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    Completed stevic & Team Venture

    stevic gets $$$$ through paypal as gift Team Venture gets 2015 teamcoach motlop magic wild card and stevie j and mitch Duncan prize cards
  4. stevic

    For Sale 2015 teamcoach

    2015 teamcoach cards set with album $20 + postage or pick up prize lot 14 for $140 or $15 each geelong lot 2 prize and motlop magic wild $60 169 gold cards $200... 131 silvers $100 footy flix set $50 footy pop ups 22 different $40
  5. stevic

    2000 topps master set of sigs + others

    have these for sale 2000 Topps all 14 sigs including 3 colours of McGrath $600 1994/95 Futera set of sigs with checklist $500 1996 Futera elite caught Marsh bowled Lillee signed and unsigned $600 1993/94 Allan border tribute redemption $80 1997 select Australian captains set $250 2004/05 ESP set...
  6. stevic

    For Sale Future force green & some others

    All for sale future force green Mac Bower #024 $150 Jarrod Pickett GWS #003 $250 Jackson Nelson West Coast Eagles #037 sold Tom Lamb West Coast Eagles #017 sold Jermaine Miller-Lewis Hawthorn #023 sold Hall of Fame Legend sigs Kevin Murray #102 $500 Darrel Baldock...
  7. stevic

    David Campese legend sig

    David Campese legend signature #084 $75 delivered
  8. stevic

    SOLD/TRADED 2003 select xl lot

    2003 select xl common set with folder plus 2 medal winners , 14 player of the year, 8 team of the year 2 future force sigs and steve Mortimer tribute card $225 the lot
  9. stevic

    SOLD/TRADED Hawthorn premiership sets 2008,2013,2014

    $320 delivered the lot hawthorn premiership sets 2008,2012 and 2013
  10. stevic

    caught marsh bowled lillee help needed

    just wanting to know if the one that is not signed is an error or they had some unsigned cant find any information about and also what both lots are worth cant find any sales history about them
  11. stevic

    For Sale peter daicos legend sig #007

    peter daicos legend signature #007 and redemption # low number # $220 delivered reg post
  12. stevic

    For Sale cazaly classic sigs rare + others

    cazaly classics sigs for sale waterman $800 modra $600 barker $500 roach $400... pratt $400 baker $400 $200 the lot dustin martin platinum draft pick card jack dyer legend card + redemption jack dyer tribute card pick up is fine or will post out registered
  13. stevic

    Completed stevic & Sports Nut

    stevic gets $$$$$ through paypal as gift Sports Nut gets 2014 future force all Australian set
  14. stevic

    For Sale future force 2014

    I have 12 red 2014 future force sigs for sale $30 each cards are Duggan #098 Goddard #183 Griffiths #102... McCartin #064 McLaren #148 Lim #103 Dawam #087 Walsh #062 Bevan #117 Watchman #144 Stretch #138 Capiron #051 all Australian sets $25 delivered
  15. stevic

    price needed

    I just bought a huge amount of afl cards of a guy but had to buy these 2 nba cards aswell of him to get the deal done just wanting to know a price for the 2 of them to see if I got a good deal or not
  16. stevic

    Completed stevic & zeuspocza

    stevic gets $$$$$ zuespocza gets adam ramanauskas 2003 destiny signature card and adam ramanauskas destiny error card unsigned
  17. stevic

    Completed stevic & Dr Grange

    stevic gets $$$$$ through paypal as gift Dr Grange gets 2004 conquest gamebreaker Guernsey signatures pavlich, Tarrant,brown and gamebreaker Guernsey cards + redemptions all numbered #007
  18. stevic

    For Sale 2004 conquest high end cards

    I have these for sale 2004 conquest triple crown sigs Michael Voss and Matthew Lloyd both numbered 011 $700 the pair delivered 2007 hall of fame legend sig Darrel Baldock #074 $600 all cards mint
  19. stevic

    topps cricket lot

    have these cards in the picture 27 inserts including 13 sigs $100 the lot pick up or add $5 for registered post
  20. stevic

    Completed stevic & bigrob2307

    stevic gets $$$$$$ through paypal as gift bigrob2307 gets Michael Gordon #012 nrl elite league sensation sig
  21. stevic

    7 eleven slurpee cricket 3d tazo

    found these in the cupboard havnt seen them for years just wondering the value of them cant seem to find anything about them they came under the slurpee cup back in the early 90's
  22. stevic

    For Sale honours & sets in albums

    plus these all $30 each 2014 honours set with album sold 2002 exclusive set with album 2003 xl ultra set with album 2006 champions set with album 2006 supreme set with album 2014 draft pick signature album 2013 future force set with album and 5 sigs $105
  23. stevic

    Completed stevic and Wizzle

    stevic gets nrl elite league sensation sig cam smith #48 and p & p #19 and #25 Wizzle gets nrl elite league sensation sig Trent Merrin #009
  24. stevic

    Completed stevic & MikeK

    stevic gets $$$$ through paypal as gift MikeK gets Thurston and papalii 2014 elite world cup parallels
  25. stevic

    Completed stevic & troy titans douglas

    stevic gets $$$$$$ troy titans douglas gets greg bird league sensation sig #011