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  1. zephyr_213

    Sale Zion & Ben rookies, Kemp Big man on court

    hey guys see below for sale: Zion $200 Ben Simmons $200 kemp $150 Or whole lot for $500 shipped. cheers
  2. zephyr_213

    Kobe Bryant Immaculate auto /60

    Hey guys, The time has come to part ways with my kobe on card auto. Looking for $8k and I am based in Sydney. Please contact me for any further pics/queries. cheers Joe
  3. zephyr_213

    Wanted - Tendulkar 1992 Total cricket

    Hey all, Looking to pay good money for a 92' Tendulkar total cricket card. Hit me up. Joe
  4. zephyr_213

    Dirk E-topps auto

    Hey guys selling my Dirk auto 2007 e-topps card $250 shipped to you. thanks
  5. zephyr_213

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Panini flawless auto /15 PSA8

    Looking for $750 posted to you. thanks.
  6. zephyr_213

    Shaq & Kobe PSA sale

    Hey guys looking to move some Lakers legends, $850 ono. Selling as lot only. Thanks
  7. zephyr_213

    In Progress Zephyr and Vazzler

    Vazzler gets star cards of Jordan, bird, kareem and Magic. Zephyr gets $$. Agreed?
  8. zephyr_213

    Michael Jordan Star card sale LOT Magic, Bird, KAJ

    Selling my lot of various graded 80's Star cards. Incl Jordan 'The Future' star card. Looking for $2200 dlvd for the lot, would like to sell them together. Any questions hit me up!
  9. zephyr_213

    LF - Tim Duncan auto on-card

    hey guys, I am chasing an on-card Duncan auto, prefer graded however not fussed. Hit me up.
  10. zephyr_213

    Tnedulkar signed card

    Hi guys, I am looking for any Tendulkar auto trading cards. Not really interested in postcards, posters etc. PM me anytime I am in Sydney. cheers
  11. zephyr_213

    In Progress Zephyr and Fling

    Fling receives G HILL fleer thrill seekers raw, zephyr gets paypal. Agreed?
  12. zephyr_213

    Sale Duncan High Voltage rookie, 1998 J.Rose Star Rubies /50 & Hill

    Hi Guys, Selling some of my collection being Jalen Rose 98 Star Rubies /50, Duncan Rookie Hoops High voltage & Grant Hill Thrill seekers. All in very good condition. Looking for $450 for the lot. Message me for more photos if required. Thanks.
  13. zephyr_213

    Ansu Fati rookie mega cracks others lot Ramos/Vinicius

    Hi guys selling this lot of cards in good condition total $250 for all 3. - Fati Rookie Mega cracks - Sergio Ramos Topps Finest CL autograph - Vinicius Jr. Rated Rookie Donruss.
  14. zephyr_213

    2018 Russia WC binder

    Hey guys, Does anyone here know if there is an official binder/folder for 2018 world cup prizm set?
  15. zephyr_213

    2018 world cup Mbappe

    Hi all, I am looking for 2018 world cup base mbappe prizm. Happy to pay cash or trade i have plenty of stock hit me up.
  16. zephyr_213

    Wanted - 1996 topps chrome

    Hey guys, I am looking for the following cards from the 96 topps chrome set raw or graded is fine: #72 - Chicago Bulls #128 - Abdur Rahim 138 - Kobe 139 - Jordan 146 - Walker 171 - Iverson 182 - Nash 206 - Fisher Any help appreciated.
  17. zephyr_213

    Lebron 2012 prizm base

    hey guys I am after Lebron's first year prizm base, raw or graded let me know what ya got. Happy to pay/trade
  18. zephyr_213

    Looking for Kobe 1997-98 Skybox Premium Thunder And Lightning #7

    Hi guys, looking for the Kobe lightning and thunder from 97-98 skybox premium. Happy to pay $ or trade or both.
  19. zephyr_213

    WTB Messi 2004 Panini Mega Cracks #71

    Hey guys, looking for Messi rookie megacracks either raw or graded if anyone has one looking to move on let me know :)
  20. zephyr_213

    Completed Zephyr & jt21

    jt21 to get kobe skybox rookie ex2000 and zephyr_213 for $$ agree?
  21. zephyr_213

    newby nba lover

    Hey guys, Always been a card collector and only just discovered this place! Love my NBA cards and my seattle sonics! cheers joe from sydney