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  1. Iron Clad Lou

    2020/21 Prizm Packs (8)

    Before the Big W delivery I received today, I managed to find 8 packs at a shop on Saturday. Finally hit an auto. I think i am about 1 auto from 45 packs. Still can't hit any decent colour
  2. Iron Clad Lou

    2020/21 Prizm Packs (13)

    As usual, I am a trashman. JUNK!!!
  3. Iron Clad Lou

    10 x 2020/21 Prizm Booster Packs

    Lamelo Ball the only saving grace again. BOOOO EB BOOO
  4. Iron Clad Lou

    2 x 2020/21 Prizm Blasters

    Thanks to @TAB1980, I caved in and against their wishes...I randomly selected two blasters from the EB allotment. It happened again. First blaster off the rank was a hitless one! Two Donruss Blasters and now a Panini one that are going back to Panini for a hitless refund (yeah right) 1st...
  5. Iron Clad Lou

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & Hornso

    Hornso gets Menegola CK and Selwood GB Iron Clad Lou gets $$$ Agreed?
  6. Iron Clad Lou

    For Sale 2020-21 Donruss Basketball Complete Set including Rated Rookies (1-250)

    Complete Set - All ready to go $140 including Express Delivery
  7. Iron Clad Lou

    The general ebay/fb thread

    Couldn't find a general thread. Somewhere to just let off some steam ;) Bought an ebay item last weekend, from a low feedback seller against my better judgement. 5 days later and EST delivery date item, no tracking, no marked as sent. Oh great. Always a bummer when you gotta go...
  8. Iron Clad Lou

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & Tristian Brand

    Iron Clad Lou gets paypal $$$ Tristian Brand gets 2 x Sealed Select Heritage Boxes Agreed?
  9. Iron Clad Lou

    In Progress Iron Clad Lou and Havanos

    Iron Clad Lou got paypal $$$$ Havanos gets Matt McKay A-League Sig #469/600 Agreed?
  10. Iron Clad Lou

    2020-21 Stuff - 10 x Donruss Hangers, 2 x Donruss Blasters, 10 x Hoops Fat Packs

    I was going to hold this stuff. Overall, it was fun and got some nice stuff
  11. Iron Clad Lou

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & Wattsup

    Iron Clad Lou gets $$$$ Wattsup gets Gawn Select Brilliance Agreed?
  12. Iron Clad Lou

    2 x 2020/21 Donruss Blasters

    No mem cards. No autos. No Lamelo. A Luke Kennard numbered card
  13. Iron Clad Lou

    2020-21 Donruss Booster Packs x 10

    Pretty poor. Nothing to write home about, so I wrote about it here!
  14. Iron Clad Lou

    2020-21 Prizm Hobby Packs x3

    I couldn't resist opening the hobby packs that came. Overall, nothing outrageous but that's to be considered as the RRP isn't that high ;) No numbered cards. 3 s***ty red vets Rookies were ok. Zion Hyper and Luka Flashback were the only real saving graces. Love the 2012/13 throwback
  15. Iron Clad Lou

    For Sale Select Brilliance - Coleman, Skilton and Gawn

    Coleman 25/50 SOLD Skilton 32/50 - $395 Gawn 09/50 - $325 Delivery Included - Paypal FF or +3% G&S. Listed elsewhere
  16. Iron Clad Lou

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & Lionsroar2019

    Iron Clad Lou gets $$$ Lionsroar2019 gets North Melbourne Lot Agreed?
  17. Iron Clad Lou

    2021 Football Preorders Thread

    Cherry starting it off with Score Hobby $250 I am probably going to skip this stuff, but it's there :)
  18. Iron Clad Lou

    2020 Optic Blasters (10) and Fat Packs (10)

    Finally received some retail Optic. Did well. Very well. Can't wait to get a few of these bad boys graded and placed on the shelf.
  19. Iron Clad Lou

    2020-21 NBA Hoops Blasters (2) and 1 Fat Pack

    Received my shipment, so I had to bust the open. Love the Slam inserts. Everything else is a bit meh but good to open something.
  20. Iron Clad Lou

    2020-21 Certified

    I picked up a few of my preorders from Cherry this weekend, and I had been determined that I wasn't going to open this box. Anyway a fellow collector elsewhere opened his up box and I couldn't resist. The Autos:
  21. Iron Clad Lou

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & Sports Collector

    Iron Clad Lou gets $$$ Sports Collector gets 48 x 2020 Donruss Football cards Agreed?
  22. Iron Clad Lou

    EBGAMES / ZING 2020-21 NBA Hoops Blasters and Fat Pack Preorders

    Go nuts and get me a box when i miss out
  23. Iron Clad Lou

    For Sale Iron Clad Lou's AFL Sale Thread (2021 FOOTY STARS PRESTIGE)

    I'll try to keep my items in one thread! Postage $4 / $8 Registered Dustin Martin Brownlow Predictors #020 & #074 - $140 Each Brownlow Predictor: Carlton Wildcard 003/60 SOLD Clearance Kings: Lachie Neale 044/120 - $20 Sam Menegola 103/120 SOLD Dylan Shiel 115/120 - SOLD Green Parallel...