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  1. LickwidGreen

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Supremacy

    For Sale or Trade for Hawks equivalents Commons - $50.00 each Boyd Finals Folklore 05/70 - $100.00 Bert Deacon Premiership Brownlow 27/60 - $125.00 Matt Crouch Futures Signature 03/75 - $150.00 Barry Breen Finals Folklore Signature 11/70 - $275.00 All includes registered pos
  2. LickwidGreen

    2019 Dominance Case Break Team Share

    As title states, anyone on here have the authority to do one of these or does Cherry hold all the cards. If anyone is willing i would be keen on the hawks.
  3. LickwidGreen

    Tennis 2013 Ace Authentic Rafael Nadal Grand Slam Signature #3/5

    Hi Tennis Fans Can anyone help me on how much this is worth? or point me in the right direction on getting it valued. Thanks
  4. LickwidGreen

    2018 Legacy Hawks Wantlist

    Hi all I'm chasing the following: Hawthorn Silver Predictor Ryan Burton Signature Tom Mitchell Holo
  5. LickwidGreen

    Teamcoach Hawks & Dogs Inserts

    Hi everyone Selling my Teamcoach PC inserts. See below, lets keep this thread clean. PM me if your interested in anything. Hawthorn Hawks 2010 Teamcoach Silver Set 2010 Teamcoach Golds - Brown, Hodge, Lewis, Sewell, Burgoyne, Rioli, Roughead & Taylor 2010 Teamcoah Prize Set 2012 Teamcoach...
  6. LickwidGreen

    SOLD/TRADED Brownlow Predictors & Star Wild on eBay - Cheap!!

    Hi Ozcarders Off loading some brownlow predictors and a starwild on ebay. Started the auction at $0.99 so I imagine they will go cheap!! Have a look!! 2017 Teamcoach - Tom Liberatore Star Wild SW18 2017 Footy Stars - Sam Gibson Brownlow Predictor BP91 217/275 2017 Footy Stars - Lachie Weller...
  7. LickwidGreen

    10 x Packs 2017 Footy Stars

    Busting Now
  8. LickwidGreen

    Tennis Need help

    Can anyone here point me in the right direction. Who or where is a place I can get a tennis card valued?? Thanks for looking.
  9. LickwidGreen

    Trading to complete PC's

    Hi Ozcard Traders. I hope everyone is enjoying the new release of '16' Certified. I know I sure am. I just wanted to let everyone know, as a collector or Hawks and Western Bulldogs cards from 2009 to Present. I have always enjoyed trading the cards I get out of the boxes I buy for ones I need...
  10. LickwidGreen

    Completed ROOBOY18 & Lickwidgreen

    ROOBOY18 gets: SCS7 - Jack Crisp Certified Signature #132/240 (2016 Certified) Lickwidgreen gets: SCS35 - Luke Dahlhaus Cerftified Signature #059/240 (2016 Certified) Both parties to send via Registered Post. Agreed??
  11. LickwidGreen

    Completed Drama5 & Lickwidgreen

    Drama5 gets: MC4 - Rys Palmer Medal Card (2009 Pinnacle) AA18 - Gary Ablett AA (2009 Pinnacle) HDC145 Andrew Raines GDC (2009 Pinnacle) HFC23 - Andrew Raines (2010 Prestige) HF108 - Matthew Warnock (2010 Prestige) GC75 - Steve Johnson Gold (2012 Champs) GC199 - Matt Rosa Gold (2012 Champs) $$$...
  12. LickwidGreen

    Lickwidgreen's Complete Wantlist

    Heres what i need: If you have anything and would like to trade. Please refer to my Trade List: (Cards i have coming in) 2016 Select Certified C113 - Hawthorn Logo Certified 460 C114 - Grant Birchall...
  13. LickwidGreen

    2015/16 Tap & Play

    Hi All I have these for Sale. Bought some packs and a box to see what they were like. PM me if you need anything
  14. LickwidGreen

