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  1. Festa1234

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Let’s get the discussion going on this, I assume it’s happening after last year any one got any info, at a guess the only card that we know could be a lock would be a marquee card with the big names, we seen it last year with show stoppers, loved the red and green parallels also, this was my...
  2. Festa1234

    2019 supremacy case or boxes

    Looking for sealed case or boxes of supremacy if anyone is hoarding any, will pay a decent amount inbox if you want to deal
  3. Festa1234

    Completed Festa1234 & johnlow56

    Feata1234 gets $$$ Johnlow56 gets 2019 Scanlens cards signed and unsigned Stephen alessio #030 Mark mercuri #030 Joe misiti #030 Sent registered post
  4. Festa1234

    2019 series 2 whispers

    Thought I would get the juices flowing on series 2 here is what the signature look like Zoom in they seem like a nice looking card
  5. Festa1234

    NEW Scanlens release 2019

    New scanlens release signed and unsigned Set of 36 with 1 card released every couple of weeks
  6. Festa1234

    SOLD/TRADED 2017 oz comic con afl captain set

    I have couple spare 2017 oz comic con captains sets Each set has 18 captains plus checklist numbered to 500 $126 delivered registered post PayPal friends and family or you cover fees as these are what I paid for them so not making any money
  7. Festa1234

    2017 Select captain set

    Select are releasing a new captain set for comicon and only available for purchase by attending sets are numbered to 500 will put up a pic so you can see what they look like Sets are $120
  8. Festa1234

    For Sale 1973 scanlens wrapper

    Got some 1973 scanlens wrappers if anyone collects them inbox me if interested Pic below of 1
  9. Festa1234

    For Sale/For Trade Peter Hudson hof legend signature

    Have 2005 dynasty peter Hudson hof legend sig for sale #093 $600 ono or would trade it for a barassi hof sig obviously I would chuck cash on top
  10. Festa1234

    Price/value magic johnson

    Anyone help me out on a price on this magic Johnson I can't find 1 anywhere
  11. Festa1234

    For Sale Sapphire mojos for sale

    Melbourne Storm sapphire mojo #04/20 $700 Rabbitohs sapphire mojo #12/20 $700 Prices include registered post
  12. Festa1234

    2016 certified Melbourne low number and jumper number cards

    2016 certified Melbourne low number and jumper number cards Let me know what you have
  13. Festa1234

    Frank Thomas leaf q auto

    Frank Thomas leaf q auto $35 delivered
  14. Festa1234

    Marvel now cards for sale

    Have a bulk lot of marvel cards that I would like to sell as a lot Will attach a pic there is an iceman numbered to 10 and a signed card also Looking at $50 delivered ono
  15. Festa1234

    Ben Kennedy gold sig

    got a Ben Kennedy gold sig today #05 If anyone knows of anyone who has the JACK VINEY Version please let me know have cash waiting
  16. Festa1234

    For Sale 2015 panini select soccer bulk lot CHEAP

    Panini select soccer bulk lot Having a clean out need the room Commons x253 Inserts Dynamic duo x2 Ultimate team x4 Equalizers x4 National pride x13 Numbered cards Mario gotze prizm 063/149 Lukas podolski equalizer 056/299 Jakub blaszczykowski camo 124/249 Arthur boruc national pride 225/299...
  17. Festa1234

    Melbourne wantlist

    ok looking for high end Melbourne cards will list a few below to start with and update as I need too 2012 future force viney green and gold signatures 2012 ff Ben Kennedy green sig 2015 honours All distinctions Honour roll Future force Petracca sig red and green Brayshaw sig red Stretch sig...
  18. Festa1234

    Help on price

    Got some basketball cards I want to sell but have no idea on value what would be a fair price to ask on the following 15-16 totally certified Kobe Bryant skills #17/25 12-13 panini Kevin Durant auto #08/49 12-13 panini Kylie Irving authentic signatures Pics attached
  19. Festa1234

    2x boxes panini select

    Just busted a couple boxes will post pics below
  20. Festa1234

    2006 AFL supreme x4 boxes

    Busted 4 boxes from case share main hits below Muston dps #165 Bailey dps #033 Douglas dps #056 Ablett brownlow predictor #062 McLeod brownlow predictor #025 Judd brownlow predictor #058 Geelong PC #016 And Gary Ablett redemption
  21. Festa1234

    Festas future force breaks

    Have opened 6 boxes from a fresh case the hits so far Red sigs Eric hipwood #075 Harrison himmelberg #129 Gach nyuon #025 Matthew Kennedy #003 Darcy tucker #049 Cole #200 Hopper #163 Rice #076 Silvagni #108 Weideman #137 Milera #165 Dunkley #086 Weitering #197 Burton #160 Curnow #193 Green sig...
  22. Festa1234

    For Sale Medal cards various years

    Have a heap of medal cards from various years all in pics $5 each plus postage
  23. Festa1234

    For Sale Toploader albums

    Have 2 toploader albums with 40 pages if anyone wants 1 have blue and black $100 delivered each
  24. Festa1234

    Wanted: bulk lot of second hand top loaders

    As the title says after bulk lots of top loaders second hand are fine
  25. Festa1234

    High end Melbourne sigs

    After high end Melbourne signature cards and signed cards like hall of fame