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  1. Matt26

    This weeks mail

    Love the Rockstars set!
  2. Matt26

    Mark the century

    Glad you got it!!!!
  3. Matt26

    Momma’s Cookin’

    How good are his podcasts!!! Legend!
  4. Matt26

    Some cool finds while the market was ON FIRE

    Awesome pick ups! Love the Trae Prizm and the KG's!
  5. Matt26

    A big big BIG mailday!!

    Sensational pickups!!!! The shoe is a nice one with the photo match, im a huge fan of those flawless patches (especially the Maravich) and the game worn AB jersey is sensational.....
  6. Matt26

    Bird Mail Month.

    Sensational pick ups of Larry Legend!
  7. Matt26

    Luka Magic Mailday

    Sensational....... glad to see no foreign objects in the case!!!
  8. Matt26

    NBL mail day

    Sensational Neon Leon!!!
  9. Matt26

    Mailday from the US

    Great mailday...... and good luck scratching off the redemption code!!! haha
  10. Matt26

    Iverson auto PC pick up.

    Beautiful pick up!!!
  11. Matt26

    Aminu Optic Gold vinyl 1/1

    Love the Superfractor......i mean Gold Vinyl!
  12. Matt26

    Iverson and a Kobe for kicks

    Very nice pick ups!!!
  13. Matt26

    Mail Day from Ship my cards

    Sensational pick ups! Well done!
  14. Matt26

    Lebron Mailday

    Love the Lebron Noir Rookie!
  15. Matt26

    Patchy Camby

    Nice patches on the card! Well done!
  16. Matt26

    The coolest game jersey I've ever owned

    That is very cool! Well done on the great pick up!
  17. Matt26

    LaMelo Ball Crusade + maildays

    It appears that they used the NBL Looney Tunes jerseys for Hampton in Flawless and Immaculate. and there was this other Ball I saw which was cool...
  18. Matt26

    LaMelo Ball Crusade + maildays

    You going to have a crack at this one? :cool:
  19. Matt26

    PSA Grading Mailday

    Thanks everyone!
  20. Matt26

    PSA Grading Mailday

    great pick up!
  21. Matt26

    PSA Grading Mailday

    Hi everyone, Finally got around to grading 2 cards I had in the PC. Have to say was really impressed with PSA Submissions Australia (Laine) and his service. While I was hoping for 9's on both of these, but I'm still pretty happy with the result on the Lebron considering there are a heap...
  22. Matt26

    Massive COMC mailday.

    Stunning mailday!!!!