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  1. whiteyismc

    League sensation teams

    Looking to put this set together, need all of them ATM! Please pm me with what you have and price. Thanks!
  2. whiteyismc

    2 boxes of elite - absolute joke

    Got two boxes of elite off a well known ebayer seller, arrived today and this was all that was in them, nothing numbered not even a mojo, both boxes were completely sealed. $375 bucks for nothing, thanks alot TLA!!!
  3. whiteyismc

    Chasing Bagley autos

    Chasing some Bagley autos to add to the PC, let me know what you have and price
  4. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED 2013 elite future stars and 2019 elite Ryan James jersey auto

    Selling the below: 2013 elite future star $45 each or $80 for both registered post FS5 Jamal Fogarty 95/105 FS19 Ben Hampton 56/105 2019 elite Ryan James signature jersey 19/40 $145 registered post SOLD
  5. whiteyismc

    Chasing a Jordan and LeBron auto

    Wanting to put one of each away in the PC. Have $1250 to spend per card. Pm me what you have.
  6. whiteyismc

    Members giveaway 2012 limited edition

    Got my free box today and to be honest I have never had any luck with this set but beat the odds today
  7. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED Premiership Brownlow Double Michael Voss 14/25 - $675

    PayPal F&F price includes registered post
  8. whiteyismc

    For Sale $375- 16/17 upper deck hardcourt supreme Michael Jordan career legacy relics

    $375 delivered registered post - PayPal F&F. Open to reasonable offers
  9. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 elite cheap lot

    Everything you see left for $255 registered post aus wide - open to offers You get: RUBYS: Fonua-Blake 19/40 Evans 28/40 Chambers 35/40 Hiku 25/40 Gordon 39/40 Wallace 39/40 Peachey 04/40 Young gun signatures Keighran 50/90 Young Gun black Signature Keighran 34/40
  10. whiteyismc

    Wanted 2019 elite Shaun Johnson league sensation and LSB under #10

    Chasing both Shaun Johnson Signatures. Numbered under #10.
  11. whiteyismc


    As per title - chasing $120 registered post or open to offers. PayPal F&F only.
  12. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 elite warriors emerald mojo set 10/10 $200

    As per title - $300 registered post aus wide. PayPal F&F only
  13. whiteyismc

    For Sale Couple of elite cards for sale 2015/2018

    Payment within 24 hrs unless first discussed. PayPal F&F preferred and all prices include registered post. 2015 elite Kodi Nikorima YGS1 110/130 $40 2015 elite Matt Moylan Jersey Card unredeemed 133/150 $40 2016 elite josh Mansour league sensation 83/130 $60 2018 elite Young Gun black signature...
  14. whiteyismc

    Panini Absolute Limitless Marvin bagley lll Auto level 2 & 5

    Chasing level 2 & 5 of the following card. Please note picture is for reference
  15. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED 2013 traders young gun signature YG6/16

    2013 traders young gun signature YG6/16 Jorge Taufua. $85 delivered registered post
  16. whiteyismc

    For Sale Few inserts for sale

    Random inserts - price includes standards post: 2015 elite sigs - $30 each 2017 all star Parallel $12 2017 xtreme Sigs $10 each SOLD 2018 xtreme sig $10 SOLD 2018 elite sig $30 2018 elite ruby $15 2019 traders tigers logo $10 2019 traders emerald sig $15 each
  17. whiteyismc

    2013 Elite signatures wanted!!

    Just chasing the below if anyone have any laying around that they want to move. Only looking for cards with clean signatures. League sensation Ls4 Johnathan Thurston Ls7 Billy Slater Future stars Fs4 Zac santo Fs8 James Elias Fs9 Pauli Pauli Fs17 Jacob Miller
  18. whiteyismc

    Ponga Black Signature 23/40 $400 delivered

    Price includes registered post
  19. whiteyismc

    2018 Elite Signature Black Young Guns

    2018 elite black signatures - all prices include registered post. Brodie Croft 02/40 $210 Jaydn Su’A 06/40 $220 Addin Fonua-Blake 14/40 $250 Matthew Dufty 09/40 $380 sold Marcelo Montoya 03/40 $200 Dylan Edwards 09/40 $180 Joseph Tapine 40/40 $200 Sold Joseph Manu 29/40 $200 Corey Jensen 15/40...
  20. whiteyismc

    Wanted YGB12 Cameron Murray (PayPal waiting)

    Number not important - chasing young gun black signature
  21. whiteyismc

    2018 - 2015 various cards

    Just add $3 for standard post or $6 for registered post 2018 elite Sharp Shooters - $1.00 each 4,4,5,5,6,7,7,8,9,9,9,10,10,10,13,14,14,17,17,17,17,17,17,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,19,19,27,30,31,31,32 Master and Apprentice $3 each 10,13,13,32 Dally M $4 each 1,4,4,4,8,8,11,13,17 Ruby $15 John...
  22. whiteyismc

    SOLD/TRADED 2012-13 Panini Crusade - Autos & Materials

    Have the following below cards for sale - please add $3.00 on top for standard post (up to 12 cards). Pm me if you have any questions or require further photos. Anything in Green is pending Anything in Red is sold Majestic Autos - $3.00 each unless marked Gary Payton $10.00 Gordon Hayward...
  23. whiteyismc

    Baseball Lot

    Chasing $20 delivered standard post as wide (8 card lot) Number cards as followed: Andrew Mccutchen patch 36/49 R.J Alvarez Prizm 03/42 Mike Antonio Signature 294/720 Hank Blalock Bat/Patch 002/100 Cody Buckel Auto Jersey 484/899
  24. whiteyismc

    NHL Colby Robak Rookie Prizm Signature

    Chasing $8 delivered aus wide standard post