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  1. nichj99

    Punching my ticket into the weekend in 62 ways

    this post will be inserted into my Kobe Ticket chase “admit one” (see below) but felt it was more than worthy for its own show off thread A Pretty incredible mailday today -Kobe Bryant...
  2. nichj99

    ADMIT ONE: A front row seat to the career of the Black Mamba

    With the current market of cards shifting in 2020 due to COVID, increased interest from returning members, more investors looking to make a buck or the incredibly saturated market of base and rookie inserts being sent off for grading I found myself once again losing interest in the hobby after...
  3. nichj99

    Bowman’s Best Rookie is...?

    I’d say it’s probably this one that arrived today from a trade :kick:
  4. nichj99

    As a Laker fan, todays Mail is right up there!

    But first, just wanted to show off another 4 autos of the Rated R Superstar 🤘 now on to the good stuff... exquisite dual auto, throwback to the 2002 NBA some Kuzma Select Tie Dye, Zebra, Gold & FOTL Prizm Gold #/10 (Gold looks amazing with the purple!) Pau Gasol Chunky Jumbo Patch #/5...
  5. nichj99

    For Trade Lebron Kaboom (FT)

    Trade value $1250aud based on recent sales, looking for Kobe in return. Cross posted elsewhere
  6. nichj99

    Long weekend extra special find

    So this is a segway from @skip20 ’s question in my other thread 2.5 years ago I had a regretful big sale as I urgently needed an influx of cash to complete the handover on the house my fiancé and myself were building , and ended up moving most of my most loved cards - including a lot of the...
  7. nichj99

    It’s been over 2 years since I posted in here...

    And I’ve got a lot to show! I thought I’d start with something different however, not exactly a mailday, but maybe a preview to some future card pictures. since the whole lockdown occurred and basketball and the gym was taken away, I’ve been able to get back in to my art that I haven’t...
  8. nichj99

    Is there anyone from Japan in here?

    I need assistance in acquiring a PC Card (Faried rookie 1/1). The seller is from Japan but won’t ship internationally so I need a middle person to help me out.
  9. nichj99

    LO & behold... I’m starting 2018 off on the right foot!

    I’ve been fairly quiet on the mail day front of late. I moved house in December and then at Christmas I stumbled upon these game worn Lamar Odom shoes. Not only that, but his first five games as a Laker. I was able to convince the missus to let me get them, on the condition that I refurbish my...
  10. nichj99

    Completed Nichj99 & chensanity

    nichj99 gets: Capela tie dye Chensanity gets: $$ All good?
  11. nichj99

    Completed Nichj99 & anakinleo

    nichj99 gets: 2x 14-15 Select tie dye as discussed Anakinleo gets: 4x Preferred autos as discussed All good?
  12. nichj99

    My most obscure PC by far...

    So last year I somehow came up with the insane idea to collect signed baseballs of NBA players, as I was running out of display space so needed to downsize somewhere. I settled on a criteria of only getting NBA scoring champions as a theme and upon doing research discovered that all except two...
  13. nichj99

    Mailday with some love from the player!

    Earlier this week I recieved my second copy (of 4 - one incoming from Asia the other sitting in my US mailbox) of this preferred prime rookie Silhouette of Darius Morris. He’s been a side PC for a few years with 95% of his cards coming during the 12-13 year. Anyway, I posted up the photo of...
  14. nichj99

    LF: Rick Fox, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr (Lakers Uni)

    title says it all. I’m chasing Rick Fox, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr, Xav Henry, Darius Morris in Lakers uni as my newest PC Apologies in advance if I’m picky... Panini and I tend to have very different opinions what’s nicely designed recently ;)
  15. nichj99

    A reflection on 5 years back in the hobby

    October marks 5 years since I returned to the hobby after collecting as a kid and I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on that time. It was actually a trip to the market where I saw Malcolm from Dad & Dave’s that rekindled my interest and sure enough after a few packs, I was hooked...
  16. nichj99

    manimal patches

    Had a few nice patches arrived last night that I thought I'd share :)
  17. nichj99

    2 of these to arrive within 3 weeks...

    the Faried pc is pretty much out of control. 967 cards 197 autos 71% ownership of all cards made 46 1/1's 37 completed rainbows 5 logomen Two of those logomen arrived within the last 3 weeks. Today's arrival is the first 1/1 Logoman auto of the group.
  18. nichj99

    2014-15 Select (Base) Tie Dye [Set Chase]

    Some of you may recall, to start last year I started the 14-15 Select Base tie dye set chase. There's 300 cards in the set and each card is numbered #/25 only. I knew instantly that this chase was going to be a marathon, not a sprint and after 18 months I'm now at 208/300 owned. I'm definitely...
  19. nichj99

    Completed Nichj99 & anakinleo

    nichj99 gets: PayPal Anakinleo gets: lot of cards as discussed in pm All good?
  20. nichj99

    Ooooh black Betty

    Had this monster waiting for me when I got home late last night... my 41st Faried 1/1 :) 2012-13 Gold Standard Rookie Patch Autographs Black 1/1 This should hold you over until I get into my other big box mail day thread :)
  21. nichj99

    Largest mailday I've ever had!

    put this in perspective - I'm 6'2 and this box if on the floor comes up to my knees! Contents to be posted soon :)
  22. nichj99

    Nichj99's Faried 1/1 (rolling updates) thread

    My Faried collection is getting pretty big now - 870ish cards owned (about 85 incoming / being held overseas to ship in bulk... can't wait to count down to the 1000 number!). I thought I'd create an official 1/1 showoff thread... present count is 39 Faried 1/1's owned (7 still incoming & 3 still...
  23. nichj99

    Bynum PC mail

    had a few really big additions arrive.... see below Exquisite RPA - pretty nice patch too :) Topps chrome gold rookie BGS 9.5 :) 2009-10 Exquisite Noble Nameplates #/15 2009-10 Exquisite Limited Logos #/13 My next mail day will be the Faried - keep an eye out :)
  24. nichj99

    The Andrew Bynum PC

    So I worked out that I've posted one mailday in here in the last 5 and half months... so I thought I'd catch everyone up with what I've been doing. Long story short: Panini quality down + not many Faried I need = needed a new focus. I'm still picking up Faried as I go but they aren't nearly as...