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  1. Murphy46

    For Sale Boxing Day Cleanout - Raiders Mojo's and more

    Boxing Day Cleanout Raiders Mojos Ruby’s 2020 Ruby, with #01 Croker and Wighton $200 Sapphires 2020 Sapphire, with #01 Hodgson, jersey number Papalli and #02 Wighton - $270 Merrin Milestone set - $80 each, Papalli sold 2017 Bulldogs Predictor - SOLD 2018 Bulldogs Predictor - Redeemed...
  2. Murphy46

    For Sale/For Trade Wanted list added - 2020 Elite Roosters Black Diamond Mojo 05/05

    For sale or trade 2020 Elite Roosters Black Diamond Mojo 05/05 Looking to trade for a Canberra Raiders Black Diamond or sell $800 delivered registered post with additional insurance included. Will consider part trades for the following cards 2019 Traders Ricky Stuart Legends Signature 2018...
  3. Murphy46

    For Sale Bulldogs Signature Cards

    Toleman $150 Hetherington$90 Wright $40 Montoya $50 $3 standard post $7 registered or $300 for the lot delivered registered post
  4. Murphy46

    Billy Slater Australia #014/110

    Billy Slater Australia #14/110 Does anyone here have this particular numbered card? I just realised I managed to get the #14/110 Qld and Storm version and now I’m hoping I may be able to trade my Australian card #035 for the #014. Really appreciate if you can help me out.
  5. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and saintsforever

    saintsforever recieves 2018 Bulldogs sapphire mojo delivered registered post Murphy46 receives $$ Agreed
  6. Murphy46

    Completed Paul_Ambrey and Murphy46

    Paul_Ambrey receives JW LSW via registered post Murphy46 receives $$ Agreed
  7. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and CRAWF #9

    Murphy46 receives Glasby LSW CRAWF #9 receives Munster Dally M Priority Agreed
  8. Murphy46

    Please Delete

  9. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 & ultimate4me

    Murphy46 receives paypal $$ Ulimate4me receives Panthers ruby checklist send standard post. Agreed
  10. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and bar4kids

    Murphy46 receives Bateman Dally M Priority sent with registered post. bar4kids receives Koroisau jersey sent with registered post. Agreed
  11. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 & Leith Holding

    Murphy46 receives 2020 NRL Elite Raiders Sapphire Checklist Leith Holding receives Mitchell Moses Dally M Priority Agreed!
  12. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 & Gavin

    Gavin gets Tigers Sapphire Corey Thompson Murphy46 gets Paypal$$ Agreed
  13. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 & Herepusspuss

    Herpusspuss gets Levi ruby 07 Murphy46 gets paypal$$ Agreed
  14. Murphy46

    For Trade 2020 Elite

    Looking for trades for Raiders 2020 Elite. Looking to trade for Raiders Ruby Mojos Josh Jackson 31/40 Cameron Murray 02/40 Pending Brent Naden 14/40 Panthers Checklist 40/40 Jesse Ramien 33/40 Kodi Nikorima 29/40 Brian Kelly 06/40 Sapphire Mojos Nathan Cleary 03/20 Isaah Yeo 01/20 Wade Graham...
  15. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and Tigersalmon

    Tigersalmon gets 2016 Traders Tigers Dynamic Duo. Murphy46 gets paypal $$ Agreed!
  16. Murphy46


  17. Murphy46

    Cancelled Paul_Ambrey and Murphy46

    Paul_Ambrey gets Jake Clifford YG Murphy46 get Campese LS Agreed
  18. Murphy46

    Murphy46 Mail days

    Bit of a mail day brag. Massive thanks to @TCAC for helping me out with this beauty, really appreciate having this mojo set in my collection. Looking for a sapphire and ruby from the same year if people have them available.
  19. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and Colesey

    @Murphy46 gets paypal $$ @Colesy gets Sezer and Kafusi LS Black sent registered post Agreed
  20. Murphy46

    Completed TCAC and Murphy46

    TCAC gets Lawerence SAS plus paypal $$ Murphy46 gets Canberra Raiders mojo set as discussed in pm’s Agreed
  21. Murphy46

    2009 Select NRL Classic

    Wanted!! 2009 Select NRL Classic Double Troubles 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,14,15,16 Need all captains signatures however haven’t found a second job to fund them 😊 Let me know if you have them and what you want for them, for when the time comes.
  22. Murphy46

    Completed redtorana and Murphy46

    redtorana gets paypall $$ Murphy46 gets 2009 Classic inserts as discussed in pm's Murphy46 agrees
  23. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 and jay7kea

    jay7kea gets Issac Luke Sapphire and warriors case card. Murphy46 gets Paypal $$ Agreed
  24. Murphy46

    Completed Murphy46 & Steveb013

    Murphy46 gets 1995 winners circle and origin men of steel sets, Steveb013 gets $$$ Agreed!
  25. Murphy46