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    2016 Teamcoach Prize Card Wants

    Hello everyone. After 5 prize cards to finish collection. If you have or know anyone that has the following, please contact: Martin (Brisbane), Jones & Brayshaw (Melbourne), Goldstein, Wellingham. I have a couple of prize cards left over if anyone is interested, refer to advert in AFL selling...
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    2015,2016 & 2017 Teamcoach Cards

    Hi there, I have the following cards up for trade or purchase. 2015 Teamcoach: GOLD (50c): 77. FOOTY FLIX (50c): 15. SILVER (50c): 14,32,50,54,61,74,101,116,125,130,146,149,153, 172,174,182,185. POP UP(50c): 4,5,13,15,23,25,35 CAPTAIN (50c): 4,5,6,7,8,13. FOOTY PAL(50c): 2,6,9,10,14,16...
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    2016 Teamcoach Wanted

    Hi I am chasing the following 2016 teamcoach prize cards: Martin (Bris), Cripps, Brayshaw, Jones, Goldstein, Wellngham. I also have a new 2016 Hannebery Prize card available for buy/trade. Thanks Craig/Travis
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    2015 Teamcoach Prize Cards - ENDED PLEASE DELETE

    Hi All, I am chasing 2 prize cards from the 2015 Teamcoach series to complete the set. Ballantyne & Armitage. If anyone out there has any, I would like to buy. I have a heap of silvers and a hand full of golds, pops, captains, flix & prize. Happy to swap and pay with extra $$$$. Thankyou Travis
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    2015 Teamcoach cards for Trade/Sale- ENDED PLEASE DELETE

    Hi there, I am chasing a hand full of cards to complete my collection. I need: GOLD 151 (Gunston) PRIZE Hanley,Ballantyne,Treloar, Armitage,Crameri,Murphy. STAR WILD Jack Gunston. The cards I have to trade are: GOLD 26,34,77,95,103,107,160(x2),164,177. SILVER...
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