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  1. Glayam20

    I am looking for the 2017 - 18 Ben Simmons White Sparkle

    Please advise if you have one :)
  2. Glayam20

    Aussies that are serial numbered to jersey number

    Hey guys keen on any jersey serial numbered cards you guys might have FS or FT :) Let me know if you have any :)
  3. Glayam20

    Michael Jordan auto - Bulls Uni or graded Fleer rookie

    Are there any out there? Please post pics and prices Thanks
  4. Glayam20

    Completed Walker8 and Glayam20

    Walker8 get Antoine Walker Exquisite auto #1/1 Glayam20 gets paypal + Iverson jersey and Paul Pierce auto Agreed
  5. Glayam20

    Michael Jordan Shadow Box auto

    Hey guys and gals I have some paypal and cards to trade, I'm looking for a MJ Shadow Box auto. Please let me know if you have one, and we will try and work something out. Cheers :)
  6. Glayam20

    Star Wars - The Force Awakens

    Looking to buy or trade for what I need. (Have heaps of cards from this set to trade) Hey Guys need base of... 1st set 9, 18, 51, 52, 78, 126, 129, 143, 152. Mirror: 161, 163, 171. Rainbow: 198, 199, 204, 206. 2nd set Base: 2, 3, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 31, 34, 46...
  7. Glayam20

    Couple of big cards :)

    A couple of big pick ups :) Both of these players were inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2009... Thanks for looking.
  8. Glayam20

    Robert Horry 2013-14 Prizm variations

    Need the ones listed below in red: Base Prizm Prizm, Blue and Green Mosaic Prizm Yellow and Red Mosaic Prizm Green Prizm Blue Mojo Prizm Blue Wave Prizm Red White and Blue Pulsar Prizm Purple Die-Cut #/139 Orange Die-Cut Prizm #/139 Blue Prizm #/99 Light Blue Prizm #/49 Red Prizm #/49 Red...
  9. Glayam20

    Is Dellavedova the new Linsanity!?

    Love watching the NBA Finals this year... An Aussie on each team makes it even sweeter! Delly has been playing Awesome in the Playoffs and haven't his cards stock risen! Examples: #/99 $1.99 Sold April 19th, 2 months later one went for $26.01 #/499 $2.25 Sold April 18th, a recent one...
  10. Glayam20

    Rainbow almost done... :)

    My No. 1 PC player... and now only 1 card away from an Exquisite rainbow... need the #/2 This is the #3/3 :cool: If anyone knows where any of these are, please let me know ;) :hearts::hearts::hearts:
  11. Glayam20

    An iconic card... with a very very very good grade! :)

    Love this card 24 years ago (yes 24 years :eek:) and LOVE it now! :hearts:
  12. Glayam20

    A Delli-cious Mailday :)

    Really happy to add this little gem to the PC :D Amazing colours in these cards, photo does not do it justice! ;) #/25
  13. Glayam20

    Completed tcorbal and Glayam20

    tcorbal gets Kawhi Gold Standard auto and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  14. Glayam20

    Completed Ben82 and Glayam20

    Ben82 gets: Andrew Bogut Limited Jersey Auto #47/99 $20 now $16 Andrew Bogut Auto $10 now $7 Andrew Bogut Majestic Signatures #135/199 $20 now $14 Andrew Bogut Auto #170/190 $12.50 now $8 Andrew Bogut NT Colossal jersey auto #11/25 $22.50 now $18 Andrew Bogut Rookie auto $9 now $7 Andrew Bogut...
  15. Glayam20

    Completed Govern8r ad Glayam20

    Govern8r Bonus shots auto #5/5 Legacy #/150 Prizm base and die cut #/199 Fresh Ink Auto Legacy patch #/49 Black Diamond Jersey and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  16. Glayam20

    1999-00 E-Xceptional red want list, have you got any?

    Looking to buy or trade for 1999-00 E-Xceptional. They look like this... I am doing the red set, All I need is: Jason Williams
  17. Glayam20

    Completed MnkyPshngBttns and Glayam20

    MnkyPshngBttns get Andrew Bogut Iconc auto #/99 and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  18. Glayam20

    2011-12 Red PMG set chase...

    Want to finish this set... Have you got one? :crazy: I need the ones in red PM-1 Michael Jordan PM-2 Mark A. Jackson PM-3 Hakeem Olajuwon PM-4 LeBron James PM-5 Clyde Drexler PM-6 David Robinson PM-7 Christian Laettner PM-8 Jim Jackson PM-9 Adrian Dantley PM-10 Reggie Theus PM-11 John...
  19. Glayam20

    Completed 911_Turbo and Glayam20

    911_Turbo gets: Rodney Rogers Sweat and Tears Joe Dumars Patch #8/25 and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  20. Glayam20

    Completed mattharper85 and Glayam20

    mattharper85 gets east allstars jumbo and Glayam20 gets paypal? Agreed?
  21. Glayam20

    Completed joho22 and Glayam20

    joho22 gets: Andrew Bogut Prestige Auto Andrew Bogut Production Line jersey cards (both #/199) Andrew Bogut Production Line jersey cards (both #/199) Andrew Bogut Patch Auto #25/25 Andrew Bogut Jersey Kings auto #3/25 Andrew Bogut Gold Standard Jersey Auto #74/199 Andrew Bogut Patch #26/49...
  22. Glayam20

    LaPhonso Ellis Exquisite collection autos

    I am after all serial numbered LaPhonso Ellis 2013-14 Exquisite collection autos. If you have any or know where they are please let me know. I'll make it worth your while ;)
  23. Glayam20

    Completed Charles Way and Glayam20

    Charles Way gets Jordan dynamic dunks and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  24. Glayam20

    Completed Okramrajnoc and Glayam20

    Okramrajnoc gets Bogut topps fan favorite on card auto & Shaq jersey and Glayam20 gets paypal Agreed?
  25. Glayam20

    For Sale Select 2010 and 2013 inserts ***Discounted*** 11/1/2015

    Hey all :thumbsup: Just a few AFL cards sitting in my draw... :rolleyes: Postage is $2.50 in Australia. All shipped in toploaders and padded mailer. Thanks for looking :D Select 2010 Jonathan Brown Gold $3.50 now $2 Select 2013 Andrew Swallow 2012 Best and Fairest $6 Now...