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    Selling/Posting Cards over $1000+ (Advice Please)

    This is what I will do. $1k, put it into one touch, cut a penny sleeve into half and place one half on top of card before placing one touch cover, stops the card from moving. Assume this is domestic. If same state, meet up to do transaction. Postage - discuss with seller. If interstate and...
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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets following cards: MJ En fuego Shaq credential MJ Never comprisement Topps finest Mystery Jordan and Kobe MJ Ntense 2012-13 select anfernee hardaway silver prizm and base hector gets $$
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    Cancelled boosta and whereiswally78

    Deal cancelled
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    90s stuff. Added 17/6/20

    Stadium never compromise $15 -sold
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    Completed boosta and hector June 20

    boosta gets kobe championship galaxy and court masters. hector gets cards and cash.
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    Postage times blowing out

    I recently posted some cards in mid May ~700g using fedex. As I used my own box -, the Fedex guy then had to place it into their own box (can't remember small or medium box). Declared AUD$500 value as goods...
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    Postage times blowing out

    Last package to USA (Auspost express int) took 1 month. From US to adelaide took 2months - (int priority express).
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    Completed Lippo / boosta

    Agreed, thanks!
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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets the following cards: 1) Rodman championship galaxy 2) kobe 3d skybox 3) MJ Slam cam blue 4) LeBron topps chrome variation 5) MJ 1996 ROY 7) MJ Slam cam (black) 8) leBron 2010 topps chrome 9) MJ first day issues x 3 10) 2012 prizm lebron & kobe 12) scoring magnet MJ hector...
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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets some MJ , pippen inserts hector gets cash.
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    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    I was skeptical at the start but now converted to using SMC after I understand their business model. Excellent communication and service and they are for the collectors.
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    Impact of new GST laws on buying cards overseas?

    Hi all Just to bump thread and did not want to hijack the mymallbox thread. Used to use MMB but not now. Have used shipmycards once but this is for a non-ebay item so no tax collected. Arizona has just been hit with the state tax and shipmycards have a tax free address but it looks like they...
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    What is high end?

    Everyone has their own interpretation, I will stick with price. For me $500 and above is high end regardless if it is or not from a high end product. High end product (Panini) - NT, Flawless
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    nba cards insurance, safe deposit box

    Hi all Been researching and saw a similar thread in BO, my cards are in a safe deposit box and I can't find any insurers company that might insure NBA cards, tried this link and it doesn't work for me. I'm with RAA insurance and this is their response: As per...
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    Has anyone used

    I just received a recent package a few weeks ago. Their shipping rates have gone up a fair bit, ouch for me and the communication is nothing like before.
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    home loan mortgage

    Not selling Y E T..... ;)
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    home loan mortgage
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    home loan mortgage

    Only follow NBA :).
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    home loan mortgage

    Long short - don't know how to do up a poll: Would you sell your PC (say 5k or more) and use it to pay off the mortgage or invest in shares instead? Me - lost interest in cards, lol. Cheers Clem
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    Old Timers Mailday

    All good mate, always enjoy the player commentaries from you.
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    Completed Boosta / OMstar