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  1. araiee

    For Trade Kobe autos for trade

    Looking to trade these two Kobe autos, trade value on each roughly: Prestige on card auto /25 gold (slight crease around the jersey window) $2500 Certified /49 $2600 Pretty fussy about what I’m looking for, can add cash as well etc.. Looking for: -Lebron autos, low numbered prizms and case...
  2. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Kobe autos up for sale or trade...

    Kobe auto sale/trade prices up... Select purple auto jersey /30 $4000 Elite black box reigning threes /99 $3000 Prestige prestigious pros gold sp /25 (slight crease near jersey window, I pulled it out of a box like this years ago, see pics $2900 Certified /49 $3000 UD slam... auto has faded a...
  3. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Rookies—- prizm silver/colours of Jamal Murray, Kat, Beal, heild, Richardson, fultz, markannen and lots more...

    Ok looking to sell or trade these: KAT silver bgs 9.5 $725 Murray silver $250 Murray green bgs 9.5 $280 Murray purple /75 psa 9 $550 Murray optic holo $110 Beal silver bgs 9.5 $2700 Fultz green pulsar /25 bgs 9.5 $400 Markannen silver bgs 9.5 $125 Turner silver bgs 9.5 $125 Brogdon silver bgs...
  4. araiee

    SOLD/TRADED Porzingis and Devonte Graham nice rookies and autos... prizm, revolution, select, immaculate and more!

    Want to sell or trade these... Postage will be $4 regular, $8 registered or $10 express...paypal f and f or cover fees... PORZINGIS prizm rookie bgs9.5 $300 Black gold rookie /99 $100 CK fresh paint rookie $75 Immaculate dual rookie /49 $200 Gold standard rookie /199 $100 Revolution on card $60...
  5. araiee

    SOLD/TRADED Hoops premium 15 card fat packs 8 available

    have 8 x 15 hoops premium fat packs for sale at $35ea... selling most places now for $45-55 Post will be $7.50 registered for 2 packs or $12 express for 3-8 packs...
  6. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Klay Thompson prizm silver rookie 9.5 and green prizm rookie

    Looking to sell or trade... Comps below, green comp is older... Looking for around $5k silver and around $1200 raw...Pm any interest please, will look at most nice cards or consider cash/trade
  7. araiee

    PayPal ready for nice Tatum, jaylen, Fox, Ingram, booker, Trae, Mitchell and Luka

    Like the above states... PayPal and cash ready... let’s see what’s out there
  8. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Ben Simmons rookie starburst prizm

    Looking to move this $450 del express in Australia...comp prices are all over the price and recently one sold for $790us!! Will look at trading for nice Kobe, Lebron, Tatum, jaylen, Luka, booker, Trae or Donovan Mitchell...
  9. araiee

    PayPal or trade ready for: nice Tatum, jaylen brown, booker, lillard, Luka and Porzingis

    As stated above looking for autos, nice rookies or low numbered prizms/galactics... paypal ready or have nice trade stuff
  10. araiee

    For Sale Bol Bol rookie lot...

    $58 del registered post for the below Bol Bol rookies x3
  11. araiee

    Long awaited PC mail day...Lebron, Kobe, Tatum, Devonte, Luka

    Long awaited mailday!!!! NFT/NFS
  12. araiee

    WTB Tatum, Trae, devonte, Mitchell, Luka, jaylen, Ingram nice rookie stuff and Lebron/Kobe prizm silver/colours

    As the above states have cash and paypal ready for a deal
  13. araiee

    For Trade Curry, harden, durant 12/13 silver prizms, kawhi red prizm /25, klay exquisite and GS rookie autos

    Looking for some trades on these, pretty fussy with what I want in return below: 12/13 prizms silvers Curry $700-800tv Durant $200-250tv Harden $70-80tv Kawhi 2014/15 red prizm /25 $400-500tv (can’t find a Comp, his /49 version went for $150us) Klay exquisite auto rookie $500-550tv Klay gold...
  14. araiee

    Completed Marto10 & araiee

    Ok first deal up for Martin Marto10: gets pp family and friends payment as agreed and sends first araiee: gets Lebron jam masters green prizm and pays as soon as received all good mate?
  15. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Zion, ja Morant, Coby white and Lebron court kings...

    Looking to sell these, will trade for the right cards (nice Kobe, Lebron, Westbrook, Mitchell, Trae, devonte, Tatum, or other Zion/Morant) zion level1 $100ea Morant level1 $65ea Coby white level1 $20ea Rui, herro, Barrett kevel1$15ea Level1-Nunn $12, culver $10, garland $8, porter jr $15 Nunn...
  16. araiee

    For Trade LF some trades... Klay rookie autos, Tatum rookie autos, Ingram /5 rookie, kawhi prizm /25, wade auto, silver and cracked ice rookies

    Hi all looking to trade these for: Lebron/Kobe prizms or nice cards Kobe auto High end westbrook Rookie year nicer Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young and Devonte Graham Prizm/optic rookies base/silver/colours of better players no scrubs thanks...
  17. araiee

    For Sale Rookies!!!! Zion optic and Donruss, Murray rookie autos and other rookie prizms

    Looking to move these:’ zion optic rookie $90 Zion Donruss rated rookie $20ea Murray rookie autos: Absolute /99 $35 Instant green/5 $30 Mosaic $30 Select /199 $30 Absolute draft /25 $75 Brogdon silver perfect centring $35 Kennard blue ice /99 $30 Nance silver and red wave /350 $12 the pair...
  18. araiee

    Devonte Graham, Trae Young and Tatum... rookies and nicer cards

    Looking for the above... rookie year only and prefer autos or optic or prizm silver/colours
  19. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade MJ jersey num auto, durant and Murray rookie autos, prizm silver and cracked ice rookies + heaps more

    Looking to sell these will consider cash/trade for something I need...
  20. araiee

    For Sale Gary Harris mega collection for sale...flawless, luxe, GS, immaculate, sick patches all rookie related

    Selling off this Gary Harris rookie PC (flawless auto second year) $275 the lot delivered in Australia express, PayPal FF (if Good’s must over fees) or bank deposit...
  21. araiee

    Looking for Kobe/Lebron prizms and prizm silver/coloured rookies

    Have PayPal ready!! Looking for the following.... Lebron/Kobe prizms/refractors any colour and year/set Rookie prizm silver/coloured any year prizm brand only! Especially the following graded or raw: Ben Simmons, siakim, doncic, Fox, kuzma, Booker, jokic, okogie, Trae young, Wiggins, Embiid...
  22. araiee

    Kemba walker nice cards and rookies

    as per stated above... no base or game used only autos, high end and rookies....
  23. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade A few nice Lebron and Kobe low/mid cards... most numbered

    Want these gone... make an offer will consider trading for: Silver or coloured rookie prizms Or any prizm/reflectors of Lebron, Kobe and Westbrook # please note that the Kobe green 5/5 has some surface issues... in lease see pic
  24. araiee

    For Sale/For Trade Scan heavy... bit of everything-autos, prizms, rookies- Lebron, Kobe, Mitchell autos, curry, Giannis, Kawhi, Doncic select rookie prizm

    Looking to move these... will trade the better cards for what I need or lesser cards in bulk for one or two nicer cards...
  25. araiee

    LF silver/coloured prizms of the rookies and players listed...

    Want to buy or trade for silver or coloured prizm brand only rookies of the following players...graded or raw... not paying “potential” or inflated prices, happy to pay current market/going rate... Luka Doncic Grayson Allen Gilgeous Alexander Josh okogie Dearron Fox Jonathan Isaac Luke kennard...