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  1. eggshen

    WANTED: David Beckham 1996 Merlin Premier Gold

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a Beckham Premier Gold 1997, can discuss a price according to condition.
  2. eggshen

    Shaq RC's + Jordan Metal Universe 97

    Hey everyone, Looking for any Shaq Rookie cards and also an MJ Fleer Metal Universe 97. Graded or Raw, Thanks
  3. eggshen

    Old and New Want List

    Have cards to trade or can buy, PM to chat :) WANTLIST: 2020 Footy Stars Jaidyn Stephenson Showstopper 2019 Supremacy Brodie Grundy Franchise Future Sig 2019 Dominance Gordon Coventry 300 Games Case Card 1954 Fyna Foods Victorian Football Caricatures all cards - must have tab 1950 Victorian...
  4. eggshen

    Collingwood Prestige Greens & Reds

    Hiya, Looking for any Collingwood greens or reds, Numbers not important. Hoping to trade and have a decent amount of prestige available and will trade favourably. But will also pay for the right deal. Please PM if you have any cards you may want to move :)
  5. eggshen

    Platinum Brownlow Predictor SALE!

    Platinum Predictor Sale! All cards numbered to just /60 $4 regular post $7 registered Brodie Grundy #56 $200 Stephen Coniglio #58 $60 Collingwood Wildcard #20 & #39 $80 each North Melbourne Wildcard #19 $60 Giants Wildcard #18 $60 Swans Wildcard #11 $60
  6. eggshen

    Mosaic Blaster break

    Hey all. Got my hands on a blaster of Mosaic. I really love the look of these cards!
  7. eggshen

    For Sale Footy Stars Prestige 2 Case break sale

    $4 regular postage $7 registered postage or pick-up Bacchus Marsh #001/Jumper #: Adam Treloar Milestones #007 Jumper $90 Sam Jacobs Milestones #001 $40 Case Cards: Eddie Betts 17 48 $40 Platinum Brownlow Predictor: Brodie Grundy 56 $200 Collingwood Wildcard 20 39 $75 Coniglio 58 $50 North...
  8. eggshen

    Supremacy - Grundy Franchise sig & Collingwood base

    Hey all, Looking to buy Franchise Future sig of Brodie Grundy and the Supremacy Pies base as a set preferably. Send a PM if you can help! Cheers
  9. eggshen

    For Sale/For Trade Egg's Sale/Trade Thread

    Hey everyone, Looking to sell or trade for Collingwood cards. Particularly Brodie Grundy. Postage $4 Footy Stars 2020: Premiership Predictor Essendon Silver 105/140 $40 SOLD Premiership Predictor Fremantle Silver 140/140 $20 SOLD Western Bulldogs Wildcard Brownlow Predictor Gold 65/140 $60...
  10. eggshen

    For Sale/For Trade Bulldogs Brownlow Predictor + More

    Hi i have the following up for sale/trade. If making a trade offer Collingwood cards are preferred. Western Bulldogs Brownlow Predictor 65/140 $80 Galactic Starburst Conor McKenna 14/210 $25 Fireworks Christian Petracca 210/210 $25 Feel free to pm 👍
  11. eggshen

    Box of 2010 Footy Stars

    Bought a box from Cherry Collectables and here are the results: Petracca #'d 210/210 McKenna #'d 14/210 Both available for sale/trade
  12. eggshen

    3x 2020 Footy Stars Starter Packs

    Hey everyone, I am about to bust 3 starter packs of 2020 Footy Stars.. Starter 1: Starburst Explosion - Charlie Constable Pack 1 - Starburst Leopard - Tom Phillips
  13. eggshen

    Completed Eggshen and SpiderFan

    Eggshen gets PayPal $$ SpiderFan gets UFC lot minus Anderson Silva auto.
  14. eggshen

    For Sale/For Trade UFC/MMA Lot for sale. Autos/Relics +more

    Hey everyone, I am looking to move onto collecting something new and have decided to part with my MMA card collection. I would hope to sell as a bulk lot and will be generous when negotiating a price there. But I am willing to sell specific cards for sure.. Just pm me and we can figure...
  15. eggshen

    UFC Dual Auto Relic - Couture/Mir - Round 1 SUPER RARE

    I am offering up a very rare card. One that may very well not show up again on any market for years. This is from the 1st ever Round 1 2009 Topps set. The only reason I'm parting with the card is I've just lost my interest in MMA and think the card should go somewhere its appreciated. I am...
  16. eggshen

    Selling off my UFC card collection (Round 1/2/KO, Leaf)

    Hey guys, I am looking at selling up on my UFC card collection as I wont be busting any more boxes for the foreseeable future and I’d rather they go to someone who will really appreciate them rather than just sitting around in a cupboard…. I can throw in a lot of spare cards for free if you do...
  17. eggshen

    UFC UFC Knockout 2010 Redemption Mail Day!!

    Hey guys, I havent posted in ages, just dont have the $$ to spend on boxes these days unfortunately :( But last week i was surprised by a package in the mail, It was a major hit that i had pulled from a 2010 Knockout box. So without further ado.... Clay Guida Premium Pieces Auto...
  18. eggshen

    Wanted: Pokemon Card Lots

    Hey guys, I am after a whole bunch of pokemon cards so i can teach my stepson the game. I used to be a huge collector as a kid but sold my cards years ago.. I am not after anything super special, Just preferably cards from the base/jungle/fossil era. As i'm not familiar with the newer...
  19. eggshen

    Couture/Mir Dual Auto Relic

    Hey guys, I've fallen on some hard times financially... So I am looking to sell off some cards.. starting with my Round 2 Dual Auto of Couture and Mir. It is numbered 13/25 and has been sitting in a one touch since i pulled it. I am looking for $200. But am willing to negotiate for you...
  20. eggshen

    UFC Experiences redeeming UFC cards?

    Hey guys, I just redeemed a couple of cards from Knockout.. It says the estimated postage date is for June.... What are your guys experience with redemptions? do they take forever? Or is it just pretty random..
  21. eggshen

    UFC Big Nog Mailday!

    The first of my ebay wins arrived today :) Nog Triple Threads 12/27 Nog Ruby Base 6/8
  22. eggshen

    UFC 2 Boxes of UFC Knockout

    Hey guys... Will start busting 2 boxes of Knockout at about 5:15 Vic time.. Just gotta pay a couple ebay auction wins 1st :)
  23. eggshen

    UFC 4 Boxes of Leaf MMA LIVE

    Hey guys, about to kick off breaking 4 boxes of Leaf MMA. Hoping for and Aldo auto of somesort.. :)
  24. eggshen

    UFC LIVE Leaf MMA box breaks!

    Hey guys, 2 boxes of Leaf MMA here ready to bust, 16 packs, 16 autos.. cant wait :)
  25. eggshen

    UFC Leaf MMA Mailday

    heres the hits from the box i had live busted by cherrycollectables last week :)