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    Chloe Saxby

    Wow they look really nice
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    Cracking open a BGS Case

    Hey would people crack a slab open for the purpose of resubbing, a bgs graded card with no subgrades?
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    Chloe Saxby

    @GarnettFan4Life paypaled for a few more rainbow roses. God bless the Saxby's, I know the little angel is in a better place. Good on you and your family for sticking through thick and thin.
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    2015 Revolution Lebron base

    Gday guys, please let me know if you have any base Lebrons from 2015-16 Panini Revolution. Cheers guys!
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    Looking for some Revolution 2017

    Hi guys, recently come back to collecting and the site. I might try PC Christian Pulisic and/or Diogo Jota. Would anyone happen to have any 2017 Panini Revo base of them? Cheers u blokes
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    Show something off

    And you've got a good memory, i had a first account called silvertop (@GarnettFan4Life ) has helped me realize it. And my ebay user name is iakstar. So you've pretty much got it, what a good memory u have haha
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    Show something off

    Hey buddy, great to see you guys held down the fort. Here come all of us bandwagoners lol
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    Ive learnt a lesson from Jeremy Lin.

    Hey thanks guys. Thats so true, supertoad was a re-do as well. Smh!
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    Show something off

    Got no other golds, but just sent some others to Cherry for this months sub, never done that before so we'll see how they go
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    Show something off

    Ive just come back to collecting. Motivated to help my daughter who is 12, to build some PC's over time. She's a baller so fantasy hoops or league can help her see sports from different angles. Imagine my surprise when I looked in storage and thought huh, i haven't collected since 2013 or so. I...
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    Gday everyone

    Hey everyone, I used to be an active member on here years ago, maybe around 2012 to 2014. I hope everyone's been good! I think I'll start collecting again. My PC has been sitting in storage. Got a hell of a shock to find out 2012 Panini Prizm is a thing now!! Anyways I also have a question...