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  1. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Card Fanatic

    Card Fanatic receives bulk Laker cards (Kobe, Nash, Wilt, Magic etc.). Rleggy14 receives agreed on PP. Agree?
  2. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Jase888

    Rleggy14 receives agreed PP Jase888 receives Kobe GU, Kobe tri colour and Reddick lot Agreed?
  3. Rleggy14

    Dante Exum

    Hey all, Been quiet lately but going to try get back into it whilst on holidays and looking to add to my Dante Exum PC. PM with anything you have available. Would prefer to trade ideally. Thanks!
  4. Rleggy14

    In Progress Rleggy14 and R1pp3r

    R1pp3r recieves mixed lot of MLB cards Rleggy14 receives agreed PayPal Agreed?
  5. Rleggy14

    For Sale/For Trade Random AFL

    After searching through my collections I've found the following random AFL cards. All for sale or trade for NBA cards (particularly Dante Exum). Yet to add pricing so your welcome to make an offer. Thanks!
  6. Rleggy14

    SOLD/TRADED 2017 Teamcoach Box + Album

    Selling a 2017 AFL Teamcoach box and album. $100 for the lot negotiable. 36 packs per box - 9 cards per pack. Box retails at $104.99 per box or $2.99 per pack. 26 page official album includes a bonus prize card. May also look to trade for NBA cards (inparticularly Dante Exum) or an NBA box of...
  7. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Smegger78

    Smegger78 to receive 2x Dirk GU, 28x Dirk base lot and 5x Ewing base lot. Rleggy14 to receive PP$. Agreed?
  8. Rleggy14

    Used Top Loaders

    Hey guys, Looking for some cheap top loaders (various thickness) if anyone has any laying around. Used condition is fine. Cheers!
  9. Rleggy14

    For Sale/For Trade Player base/insert/RC lots

    After hours of sorting I've cleaned up thousands of various brands and years base/inserts/RC into individual player lots. Let me know which players (or even teams) you're chasing and I'll PM through some photos. Looking to sell as lots wherever possible. Some lots may include doubles. Looking...
  10. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Ante34

    Rleggy14 to receive agree PP$. Ante34 to receive 6 Giannis cards. Agreed?
  11. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Bronson

    Rleggy14 gets agreed PP$. Bronson gets various NFL lot. To be posted regular tomorrow. Agreed?
  12. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Dan Mason

    Rleggy14 gets PP$ Dan Mason gets Gibson NT GU/auto and Rose base/inserts. Cards to be posted today. Agreed?
  13. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Daymo84

    Rleggy14 to receive PP$. Daymo84 to receive 13 Kobe anthology cards. Cards to be posted today. Agreed?
  14. Rleggy14

    FREE 2015 Team Coach Commons

    Have the following 2015 Team Coach Commons for anyone looking to fill sets or even to get kids interested in the hobby. 56 cards in total. Happy for someone to take what they need, grab their favourite team or just take the lot. Just cover postage. Cheers! Numbers are as followed; 4, 5, 6...
  15. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Dan Mason

    Rleggy14 to get agreed upon PayPal. Dan Mason to get agreed upon Butler, Rose, McDermott, Mitotic, Pippen, Noah, Murphy, Johnson cards plus extra cards. To be delivered registered post. Agreed?
  16. Rleggy14

    Dante Exum

    Hey guys, Looking at adding to my slowly growing Dante Exum collection. Preferring to trade where possible. Looking for everything from base upwards. PM me with what you've got! Thanks!
  17. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Tobes83

    Rleggy14 gets cash on pick up. Tobes83 gets 2x 13/14 Totally Certified sealed boxes. Agreed?
  18. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Daymo84

    Leggy14 gets agreed PP$$, 95 Shaq base and 2 Exum base Daymo84 gets 13/14 Panini Signatures sealed box and 10 Kobe anthropology. Agree?
  19. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Daymo84

    Rleggy gets PP$$ Daymo84 gets 1x 13/14 Totally Certified sealed box Payment to be sent through next Wednesday/Thursday. Agreed mate?
  20. Rleggy14

    SOLD/TRADED Last of my sealed boxes, who wants them?

    Hey guys, If anyone is interested in busting some boxes this weekend I have the following for sale. Will discount for multiple boxes purchased. Prices do not include delivery. Combined postage available. Local pickup also available. 2014/14 Panini Signatures (JUST 1 LEFT!) - $85 2 packs per...
  21. Rleggy14

    SOLD/TRADED Random NFL Lot

    Hey guys, Accidentally gotten my hands on a few various NFL cards (NBA collector). The first and last pictures are all numbered (will provide numbering on request). Hoping to get a few PP$. Open to all offers on singles or the lot. Thanks!
  22. Rleggy14

    Random NFL Lot

    Hey guys, Accidentally gotten my hands on a few various NFL cards (NBA collector). Hoping to get a few PP$. Open to all offers on singles or the lot. Thanks!
  23. Rleggy14

    For Sale Random MLB Lot

    Hey all, Accidentally gotten my hands on a couple of baseball cards (NBA collector). Hoping to add a few $ to the PP account. Mattingly is a prizm. Thanks!
  24. Rleggy14

    SOLD/TRADED 2016 Team Coach box + album PRICE DROP

    Hey guys, I've got 1x sealed box of 2016 AFL Team Coach cards (36 packs per box - 9 cards per pack) and 1x official game card album for sale. $75 + postage. Open to reasonable offers. Local pickup available. Thanks!
  25. Rleggy14

    Completed Rleggy14 and Frank Dukes 78

    Rleggy gets Leonard, Hayward, Vonleh, Grant and Pierce. Frank Dukes 78 gets 3 Rodman and 3 Webber. Agreed?
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