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  1. Cobretti

    Windows 10 Privacy Issues?!

    LMFAO The day you started using google in the 90s is where you lost all your privacy. They already know more about you than you do yourself. This is just Microsoft taking a piece of that pie. They will always release updates that enable spying on you. you will need to constantly keep up to...
  2. Cobretti

    Multiple PC Holy Grails All Pop Up At Once... KOBE/LONGLEY/ANSTEY/INGLES

    oh yer fleer goodness. the rest is good to i guess haha.
  3. Cobretti

    The Postie certainly delivered today!

    Nice pickups Josh. That patch is definitely a stunner.
  4. Cobretti

    Have I been scammed right here on ozcard????

    police will laugh at you and tell you to go to civil small claims court in all honesty.
  5. Cobretti

    Have I been scammed right here on ozcard????

    oh the had an extra "e" in the name posted in OP.
  6. Cobretti

    Have I been scammed right here on ozcard????

    I searched for "simeonetta0204". The user doesn't seem to exist here. Guessing they were either banned or they ran off?
  7. Cobretti

    Have I been scammed right here on ozcard????

    Aus post tracking is also s*** man. Only time they scan is if you go express platinum and in store. They don't always scan it. I have had stuff go from waiting to be scanned to delivered lol. Good luck hopefully its just auspost issue not seller.
  8. Cobretti

    Valuations on cards for insurance

    Did they not even HINT at who is certified to do this lol? I reckon it be next to impossible to price suck items when price is dynamic. 1. Is beckett prices good enough? 2. Past eBay sales? 3. An invoice on what you paid?
  9. Cobretti

    Call of Duty Black Ops III

    I'll be honest I only ordered this game for the fridge lol.
  10. Cobretti

    Fleer Retro Video Mailday

    i'll check if I have any spares of Wilkins. He was my favourite player outside the Bulls in the 90s.
  11. Cobretti

    Fleer Retro Video Mailday

    Thanks everyone. Was a team effort for sure haha. Lots of people on here and in Aus in general helped me out completing this set, so had to share it. As for number of cases it took? I bought 5 cases myself. That got me about 30-40% of the way insert wise. Then the rest purchased as singles...
  12. Cobretti

    Fleer Retro Video Mailday

    MAILDAY VIDEO AFTER A FEW MONTHS MIA! Getting married takes that out of you lol. A long time coming as promised months ago to some people lol. Got lazy after the wedding for a few months now I am back in full gear. Thanks to everyone on OZCT who helped me piece this together and thanks for...
  13. Cobretti


    That looks cool with the statue in the middle what price range were you thinking?
  14. Cobretti

    Important Question!

    its a pain in the arse that is what it is haha.
  15. Cobretti

    Important Question!

    only thing that works is if at the top you click on the top left. This will redirect to for that session you are connected. Then after a while it will go back to sportal. You could go a drastic measure and use a VPN located in the USA lol.
  16. Cobretti

    Hit me up if you got fleer retro.

    Hit me up if you got fleer retro.
  17. Cobretti

    Don't mean to flood the mailday section, but...

    nice i love it when two halves come together.
  18. Cobretti

    Back Catalogue

    its about 200 games now lol
  19. Cobretti

    Not just another "I'm quiting the hobby" thread

    Norm sad to see you give it up, but with chronic health issues of my own over the last four years I understand were you are coming from as at times I wonder when I will get better and be able to enjoy my life as freely as I used to be able to. Sometimes I still debate on whether I will continue...
  20. Cobretti


    dibs on fleer metal. can you please PM me every fleer metal card that you have.
  21. Cobretti

    It's complete.... Finally it's complete!!! (scan heavy)

    great effort mate. they look mint together.
  22. Cobretti

    Completed jkidd05 & cobretti

    all good.
  23. Cobretti

    For Sale NES, N64, NDS Games (Will Keep Updating)

    Nah nothing against price i was just explaining to him why you see prices vary so much.
  24. Cobretti

    For Sale NES, N64, NDS Games (Will Keep Updating)

    A lot of the ones that sell for the $30-$40 are either NTSC, UK PAL or if AUS PAL - missing rumble pack, missing inserts, damaged box. A very good to near mint AUS PAL version sells for about $80-$100 assuming everything is complete. $120 i would reserve for the high end when it is in MINT...