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    Draft signatures & Prestige brownlow predictor (non dominance)

    2002 Select SPX Exclusive draft pick signature - James Bartel $70 2008 Select Classic draft pick signature - Trent Cotchin 80/400 $85 2010 Select Prestige draft pick signature - Tom Scully 152/400 (signature is slightly smudged and scratched - bought it off Ebay and turned up like that :( $20...
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    2020 Dominance Hawks - Cap sig, influential, players ink & DPS

    Select Dominance 2020 - if anyone has for sale the following: Influential - Tom Mitchell Captain Signature - Ben Stratton Hit me up, $$ ready!
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    High Hawks - Supremacy, Mitchell Brownlow platinum, Kennedy etc

    Hi all, Looking for the following: Kennedy Snr 2011 Heritage Signature card Tom Mitchell Marquee Kennedy Next Gen signature Lance Franklin Coleman medal signature card Supremacy Robert Dipierdomenico premiership brownlow double signature Luke Breust Superstar patch signature booklet James...
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    2003 XL hall of fame set (40) + Glen Archer signed cards plus few more

    Hi everyone, New to forum, just clearing out some cards to make way for others. Have got: 2003 Select XL Hall of Fame set - 40 cards 2003 Select XL All Australian Glen Archer signed 2004 Select Conquest Common Glen Archer signed Plus some random 2015 Select Champions commons and Dylan Shiel...