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  1. AusRam

    Four Boxes of Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary

    Didn't do great, but didn't do terrible either I suppose. Auto's were a bit disappointing, there's a couple of decent ones, but they were weak for the most part. Nice to get the relic, it saved that last box. A couple of nice parallels in amongst it all too.. Have to say the base cards are...
  2. AusRam

    Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary

    Anyone going to try the new Game of thrones set ? Highlight of this one will be Emilia Clarke signing again AND doing inscriptions. Looking like 3 Auto's per box for this one, but boxes are about US$150. Not due until June, but pre-orders are up and with the way the hobby is these days I'm sure...
  3. AusRam

    The Complete Game of Thrones - 2 boxes

    Ordered 4 boxes, 2 for now, 2 for my Christmas break. Didn't get big names, but happy to get a couple of the ladies. And not a bad inscription, but she signed a lot of them apparently... The dual is a VL, and the Sibel an EL, so extra happy with that one. Now I just have to avoid the temptation...
  4. AusRam

    2020 Star Wars Chrome Perspectives, Rise of Skywalker 2 and some Ant Man and The Wasp

    Held off on RoS2 until my tax refund came in which coincided with Chrome Perspectives coming out, so time for a little splurge! 4 boxes of Chrome, 3 of RoS2 and a couple of Ant/Wasp at a bargain price and they didn't add to the shipping (which seems to have gone up lately too) Box 1 of Star...
  5. AusRam

    3 x Game of thrones 8, 2 x Rise of Skywalker, 2 x ROTJ B&W

    Got an unexpected email on Friday telling me they were doing building security checks at work, and if I wanted to call in while they were there, I could pick up my parcel that's been sitting there since we were all told to work from home two weeks ago. Bonus! Really looking forward to seeing...
  6. AusRam

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    While the last season of the show was pretty disappointing, well at least the last few episodes anyway, I'm kind of looking forward to this release after seeing the samples. Will be good to finish off the series and the one inscription auto per box should be interesting. Really want a Rose...
  7. AusRam

    Christmas NFL Breaks

    Broke 3 boxes of NFL in with my Non-Sport stuff. Broke a box of Unparalleled, Phoenix and Certified. No monster hits, but not too bad... Williams is a 1of 1 Burst Parallel and pretty nice swatch on the Lock.
  8. AusRam

    Christmas Breaks!

    Guess it must be time to break some boxes! Not as big as some past efforts due to the crap Aussie dollar and card funds being used elsewhere...but not too shabby anyway... Most of this was bought during the various Black Friday sales and the like...there were some pretty good...
  9. AusRam

    2019 Leaf Metal Pop Century

    Another Chrissie order arrived and I took a punt on a box of Leaf Metal Pop Century while it was on special...bit of a dud. Seagal has some value being 1/3...but the rest is pretty ordinary...
  10. AusRam

    3 x Game of Thrones Inflexions

    My boxes arrived today and were duly broken....only three boxes of three packs each, so it went very fast! :( Did okay, could have done with some bigger names in the Auto's, but got a couple of pretty ladies (LOL)...and I needed a Euron & Renly. Not too shabby getting 2 boxes with a dual in...
  11. AusRam

    3 x Marvel 10th Anniversary and 2 x Star Trek Discovery

    Managed to snag 3 boxes of MCU at a not great, but not terrible, price. Pity the 3 boxes were pretty ordinary. 3 Film cells, one relic and 2 sketches. Nothing SP in the hits. Sketch quality is decent but neither characters really mean too much to me. Juggernaught and I think the green guy is...
  12. AusRam

    We lost another Star Wars Original Trilogy star

    Sad to hear that Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) has passed away. Probably my favorite Star wars Character. RIP Peter!
  13. AusRam

    Christmas 2018 Mega Break !!

