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  1. Justcardsmate

    For Sale Today only Michael Jordan signed all star jersey 1987-88

    Far out there some real smart arse's on this site
  2. Justcardsmate

    For Sale Today only Michael Jordan signed all star jersey 1987-88

    Need funds for today only Michael Jordan all star jersey signed with COA $1100ono Will be sent express with signing Perfer bank deposit Or paypal tho you pay paypal fee"s 4%
  3. Justcardsmate

    Spurs Chase

    I got this KG Chronology 4/5
  4. Justcardsmate


    Well mate i made this thread a month ago for my ebay listing's i have been using the same thread or was i meant to start a new one?? 9 bumps over a month sorry mate maybe you need to relax a little! If you dont wanna read the post DONT Cheers Mike
  5. Justcardsmate


    Ohh ok sorry then.
  6. Justcardsmate


    Ending today
  7. Justcardsmate

    Want to buy Jordan inserts from the 90s

    I got a few on ebay atm ending tomorrow
  8. Justcardsmate


    Some ending today
  9. Justcardsmate


    Would like to sell these in one lot if i can...Open to fair offer's 2011 Panini black box The rookies griffin,A.farouq aminu,Willie warren AUTO #/49 2009 PANINI NSCC PROMOS BGS 8.5 AUTO RC 2010 PANINI LIMITED Monikers AUTO #/99 RC 2009 PRESTIGE PRESTIGIOUS PICKS AUTO #/100 RC 09-10 ABSOLUTE...
  10. Justcardsmate


    All cards got bids on them
  11. Justcardsmate

    LF: All 2007-08 Artifacts (list inside)

    I might have a few i'll check when i get home...let know tonight
  12. Justcardsmate

    Completed justcardsmate & retro6

    justcardsmate get $$$ retro6 gets 96-97 FLEER METAL STEEL SLAMMIN 1995-96 Fleer Metal Maximum Metal Michael Jordan Die Cut 1997 TOPPS Hardcourt heroics #H1 1996 SPX HOLOVIEW #8 1996 SPX HOLOVIEW HEROES 1996 SPX GOLD HOLOVIEW #8 1997-98 COLLECTOR'S CHOICE STAR ATTRACTIONS Die Cut agreed...
  13. Justcardsmate

    My Ebay MJ inserts will sell

    My Ebay MJ inserts will sell
  14. Justcardsmate


    jordans inserts
  15. Justcardsmate

    92-93 & 93-94 Upper Deck cards WANTED

    Hey mate i have these if you still need them Holojam H4 Award Winner Hologram AW9 Triple double TD2 I know i would have a few more to all Jordans tho
  16. Justcardsmate

    Looking to get some trades done

    Looking to get some trades done
  17. Justcardsmate

    Jordan gu's...mixed auto' and priced

    Lets get some deals done no fair offer turned down Pm me with any jordan or kobe inserts you maybe looking for i still have over 400 to list
  18. Justcardsmate

    Stephen curry tools of the trade patch auto

    Chers cheers mate I never seen that one :) I'm open to offers