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    2021 Traders

    Looking for Tohu Harris wild card,Raiders,Penrith and South's team wild cards. Have these cards to trade.🙂
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    Various cricket cards.

    Would like to know if there's any value in these cards.Thanks🙂
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    Arrive alive cards.

    I was given these cards to sell for a friend,after looking on eBay the prices are all over the place.If I could,I would rather sell to one of our members as I value their opinion on the value of cards.I also put a folder together with old cards.Same again.any help would be appreciated. If there...
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    For Sale Something a bit different.

    2017 Bulldogs Limited Edition Players Jersey. Most of the containers have small creases in them.But overall in good condition. Sizes are 1 small 2 medium 3 x large 3 2x large They are $ 20.00 each and postage is $12.95 because of...
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    Completed Paul Ambrey and Iron Clad Lou

    Paul Ambrey receives PayPal Iron Clad Lou receives numerous rookie cards including postage.🙂
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    Completed Paul Ambrey and anakinleo

    Paul Ambrey received PayPal. anakinleo receives numerous rookie cards as discussed. Postage included. 🙂
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    SOLD/TRADED Auto,s for sale.

    Prices attached to cards.Standard postage is included in the price of the card.If you want registed just ad 2.00.🙂
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    Rookie card cleanout

    I honestly do not know the value of these cards.So I am asking 50 cents,1.00 and 2.00 each.You tell me what they are worth and what you would like to pay,and there yours. Postage 3.50.🙂
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    In Progress Paul Ambrey and 100% Green

    Paul Ambrey receives Josh Hodgson LS auto and Jack Wighton YG auto. 100% Green receives Paul Vaughn YG auto and Luke Bateman YG auto. 100% Green will send cards first as per site rules. I agree.
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    Just wondering what has happened to Liam.Have not seen him on here for ages.Always had a great variety of cards foresale.🤔
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    Collector con toy and hobby fair

    I just heard about this fair today.Its on the 28th of February 2021.In the Campbeltown district.They have a website.Worth a look.☺
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    SOLD/TRADED 2018/19/20 Traders

    Looking to sell my excess cards.Prices are all neg. Postage 3.50 for up to 50 cards. Registed 6.50 if you want. Faces of the game 20 cents each. Club hero 50 cents each. Season to remember 20 cents each. State of origin 30 cents each. Clear startoons 1.00 each. Pink 1.50 each..Black 10.00 each...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020 AFL Cards

    I picked these cards up from our local trash and treasure markets.I know very little about the value of afl cards as i collect nrl cards.They were mixed with the nrl cards so i brought the lot.I would like to get 60.00 for the lot including postage.If my price is way out,please let me know.
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    2020 Best Pickups

    Seeing the year is just about over,lets see your best pickups you would like to show.No more than 3 cards if possible.These are my 3 cards that im most proud of this year.
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    Could anyone tell me if a seller on ebay who sells under e_b_a_y_market is an ozcardcard member.☺
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    2020 Elite LS/80 redemption cards.

    I need the following cards.Any help would be very gratefull.PM me with your asking price. Raiders/pending. Storm Cowboys Souths/on its way. ☺
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    Completed Paul Ambrey and Royster

    Paul Ambrey receives paypal. Royster receives Andrew Fifita patch auto.Valentine Holmes patch auto.Wade Graham patch auto.Sent via express registed post. I agree.☺
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    2020 Elite Parallels

    Need no.16,53,93 and 139 to finish parallel set.Have some to trade or can buy.Thanks☺
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    2020 Elite

    Black YG 30.00 or make an offer. Ruby mojos 30.00 each or make an offer. Sapphire mojo 30.00 or make an offer. Emerald mojo 70.00 or make an offer. Postage 3.50 regular. 6.50 registed.
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    Latest trades.

    These arrived over the last week as a result of a couple of trades with 2 great ozcard members.
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    These cards are for sale and trade.Would like to trade for 2020 elite Dragon,s LS,all level,s or any Traders legend signatures.Thankyou.
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    In Progress Paul Ambrey and AJC

    Paul Ambrey receives James Tedesco 2014 young gun auto. AJC receives Johnathan Thurston 2016 league sensation auto. Both sent via registed mail. I agree.
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    A friend showed me his original copy of this document today,which his father gave him in the 60,s.He thought i might be interested,as im a dragon,s fan.I photocopied and laminated a few.What to you think.I think it,s wonderfull.
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    For Trade 1995/6 Fleer Metal

    Found these in an old box.The prices of these cards are all over the place at the moment.So if you want any or all,i would like to trade them for cheap MJ cards if possible.☺
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    SOLD/TRADED Team Lots

    All team lot $5.00 which includes postage.Will post some more later.