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  1. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Yes Aug 20th is release date.
  2. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    I don't get it either?
  3. Matt26

    Card questions from a newb

    Welcome. You usually find Elite prices are high upon release with everybody chasing cards for their teams, but after a period of time they settle down as people start dumping the cards they don't want on to eBay/FB etc. If you want to maximise your price, id sell as early as you can With a...
  4. Matt26

    Select series 2B (dominance/certified equivalent)

    I believe..... and possibly less packs per box.
  5. Matt26

    Select series 2B (dominance/certified equivalent)

    You happy paying $300 a box?
  6. Matt26

    Select series 2B (dominance/certified equivalent)

    Hope you have plenty of cash for the cost what what the boxes will be.......
  7. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    I might be the only happy person here with my teams choice - Jarome Luai.
  8. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    I think the term is they "borrow heavily" from a lot of overseas products designs.
  9. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Because TLA lock them to prevent people editing them.
  10. Matt26

    Next HOF / Immortal nominees

    TLA are already penciling him in for a Master Series Set in 2023....
  11. Matt26

    NBA@50 Autograph Chase - FINALLY COMPLETE!

    UNREAL!!! Well done!!
  12. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

  13. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Not sure about the Melbourne Storm Booklet? No Ponga in the Knights base set or Tom T for Manly...... or JT for the Cowboys.....
  14. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Here is the checklist - please note: Card DM11/18 is missing on the check list a printing error, note the cards are in the correct order but the card numbering is not for this subset.
  15. Matt26

    DFWGrapher - my site

    Nice collection. Well done!
  16. Matt26

    COMC Mailbox Thread

    Mine is slowly getting there.... I did get a Packaging notification so that may be something!
  17. Matt26

    Mark the century

    Glad you got it!!!!
  18. Matt26

    What's the best nickname?

    The Round Mound of Rebound, The Big Cactus (Shaq on the Suns), the Admiral, LePussy, The White Mamba!
  19. Matt26

    Momma’s Cookin’

    How good are his podcasts!!! Legend!
  20. Matt26

    Some cool finds while the market was ON FIRE

    Awesome pick ups! Love the Trae Prizm and the KG's!
  21. Matt26

    TLA 2021 NRL Rivalry Official Thread

    Managed to pick up the 3 Panthers base cards, the 1 SOO card and the Panthers Gold Card for $14.50 delivered from Ebay so wont need to buy any packs of this.
  22. Matt26

    A big big BIG mailday!!

    Sensational pickups!!!! The shoe is a nice one with the photo match, im a huge fan of those flawless patches (especially the Maravich) and the game worn AB jersey is sensational.....
  23. Matt26

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    Drives me insane..... lets just say its been a while since people have given anyone a big high 5 because of Simmons the bricklayer.
  24. Matt26

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    Cancelled due to COVID issues with the US
  25. Matt26

    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Story was at the time he was wanted by TLA to sign cards, one player manager they dealt with (now de-registered) said hey ill go approach him for you...... he didnt have a manager at the time..... turns out he ended up signing with this manager....... making all of the other player managers...