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  1. Quicksilver

    Share your game worn (and noteable signed) gear!

    What has everyone got? I've managed to pick up a few bits and pieces of the years. Corey Parker from 2003 from memory, he wore the 14 a bit that year Last season Corey Parker game worn Corey Parker Game worn in the 2016 World Club Challenge He had a bung right foot at the time and the docs...
  2. Quicksilver

    So I went to the Broncos member day

    The other half noticed that whilst we were on holidays up in Qld the Broncos would be having their members day at suncorp. So four memberships later we rocked up at suncorp and had a pretty decent day. I ended up getting a ball to get signed and ended up with: Wayne Bennett, Justin Hodges, Alfie...
  3. Quicksilver

    Jabari Parker Blue Prizm Auto

    Last few Ebay sales below post injury so looks like people think he is worth investing in, looking for around the Average which is $75. Will post registered $64 $76 $75 $96 $75 $75 $69
  4. Quicksilver

    New and improved!

    I've just photographed and uploaded pretty much everything I own that is Non Ray Related as well. Need to rescan all my Ray base and do the rest of the Basketball but other than that its pretty much done things uploaded include Motorsport, comic art and much more. :)
  5. Quicksilver

    I was going to do a thread but forgot

    usually don't bother with maildays but got this in the mail a few weeks ago, forgot to post at the time so had best do it now I suppose
  6. Quicksilver

    Bathurst 2014

    Anyone watching?
  7. Quicksilver

    Kryptyx Holden Master Collection 3rd Edition

    This release is looking very swish expect more information soon! Click the images to enlarge!
  8. Quicksilver

    Completed Parra & Quicksilveraus

    @parra lettics Gets Paypal and Quicks gets 2x Ray cards Deal?
  9. Quicksilver

    For Sale Peta Hiku YG Auto

    Hey guys anyone interested in this one? If so drop me a PM Cheers Rhys
  10. Quicksilver

    Quicksilvers Elite Box Break UPDATED scroll to bottom

    I have no real idea if I did "well" or totally failed as this was my first ever NRL box so be kind :p If anyone wants any of the cards shoot me a PM. Only really want to keep the Thurston and Parker cards .
  11. Quicksilver

    For Sale Xbox One TITANFALL download code

    Hey all came across a full game download code for the Xbox One version of Titanfall. I don't need it as I already have a physical version so looking for around 40-50 for it. DM works best! Cheers Rhys
  12. Quicksilver

    State Of Origin scoring competition

    Thanks to the kind folks at ESP (and Graham for reminding me we had them) we have one box of 2012 NRL Limited and a 2013 Elite folder to give away How do you win? Tell me the amount of points BOTH teams will have scored after the three game series. I've given you a nice little starting point by...
  13. Quicksilver

    USA vs AUS Supercoach

    Need 8 people! Have a few of the Panini lads in again :) 751004
  14. Quicksilver

    Ponting Testimonial Photos

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing who played. Heaps of photos in my bucket :) Was a great night, Ponting eventually had to retire due to the fielders miraculously developing butter fingers and slow motion running whenever he smashed it...
  15. Quicksilver

    Wanted- Dirk Nowitzki Auto!

    As the title states, hit me up if you have one you would like to shift! Cheers Rhys
  16. Quicksilver

    Bits and pieces

    Just a few bits & pieces from a break I did with a mate and some older stuff that I have sitting around. Hit me up if there is anything you like :) 4/25 15/19 18/100 /5 SP that fall 1 per case
  17. Quicksilver

    Something for all you graphic design nuts out there.

    Ever wanted to get your work seen on the telly by a crapload of people? Jason Bright is running a competition for someone to design his 2014 helmet livery. All the details you will need are here :)
  18. Quicksilver

    WWE Ringside Relics dogtags

    Hey guys and gals Bought these in a bulk lot to obtain an Autographed one I needed hit me up with an offer if you want them. Postage would be fairly cheap as they should all fit in the one bubble mailer.
  19. Quicksilver

    Designs 4 Kids (or if you want to be fussy :p ) Thought it was about time to do an updated thread, lots of clothes in stock with more coming in all the time, we have a pretty good range of other things as well. The best of are listed below! Cuppycup Drink holders are AWESOME...
  20. Quicksilver

    One card at a time sales threads

    Due to a torrent of complaints these have now been banned. They were dubious to begin with but the first one we saw here did not really abuse the system and is only 6 pages long after being created in the middle of June. However we are sick and tired of the amount of complaints about more recent...
  21. Quicksilver

    Ever wanted to ask a comic book pro anything?

    Well here is your chance I've lined up an artist who is going to answer some questions for us so I thought some of you may want to throw some up and i'll send off as many as I can and tell them to pick and choose what they want to answer. He is an exclusive Marvel artist and has worked on Hulk...
  22. Quicksilver

    Are all the Pixar movies linked?

    Don't lie you know you have watched a great number of them unless you have some black twisted soul. Checkout how this guy links them all together O_O MINDSPLOSION
  23. Quicksilver

    So something a little bit different

    It sorta belongs in two areas so will start in the NBA maildays and move to non sport but leave a forwarding link ;) You may remember back in 2010 Marvel and ESPN teamed up to do the season preview with some top talent drawing covers for each team I was lucky enough to pick up one of the...
  24. Quicksilver

    Last Stand Wolverine Hot Toys figurine

    As in the title :)