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    Cards for Trade

    Trading some cards to help some collectors get some cards they are chasing. Please note: this is a trade only post. Trading only for the following cards: 1994 Dynamic Series 2 Meninga Signature Supporters Choice Redemption (with redemption card and authenticity certificate) Lamb Signature...
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    WANT LIST - tak35bne's wanted cards

    Check your mailbox mate😀
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    SOLD/TRADED NRL Cards for Trade

    I have some interesting cards up for trade. I will only be trading these cards for items on the list shown below. This list is a wanted list of various cards from various years for several collectors I am trying to find those cards for. Cards I have for trade are: Sio Siua Taukeiaho Antonio...
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    That's Craig bloke who needs that Mannah...cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Please hold the Mannah for 30mins while I find the buyer🤣
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Hi...I commented on behalf of Clint (Byrnes y13) for the Slater card. Please sell to Clint if possible.. thanks
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Would be keen on Slater and Mannah...will PM
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    Shared Predictor Sets

    Sorry for late reply mate. tigers spots all filled at this stage but will let you know if a spot opens up
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    SOLD/TRADED Trading for 2020 Club Hero Priority Cards I need

    Seeking 2020 Club Hero Priority Cards Looking for the following: Wests Tiges: Mikaele and Brooks St George: Blake Lawrie Manly: Reuben Garrick Broncs: Alex Glenn and Payne Haas Have all the cards in the attached pics available for trade only for the cards I am chasing. PM me if you have any of...
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    Shared Predictor Sets

    Chasing predictors to complete some Shared Predictor Sets. If anyone has some predictors they would like to put into a shared set please let me know and we can slot your predictor into one of the shared sets. Cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Cards Available

    2021 TRADERS Club Heroes $10 Team Wildcards $10 Season to Remember $2 Rising Stars $1 Widlcards $2 Parallels 50 cents Toons $2 Tigers Sig $20 White Street Art $2 Black Street Art $8 Parra Predictor $100 2020 ELITE Sapphires $20 Rubies $10 White YG's $9 Slaters $5 Team Cards $2 Dally M $2...
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    SOLD/TRADED Trading for 2020 Priority Club Heroes

    Looking to trade the cards in the attached pictures for any of the following Club Hero Priority cards from 2020: Haas Glenn Townsend Garrick Lawrie Brooks Mikaele PM with any trades
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    SOLD/TRADED NRL Priority

    Club Hero Priority Averillo #23/23 $150 Rudolph #08/23 (jersey numbered) $160 Team Wildcard Priority Knights #18/45 $170 Cowboys #31/45 $120 Trade for any of the following Club Hero Priority cards from 2020: Haas, Glenn, Townsend, Garrick, Lawrie, Verrills, Brooks, Mikaele Priority given to...
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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    dealers, dealers and more dealers🤣🤣🤣
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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    yep...i would say most of those on Ozcard for sure collect both.. the percentage drops but is still high for those on FB pages... and then there are the hundreds of collectors who aren't.on either platform
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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    starters are no longer discounted
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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    i would say nowhere near 99% of collectors collect both Traders and Elite... a tonne more people (possibly double or triple) collect Traders than collect Elite..... for a start Elite is basically only available from dealers now and that rules out hundreds of collectors who don't even know...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2017-2020 NRL Traders and Elite

    2020 ELITE Sapphires $25 Rubies $12 White YG's $9 Slaters $5 Team Cards $2 Dally M $2 Chartbusters 50 cents WNRL 50 cents Parallels 50 cents (send me a list of numbers) have most numbers 2018 & 2019 ELITE 2019 Captains $7 Custodians $7 Spotlight $2 Speed Machine $1 WRNL $1.50 Dally M $1.50...
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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    top 3 worst origin omissions for 2020🤣🤣🤣
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    ignore this thread please...reposted to sales thread

    2020 and 2019 Elite 2020 & 2019 ELITE Parallels 50c 2020 Dally M $1 2019 Dally M $2 Team Photo Cards $2 Speed Machines $1 Decade Chartbusters 50c 2020 NRLW 50c 2019 NRLW $2 Custodians $5 Captains $5 Slater Cards $7 White Young Guns $9 Rubies $15 Sapphires $25 2019 Spotlights $2 Mixed Years NRL...
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    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    tp be honest they actually look much nicer in hand