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  1. Cobretti

    Fleer Retro Video Mailday

    MAILDAY VIDEO AFTER A FEW MONTHS MIA! Getting married takes that out of you lol. A long time coming as promised months ago to some people lol. Got lazy after the wedding for a few months now I am back in full gear. Thanks to everyone on OZCT who helped me piece this together and thanks for...
  2. Cobretti

    So I entered a Flawless Case Break .... and ....

    I bought 8 spots .... ... it was draft style .... ... I landed the number 1 pick .... ... my luck is s*** ..... ... but things just got better in December .... BOOM!!!!!!! THANKS SONNY!! OH EARLIER IN THE WEEK I WON THIS
  3. Cobretti


    ....posts that is.... woo. Just shy of 6 years to do it in. Talk about a slow pace to get there.
  4. Cobretti

    To sell or not to sell

    that is the question...
  5. Cobretti

    Klay Thompson NT 1/1

    Just one to share :) Busted by @cherrycollectables in a snake break. Was lucky to get the first choice
  6. Cobretti

    For Sale Nintendo 64 Games

    Looking to move some N64 games. All carts only. Ideally want to sell as bulk lot. Looking for $350 for the lot. 007 The World Is Not Enough 1080 Snowboarding A Bug's Life All-Star Baseball 2000 Diddy Kong Racing Duke Nukem 64 F1 World Grand Prix F1 World Grand Prix F1 World Grand Prix...
  7. Cobretti

    beasleycollector in Hospital

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would let you know Clint has be hospitalised early last week so if he has any outstanding trades/deals please be patient. I don't know the full details was told by one of his mates who i trade with to relay the messages.
  8. Cobretti

    WTB: Fleer Retro Lebron James Super Rave /50

    The last card i need for the set so if anyone can help please PM.
  9. Cobretti

    COMC may have sent my cards to CANADA lol

    Well not so funny as they FLEER cards!!. Today i got flood of emails saying package all shipped. I was happy as I am close to finishing of the fleer retro set. Open the latest email from the postal service and tracking number... you beauty... then i see CANADA in the address field. FMD I...
  10. Cobretti

    WANTED: Snowboard Kids 2

    @Premium Member Looking for a MINT boxed copy with a manual, AUS version. Paying top dollar $800-$1200 depending on condition.
  11. Cobretti

    WANTED: PSP Games

    I am looking to beef up my PSP collection. Let me know what you got. Must be boxed with instructions.
  12. Cobretti

    Deng long mailday in the making (Phase 1 Complete)

    Phase 1 complete more to come later lol. I will probably do this in two parts as I haven't had a chance to take photos of every card I have received. I picked the nicer looking ones for this thread. Randoms Numbered to 5
  13. Cobretti

    First Video Mailday (perhaps the last)

    Well I figured i give the video world a crack as I managed to fly down to Tassie after 2 years of back injuries. I finally managed to put my whole Fleer 08-09 set together. Because of that illusive Boris Diaw card I had many people on here helping me search and thanks to Bainy who found the...
  14. Cobretti

    GTA V who else is playing?

    Well I picked up my special edition copy of the game, pretty sweet. Got it on PS3 as at the time of GTA IV i didn't own a 360. Check it out about to embark on a long session lol.
  15. Cobretti

    Completed A1CardsandGaming / Cobretti

    Cobretti gets Fleer Retro 12/13 97 PMG card you need 14, 41, 49, 45, 4, 40 and the Lebron showcase auto @A1CardsandGaming gets money $$$$ via bank deposit. Agreed mate?
  16. Cobretti

    Completed Cobretti / A1CardsandGaming

    Cobretti gets: molten metal - paul pearce - allen iverson PMG 97 - Antonio Walker PMG 98 - Witl Chamberlain - Jason Kidd Ex #41 Isiah thomas raise the roof /10 A1CardsandGaming gets $$ via bank deposit agree mate?
  17. Cobretti


    Well there is just too much Fleer Retro I still need so I have decided to do a tough thing and actual sell a Fleer card lol. Up for grabs is my SPARE MJ PMG Red from last years Retro. Numbered 083/150 Looking for $600 ONO
  18. Cobretti

    Completed araiee / Cobretti

    araiee get money via paypal as gift in return Cobretti gets the following: legacy /100---larry Johnson nick van exel base auto redemption big men on court---bill Russell base auto jeff hornacek fleer focus---Robert horry fleer mystique---sean Elliott fresh ink---hakeem Olajuwon super rave...
  19. Cobretti

    Chat Online

    Well I figured I would put this offer out there. Sometimes it is just easier to have a general chat and get to know your fellow collectors. I have lived on IRC since I was 13, so a good old 17 years and counting lol. Mainly use to get involved in gaming, anime, tv chat. If you were involved...
  20. Cobretti

    2012-13 Fleer Retro x 4 cases (ALL IMAGES UP)

  21. Cobretti

    XBOX One and PS4

    I thought I would inform everyone that the next generation consoles are coming from Microsoft and Sony. Now for those seriously considered a new xbox, forget it as there is will be DRM. All this means is: 1. need to be online to verify your console once every 24hours. 2. can't play used...
  22. Cobretti

    Scanning reflective/foil/refractor cards

    Does anyone know how to scan them without all the rainbow lines haha? see attached good scan vs with rainbow effect.
  23. Cobretti

    Completed Cobretti / Flugel for 3

    Cobretti gets 08/09 SPX spectrum luol deng Flugel for 3 gets money via agreed payment method Agree mate?
  24. Cobretti

    My bad, there was a double rainbow on that wet sunny day

    Shame that these are sticker autos :( 04/25 01/10 2/5 1/1
  25. Cobretti

    A wet sunny day has created a RAINBOW Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng!!!

    Well all the puzzle pieces have arrived in the mail. BASE 177/499 016/299 09/25 (JERSEY NUMBERED!!!!) 5/5 1/1 RAINBOW!!!