    Completed Lickwidgreen & Jiska125

    Jiska125 gets: 2015 Champions: MG4, 32, 48, 50, 71 SP78, 85, 143, 167, 168, 172, 181, 189 2015 Honours S2: MW4, 5 & Lickwidgreen gets: Paypal via Gift Agreed??
  15. LickwidGreen

    Completed aflcards2015 & Lickwidgreen

    aflcards2015 gets: 2009 Select Champions GDC001 - Checklist 1 Guernsey Die Cut GDC009 - Chris Knights Guernsey Die Cut GDC010 - Andrew McLeod Guernsey Die Cut GDC016 - Jed Adcock Guernsey Die Cut GDC023 - Travis Johnstone Guernsey Die Cut GDC025 - Joel MacDonald Guernsey Die Cut GDC026 - Luke...
  16. LickwidGreen

    Completed Meinmiddle & Lickwidgreen

    Meinmiddle gets: Geelong Brownlow Club Honour Roll 44/75 & Lickwidgreen gets: Paypal via Gift Agreed?
  17. LickwidGreen

    2015 Select Honours 2 - 5 Box and 8 Packet Results

    Hi all Finally able to post my results. Thanks for waiting. Needless to say I couldn't be happier with the results Only listing the major hits Box 1: Brownlow Club Honour Roll Geelong Cats 44/75 :thumbsup: Certified Signature Luke Parker 193/400 Masters Die Cut Ivor Warne-Smith 106/300...
  18. LickwidGreen

    Completed Lickwidgreen & TB1954

    Lickwidgreen gets: 2015 Select Champions 119 - Jordan Lewis Common SP118 - Brian Lake Silver Parallel SP119 - Jordan Lewis Silver Parallel SP211 - Stewart Crameri Silver Parallel SP216 - Dale Morris Silver Parallel SP217 - Robert Murphy Silver Parallel & TB1954 gets: 2015 Select Champions...
  19. LickwidGreen


    Hey guys, need a few more to fill up my league. Anyone interested?
  20. LickwidGreen

    2015 Champions Boxes

    Hey guys/girls Does anyone have any cheap 2015 Select Champions Sealed Boxes for sale? Or am i better off trying gumtree or Feebay Pm me with what you got, looking at 2 boxes at this stage.
  21. LickwidGreen

    My Supercoach League - Need 5 more

    As the title says, need 5 more supercoaches for my AFL league to fill it up!! If your interested, pm me asap! Thanks for looking
  22. LickwidGreen

    Completed Lickwidgreen & AussieLaker

    AussieLaker gets: Jamie Elliot Refractor AS5 Rory Slone Milestone MG7 Taylor Walker SP15 Jamie Elliot SP42 Steele Sidebottom SP49 & Lickwidgreen gets: BF10 - Jordan Lewis AC18 Western Bulldogs Checklist MG92 Ryan Griffen MG40 Josh Gibson SP's - 116,117,120,122,212,214,218,220 Commons -...
  23. LickwidGreen

    Cancelled Lickwidgreen & joho22

    Lickwidgreen gets: BG02 - Allan Hopkins 1930 Brownlow Gallery BG16 - Peter Box 1956 Brownlow Gallery BG37 - Tony Liberatore 1990 Brownlow Gallery BG39 - Scott Wynd 1992 Brownlow Gallery & joho22 gets: $$ via paypal Cards to be sent as per website rules. Agreed??
  24. LickwidGreen

    Rose & Drexler

    Hi Guys Have these for sale if anyone is interested 2008 Bowman Draft Day Issue Derrick Rose 007/399 2007 - 2008 Bowman Sterling Clive Drexler Relic Card
  25. LickwidGreen

    Panini NBA Hoops 2014-15 For Sale

    Hey Guys Bought 6 packs and pulled the below. Dont collect these so looking to sell. Pm me if you interested in any or all of them.