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  1. Jets59

    For Sale Randy Couture signed UFC glove

    No mate sorry. Got it in person myself, so no COA or anything unfortunately.
  2. Jets59

    For Sale Randy Couture signed UFC glove

    Got this signed in person at the UFC fan expo a few years ago. 100 bucks delivered OBO.
  3. Jets59

    SOLD/TRADED Various UFC cards

    Hi all. Was having a clean out today and found some UFC cards; 60 for the lot. Chris Leben 2010 KO premium pieces auto 26/50 Roy Nelson Ultimate Fighter on card auto 69/250 John Dodson red ink nickname auto 10/15 Steven Siler 2014 KO auto 38/149 Hector Lombard 2012 Bloodlines auto 43/199...
  4. Jets59

    Roosters Player Worn

    Still got it mate yeah. Im not actively looking to sell no, but if the right offer came along, I would at least think about it.
  5. Jets59

    Completed Tony H & bdean_182

    Tony H receives PayPal $ bdean_182 receives 2003 NRL Roosters Case Card. Agreed.
  6. Jets59

    Completed League Hub and bdean_182

    bdean_182 gets the following Brad Fittler cards; 03 Team of the year Anzac heroes Origin stars Triple Centurian League Hub gets $ Agreed.
  7. Jets59

    Completed KnicksFan & bdean_182

  8. Jets59

    Completed Danielpchick and bdean_182

    Danielpchick sends Select 2001 all star signature Brad Fittler no 55 of 100 bdean_182 sends $ Danielpchick sending card first due to less than 10 feedback rule. Agreed.
  9. Jets59

    Looking to buy UFC cards, let me know what you have and want

    I can only help you with 2 fighters. Shogun and Dustin Poirier.
  10. Jets59

    All Brad Fittler cards wanted

    Hi mate, This is one of the few cards I have managed to secure so far. Thank you though!
  11. Jets59

    Chris Godwin Rookies

    Howdy, Looking for 2017 Chris Godwin's, specifically; National Treasures Rated Rookie Autos Rookie Ticket Autos Managed to pick up a few bits and bobs on eBay and COMC - but thought Id check here too and see if anyone has anything. Cheers.
  12. Jets59

    All Brad Fittler cards wanted

    Great, thank you!
  13. Jets59

    All Brad Fittler cards wanted

    Hello all, I haven't been an active member of the forum for years. Still lurked from time to time. But not active. I had a very sizeable roosters collection ( including a large Fittler PC) years ago which I let go. I also had a large Shogun collection (MMA/UFC) which I also let go. Just life...
  14. Jets59


    So I haven't been around these boards for a few years (life in general), and this is my first time in the NFL section (Rugby league and UFC collector). In my time away I have become completely hooked on the NFL. Love it, cant get enough. Looking to start a small collection of a few guys I like...
  15. Jets59

    UFC Comc Mailday! Silva/Shogun/Cormier/Macdonald!

    Nice to see some Shogun action!
  16. Jets59


    That was one of the first things that I thought of when I first heard the news. That mailday has always stuck with me whenever Ive watched Hughes play/ or read about/spoken about him. Never spoken to the guy who received the mailday, and never got to meet Phil, but Ill never forget reading that...
  17. Jets59

    UFC MMA Discussion (spoilers)

    Good result for that 1/1 Werdum though very nice. I tend to think now would be the time to move it cash in on the hype, I think Cain is just too next level - but you never never know - which is the beauty of the fight game.
  18. Jets59

    UFC MMA Discussion (spoilers)

    Went about as well as expected first Poirer, then Shogun now Hunt. 3 KO losses back to back to back for my PC fighters. And guess what, my other PC fighter is up next week. Will Frankie Edgar join the others on the canvass?
  19. Jets59

    UFC MMA Discussion (spoilers)

    No need to talk about the OSP Shogun fight. Pumped for the Hunt fight. Although the luck Ive had the last few years following fighters Id be better off becoming a really big Werdum fan! Anyone got any Werdum cards they want to sell? (He doesnt stand a chance now haha)
  20. Jets59

    NRL Rumour Mill Thread (Spoilers/Game Results)

    Forget Hayne. More importantly any word on the chooks player involved in the assault overnight.
  21. Jets59

    Roosters Player Worn

    Sounds like a nice collection you have! Im actually after a JWH myself and a Friend. Some of those captain American jerseys went for crazy dollars. Liu is a good get!
  22. Jets59

    UFC How Much Would You Pay For A Triple Auto GSP Jon Jones And Anderson Silver #09/10

    Without doubt they will all be there, all will be in the discussion for GOAT too.