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  1. Jets59

    For Sale Randy Couture signed UFC glove

    Got this signed in person at the UFC fan expo a few years ago. 100 bucks delivered OBO.
  2. Jets59

    SOLD/TRADED Various UFC cards

    Hi all. Was having a clean out today and found some UFC cards; 60 for the lot. Chris Leben 2010 KO premium pieces auto 26/50 Roy Nelson Ultimate Fighter on card auto 69/250 John Dodson red ink nickname auto 10/15 Steven Siler 2014 KO auto 38/149 Hector Lombard 2012 Bloodlines auto 43/199...
  3. Jets59

    Completed Tony H & bdean_182

    Tony H receives PayPal $ bdean_182 receives 2003 NRL Roosters Case Card. Agreed.
  4. Jets59

    Completed League Hub and bdean_182

    bdean_182 gets the following Brad Fittler cards; 03 Team of the year Anzac heroes Origin stars Triple Centurian League Hub gets $ Agreed.
  5. Jets59

    Completed Danielpchick and bdean_182

    Danielpchick sends Select 2001 all star signature Brad Fittler no 55 of 100 bdean_182 sends $ Danielpchick sending card first due to less than 10 feedback rule. Agreed.
  6. Jets59

    Chris Godwin Rookies

    Howdy, Looking for 2017 Chris Godwin's, specifically; National Treasures Rated Rookie Autos Rookie Ticket Autos Managed to pick up a few bits and bobs on eBay and COMC - but thought Id check here too and see if anyone has anything. Cheers.
  7. Jets59

    All Brad Fittler cards wanted

    Hello all, I haven't been an active member of the forum for years. Still lurked from time to time. But not active. I had a very sizeable roosters collection ( including a large Fittler PC) years ago which I let go. I also had a large Shogun collection (MMA/UFC) which I also let go. Just life...
  8. Jets59


    So I haven't been around these boards for a few years (life in general), and this is my first time in the NFL section (Rugby league and UFC collector). In my time away I have become completely hooked on the NFL. Love it, cant get enough. Looking to start a small collection of a few guys I like...
  9. Jets59

    Roosters Player Worn

    Very happy with these, looking forward to getting them up in a frame. First up 2013 Match worn home jersey of Shaun Kenny-Dowall. I contacted the club about the jersey as it said match worn but there was no specific match information. They informed me that it was the home jersey worn by Shaun...
  10. Jets59

    UFC Added some higher end goodies to ebay Highlights - near complete set of 2010 KO dual mat autos, Liddell and Couture, Anderson Silva and Franklin, Machida and Tito plus more Diego Sanchez Round 1 red ink Frankie Edgar finest moments 1/1 Chris Leben...
  11. Jets59

    For Sale Punk/metal/pop punk etc CDs + Movie DVDS

    Ive got a fair few CDs and DVDs for sale on ebay CDs mostly skate punk/metal/pop punk etc. Movies are varied. If there is anything that floats your boat in my listings let me know and Ill be able to do it a little cheaper on here.
  12. Jets59

    UFC New Wallpaper

    Very very happy to add this to the collection. The best MMA event since pride final conflict 2005.
  13. Jets59

    UFC Siler

    I should probably pay more attention to UFC releases when they come out. It has just been brought to my attention that super Steven Siler has his first cards in Kockout 14. Im after any and all. Let me know if any of you case busters pulled any, even if it's just a base.
  14. Jets59

    UFC Help fill me up

    THANKS TO A HUGE RESPONSE SO FAR IM DOWN TO NEEDING JUST 60 SHOGUNS. 139/199. KEEP EM COMING For reasons only a psychiatrist could tell you, I'm going to make a run at filling out my Shogun collection. I really don't know why. I obviously like pain and wasting money See trade list at bottom...
  15. Jets59

    It's Time - UFC auto sale rare stuff

    Hello all, long time no chat. Ive only just come out of hibernation after watching Shogun getting clocked :( Oh well. Hope you've all been well. I'm Having a mass sale. This is the first part; Check my ebay link. Rare 2010 Bloodlines autos numbered /25 of BJ Penn, Forrest, Vladimir and Lyoto...
  16. Jets59

    UFC Ufc brisbane

    Anyone know of any fighter appearances/signings for the Brisbane fight night? I can't find anything on the web.
  17. Jets59

    Completed Torry and bdean_182

    Torry gets PayPal already sent. Bdean_182 gets ko 2010 ufc autos; cain, Fitch, Diaz, marquedt, bisping, Coleman, palhares and miletech
  18. Jets59

    UFC KO 2010 base autos

    Just wondering if anyone has any base autos numbered /188 from 2010 Knockout. Base versions only with the white background, no gear autos or other coloured background autos.
  19. Jets59

    UFC Sweet KO Dual Auto Mat Set

    Completed this sweet set of cards from 2010 Knockout. Super hard to put together as they never come up on ebay, but I was lucky enough to find 7 of the 8 in one hit lol. That certainly helped. All numbered to 10. Diego Sanchez v Jon Fitch, Tito V Lytoto, BJ Penn v Sean Sherk, Tito v Forrest...
  20. Jets59

    Real/Fake? Thought?

    Would love some thoughts on this Obviously as a roosters fan it would be a remarkable item. A signed jersey worn in the winning grand final. But the more I look at the more I feel off about it. Can't place my finger on it...
  21. Jets59

    Provan/summons dual sig

    Been out of the nrl scene for quite a while. So a quick question, how much would a provan/summons dual sig fetch? I note there is one on eBay but I don't know that I would rely on that seller for a price guide.
  22. Jets59

    UFC Stolen card - please keep an eye out

    The shogun bloodlines base ruby 6/ 8 is officially stolen. Imagine my suprise this morning when I walked down stairs to check the mail to find an envelop with my name on it that had been discarded on the ground, in the foyer of my apartment building. envelope torn open with the contents...
  23. Jets59

    UFC Fav new card

    Got this set recently. Series 4 Bloodlines auto set. Awesome set of cards, look amazing in hand, all numbered /25 and that Wanderlei is just a thing of beauty. My new favourite - non Shogun card. Ive wanted this set for quite a while, glad to finally have it! Now just need to work on the round 2...
  24. Jets59

    UFC Does anyone know

    About 10-12 months ago I sold on eBay about 40-50 different shogun cards. Base and lower end type inserts And relics. all types /88 /188 /288 etc etc. I'm positive someone from western Australia bought them. Was it anyone here? or does anyone know who it might of been. I've never seen the lot...
  25. Jets59

    UFC FOX 5 - Spoilers

    Who watched the card. Thoughts guys? The Immortal - Wow Rory - Cant stand him, but cant deny his ability. Shame to see BJ penn go out that way. Shogun - Whatever the judge that scored 30-26 is smoking I want some. First 2 rounds very very close. I gave the fight to Gus 29-28. Good...