless Dual Patch Gold /10

    Looking for $300 with express post. Open to offers✌️
  6. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED Random lot for a hungie

    Small lot for $100 dvld express. Open to splitting🙏 Thanks!
  7. BeauZo

    Completed Dunkcomp & Beauzo

    @DunkComp gets Oscar, Kidd and Lopez autos Beauzo gets paypal $$$ Agreed man?
  8. BeauZo

    Completed MarcusSR20 and Beauzo

    @MarcusSR20 gets Butler patch, Middleton patch auto, Penny auto, Mourning auto, Mutombo auto and Porzingis auto - sent express with signature on deleivery I get PayPal f/f Agreed?
  9. BeauZo

    Completed Tekk and Beauzo

    @tekk3113 gets Rodman flawless, Westbrook NT and LJ immac Beauzo gets paypal All good man?
  10. BeauZo

    For Sale Legends & Stars⭐️Flawless, Immaculate, NT updated 23/12

    Want to buy yourself a nice Xmas present this year? Sure u do! Prices are negotiable. Postage - $7 registered $12 express (anything over $100 I’ll send express and cover the postage👍) I’m happy to set up payment plans or hold for a reasonable amount time for you to get funds. Pm or comment...
  11. BeauZo

    Completed cardsdownunder & Beauzo

    @Cardsdownunder gets Larry Bird flawless patch auto Beauzo gets Kareem and PayPal Agreed brother?
  12. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED A Nice Bird

    Looking for around $350 or trade/part PayPal for a Kareem. Thanks for looking👍
  13. BeauZo

    Another SMC mailday🤙

    Request - arrived = 1 week! Best in the business❤️ Enjoy✌️
  14. BeauZo

    Lost Card

    Hey guys.. I sold this card on eBay about a month ago and the buyer has claimed it has not arrived, so eBay has issued them a refund which now leaves me with no $ and no card. If anyone sees it about then please let me know. Thanks P.S I did post with tracking but it has never updated. Either I...
  15. BeauZo

    Nice one card mailday👌

    So this beautiful piece of cardboard showed up today. Thought it was a cool shot of Nique... in hawks uni.. not clippers😛 I’ve never seen an immac card with that patch window before so I went investigating... turns out the back would confirm this Immaculate Football😅.. So I tried to find other...
  16. BeauZo


    📬Postage📬 $3.50 standard📮 $6.50 tracked🏷 $12 express📧 Open to offers on everything. Pm or comment. Cheers🤙
  17. BeauZo

    SMC mail day w/ commentary

    So I had this come in earlier in the week and I thought I’d share the pick of the bunch. I’ve been trying to focus on players I like and not just buy a bunch of low end stuff but just one maybe two cards of each of those players. . . . . . . First one.. is probably my favourite pick up...
  18. BeauZo

    Panini mailday

    Haven’t posted on here in a while so thought I’d share my redemption replacement mailday. Enjoy!
  19. BeauZo

    Completed Beauzo and FIFAking32

    Beauzo gets paypal @FIFAKing32 gets Reed and Parish autos sent w/ tracking agreed man?
  20. BeauZo

    Completed Beauzo and 411MissingHooPLa

    @411MissingHooPLa gets Reddish’s, MJ’s and Rui Beauzo gets PayPal Agreed?
  21. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED Few cards for sale****UPDATED 9/8/20****

    Just some random stuff for sale. More to come👍 Open to offers🙏 Postage: Standard - $3.50 Registered - $7 Express - $12 ***Postage could cost more depending on weight
  22. BeauZo

    Completed Beauzo and cardfund

    @cardfund gets 4 x lebrons Beauzo gets PayPal Agreed?
  23. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED Few low endish cards for sale. MJ, Zion, Lebron, Giannis + more

    Hey guys. Few cards for sale. Postage $4 or $7.50 for tracking. Open to offers. Prices are marked on cards. Thanks! Lebron give and go sold Lebrons sold
  24. BeauZo

    SOLD/TRADED Mosaic cellos up for trade

    Anyone up for a trade? Looking for Flawless, NT or Immac (legends or future hofers 1 or 2 cards only) Or Giannis select prizms(any year) TV- around $400ish