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  1. Jets59

    Completed Tony H & bdean_182

    Tony H receives PayPal $ bdean_182 receives 2003 NRL Roosters Case Card. Agreed.
  2. Jets59

    Completed League Hub and bdean_182

    bdean_182 gets the following Brad Fittler cards; 03 Team of the year Anzac heroes Origin stars Triple Centurian League Hub gets $ Agreed.
  3. Jets59

    Completed KnicksFan & bdean_182

  4. Jets59

    Completed Danielpchick and bdean_182

    Danielpchick sends Select 2001 all star signature Brad Fittler no 55 of 100 bdean_182 sends $ Danielpchick sending card first due to less than 10 feedback rule. Agreed.
  5. Jets59

    Completed Mikey & bdean_182

    Received thankyou!
  6. Jets59

    Completed Mikey & bdean_182

    agreed paypal sent. thanks
  7. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 & devo

    Agreed and done. Thanks.
  8. Jets59

    Completed Torry and bdean_182

    Torry gets PayPal already sent. Bdean_182 gets ko 2010 ufc autos; cain, Fitch, Diaz, marquedt, bisping, Coleman, palhares and miletech
  9. Jets59

    Completed Smit and bdean_182

    Smit receives paypal $$$ already sent bdean_182 receives Topps UFC Mirko Cro Cop tale of the tape card /25. Agreed mate
  10. Jets59

    Completed Mr paparazzi and bdean_182

    Mr Paparazzi gets 3 x ufc ko gear relics hardy bj penn and liddell and Nogueira premium piece card bdean_182 gets paypal $$$ agreed mate
  11. Jets59

    Completed Porps and bdean_182

    porps get UFC knock out Frank Mir Ruby auto card. bdean_182 gets I have Shogun (Series 4) Base nickname card, Rua v's liddell copper colour thick card 15/88 ( knockout) green base 79/88 Leben: (knockout) green mat 60/88 liddell; (knockout) mat relics 3/188 and 66/88 agreed
  12. Jets59

    Completed 911 turbo and bdean_182

    911 turbo gets Tank abbott /88 auto and tank abott /188 auto from KO bdean_182 gets paypaul $$
  13. Jets59

    Completed ufctrader and bdean_182

    ufc trader gets Nogueira Round 2 red ink auto bdean_182 gets Liddell Main event relic auto, Shogun rnd 4 mat relic and $$$ to paypal. Agreed mate. :thumbsup:
  14. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 and torry

    bdean gets $$$ via bank deposit. Torry gets ufc round 2 autos as agreed an recorded in PMs. Agreed mate,
  15. Jets59

    Completed GiRDS- and Bdean

    agreed, awaiting payment mate.
  16. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 and ScottE

    bdean gets $$$ scotte gets uf cards as shown in ufc round 4 hits for sale, a silva auto, maynard auto, guillard auto, noke tuf auto, escuardo auto, belfot /188, koscheck mat, edgar, gear relic. agreed.
  17. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 and 911_turbo

    turbo gets ufc topps rnd 2 henderson auto bdean gets $$ via bank deposit. agreed mate
  18. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 and girds

    girds gets round 4 ufc wanderlei silva auto bdean_182 gets $$ Agreed
  19. Jets59

    Completed bdean_182 and Torry

    Torry gets 2x carwin rnd topps ufc autos and 1x mir rnd 2 topps auto bdean gets $$ Agreed mate.
  20. Jets59

    Completed shawnbradleyfan and bdean_182

    bdean_182 gets ufc tops ultimate fighter auto. shawnbradley fan gets $$$$ Agreed
  21. Jets59

    Completed torry and bdean_182

    torry gets forrest and rampage rnd 2 topps autos bdean gets paypal $$ agreed mate
  22. Jets59

    Completed torry and bdean182

    torry gets a lot of UFC round 2 mat relics as shown in sale thread. bdean gets $$ Agreed
  23. Jets59

    Completed Shawn Bradley Fan and Bdean_182

    Shawn Bradley Fan gets $$$$ (payment already sent) Bdean_182 gets Amir Sadollah gold mat relic 1/88. Agreed mate.
  24. Jets59

    Completed Eido and bdean_182

    Eido gets the Marat Safin collection as discussed in PM bdean gets $$$$ agreed.