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  1. zephyr_213

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    man how did we end up on this side of the draw lol
  2. zephyr_213

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    never thought I would see the day we beat team USA! Who needs bricklayer Ben Simmons...
  3. zephyr_213

    Help needed
  4. zephyr_213

    Help needed

    Yes, they are the 3 'reputable' companies that have been around for years in the hobby.
  5. zephyr_213

    Help needed

    There are 3 main grading companies. They are PSA, Beckett and SGC. PSA commands the premium (I prefer Beckett), so it is your choice which slabs you prefer. Check them out online. Card Grading Australia I have never used but maybe someone else here can give some input on CGA. Never heard...
  6. zephyr_213

    Help needed

    1. The grading companies are closed right now. I believe Cherry Collectables has a premium service for grading with Beckett , which will cost you a kidney. 2. Ebay sold listings. 3. No.
  7. zephyr_213

    Collectables insurance

    i do not believe there are any. Only know of Beckett that does overseas
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    I think it's just a fad used by investors to pump and dump. Hopefully it dissipates.
  9. zephyr_213

    Sale Zion & Ben rookies, Kemp Big man on court

    hey guys see below for sale: Zion $200 Ben Simmons $200 kemp $150 Or whole lot for $500 shipped. cheers
  10. zephyr_213

    Euro 2020

    I don't think the Euros have the same hype as a World Cup to be honest. Personally I am not a fan of the set.
  11. zephyr_213

    Kobe Bryant Immaculate auto /60

    Hey guys, The time has come to part ways with my kobe on card auto. Looking for $8k and I am based in Sydney. Please contact me for any further pics/queries. cheers Joe
  12. zephyr_213

    Wanted - Tendulkar 1992 Total cricket

    Hey all, Looking to pay good money for a 92' Tendulkar total cricket card. Hit me up. Joe
  13. zephyr_213

    Dirk E-topps auto

    Hey guys selling my Dirk auto 2007 e-topps card $250 shipped to you. thanks
  14. zephyr_213

    Aleksej Pokusevski

    pm sent
  15. zephyr_213

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Panini flawless auto /15 PSA8

    Looking for $750 posted to you. thanks.
  16. zephyr_213

    Shaq & Kobe PSA sale

    Hey guys looking to move some Lakers legends, $850 ono. Selling as lot only. Thanks
  17. zephyr_213

    Show something off

    What I find more inspiring is that these guys have kept their cards and not sold for massive profits, esp in this recent boom. True collectors.
  18. zephyr_213

    90s refractors, MJ, Kobe, Lebron

    some beauties for sure!
  19. zephyr_213

    My first rainbow 2018 Panini Prizm World cup

    wow congrats looks awesome
  20. zephyr_213

    PSA and issues with card sticking - do they need new cases or sleeves?

    I have had this same issue with PSA slabs before. Very frustrating. What ticks me off even more with PSa is when they send me a brand new slab and the card inside is crooked/tilted. I prefer to use BGS as I know they have the inner protective sleeve and their slabs are sturdier imo. Maybe Nat...