    Went a little crazy on the Christmas break this year, personally I blame all the sales leading up to Christmas ! ;) Really happy with how I did...
  14. AusRam

    8 x Ant Man and the Wasp

    Not the best lot of boxes, only the one auto, but it was one that I wanted, so not all bad. would have preferred a normal version over the mini though. Did get some rarer materials, and the relic cards do look good. 3 Sketches by Ian Quirante, Douglas Docelino and Clint Haglan. Not sure on the...
  15. AusRam

    6 boxes of Infinity War, 3 SW Archives and more Arrow

    Broke some stuff last weekend and forgot to post it here. Didn't seem to be doing great with Infinity War, but looking at other breaks I probably did pretty well. Happy to snag the Olsen, she was near the top of my list. Cards are all pretty nice, though the manufactured stuff is a bit much when...
  16. AusRam

    Anyone going to break Infinity War ?

    Looks like Upper deck have got their act together on this one - Auto's of Evans, Hemsworth, Brolin, Holland, Bautista, Olsen and a bunch of others. Pre-orders are selling out fast - Blowout and D&A are out already. I managed to get a pre-order in for some boxes before they ran out, just hoping...
  17. AusRam

    4 x Supergirl & 3 x Star Wars Masterwork

    Had thoughts of getting some Supergirl at some point, but when word got around that Melissa Benoist had signed, I thought I'd better get some before it went up or disappeared altogether. Sadly, no Melissa in my boxes, but I did get her step parents, both who have played Kryptonians in their...
  18. AusRam

    Sad news for the non sport Hobby - Cryptozoic's George Nadeau has passed away

    George was pretty much the online persona of Cryptozoic. Always running his Twitter giveaways and interacting with us collectors, and he really seemed to love the hobby.
  19. AusRam

    Star Wars Archives & Galactic Files, Pop Metal, and more Arrow

    Got tempted by the US long weekend sales so caught up on some Star Wars releases. Went 3 boxes of Archives and 3 of Galactic Files and some other stuff! Archives - Not much chop here, I like the idea and the price isn't too bad but I didn't do too well. The David Barclay as Jabba is /10 but...
  20. AusRam

    Beating the GST - Last Jedi 2, Ragnarok and more Arrows.

    Saw some breaks of the Last Jedi 2 product, and even though I didn't like the movie much, the product looked solid, and I really wanted a Hemoine Corfield auto for the PC after seeing her in Mission Impossible, so I went 6 boxes. In the end, really happy with how I did. Got a /5 auto, was...
  21. AusRam

    Star Wars SOLO, GoT7 and some other stuff

    I know, I can't help myself, Topps release some new Star Wars junk and I have to buy it, oh well, such is life! ;) The cards are your pretty standard "give away no plot" sort of thing. I probably did fairly well as the Chewie is probably the best Auto, and this is the /99 version. Would have...
  22. AusRam

    Some Star Wars stuff, Pop Century and more Arrow...

    It was time to break some stuff, so bought some cheap Star Wars boxes and some other bits and pieces. 2 x Start Wars Black and White, 1 Evolution and 3 x High Tek. Black and white was ordinary again, better still just got different versions of the same card! Evolution wasn't much chop either...
  23. AusRam

    Star Wars Black & White and High Tek...and more Arrow

    Finally relented and bought some B & W. Nothing great at all, the sketch is by Brad Hudson. Also went 3 High Tek's as they were cheap...probably shouldn't have bothered there either LOL. And still chipping away at the Arrow Auto's and Relics. No big names and I got a couple I already had, but...
  24. AusRam

    2017 Contenders

    Grabbed a box of Contenders in my latest order. No a bad box getting 6 hits. Samuel is /49. Sadly no Ram love though ... :(
  25. AusRam

    Star Wars Last Jedi & High Tek, Star Trek Beyond, Alien, Arrow S3

    Held off on getting some Last Jedi boxes as I didn't want spoilers. Have seen the film (not overly impressed) so it was safe to get boxes now. Got a bunch of other stuff at the same time, purely to save on shipping of course ! ;) 3 boxes of Star Wars Last Jedi, all pretty ordinary. Two auto's...