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  1. infestacide

    New July Additions

    i like turtles
  2. infestacide

    Certifiable Mailday! Nice Rookie Patch Auto!

    ahhh my first look at some of the new stuff as i have been in the wilderness.. very nice
  3. infestacide

    Member Mail and yet another set card...

    Not expecting (or remembering) that i had more mail on the way from members, i made a mailday post yesterday.. wish i had waited, but anyway. This one is available and came in from Jaames. Cheers mate. Another one that is available for the next few days as i need some $$ for a pc card...
  4. infestacide

    Finally another arrives..

    yeah will do mate, if i ever even lay eyes on the Seraphin... I dunno really... i need to find another one to keep my occupied cheers mate, can't wait to finish them off
  5. infestacide

    Finally another arrives..

    Getting towards the end of my set chase now so they are coming in much slower. I have 3 more on their way, but this one came in today Greivis Vasquez I hope the Wall, Bradley and Johnson arrive soon so i can get them with their mates ;)
  6. infestacide

    Member mailday of some young guns

    I have been picking up a few of my favourite young players recently from various OCT members, thanks to Jack and Kiwi for the freebies added aswell! Whilst these are not "set in stone" pc, they are still players i am keen on owning more of. Wilson Chandler James Harden DeMar...
  7. infestacide

    UD Replacement Has Arrived

    nice one Leigh, deserve some good fortune! I remember when i asked for replacements for my 2 Durants... i asked them to NOT send me any celtics... of course i ended up with a ray allen exquiste patch auto #/20 which i did get $200 for... but in retrospect, i wish i had the durants lol
  8. infestacide

    Bledsoe in hand another 2 on their way..leaves 6 to go!

    Had another one arrive in today for the set.. guess i better start thinking of another set to collect.. Anyway, here is the Bledsoe i got in today. the cards i have now in hand and my progress.. 10-11 Limited Jumbo Patch Set pictures by Festypatches - Photobucket I have Bradley and...
  9. infestacide

    20 and 21 in hand

    Two more have arrived over the last couple of days, thats 20 and 21 in hand, with 2 more incoming and a Wall on the bay that is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Turner is not the greatest patch, but still better then the only other one i have seen. Now this one cost me twice as much as...
  10. infestacide

    more set mail

    they are #'d to 25, but this is the first i have seen, so i don't really want to let it go
  11. infestacide

    more set mail

    Looks like fridays mail had a couple more for the set in it. Down to the last 7 now. Booker and Monroe i have noticed Wall just turned up on the bay, so i know im going to be broke for another week. Thanks for looking :v:
  12. infestacide

    Almost 2 more for the set..

    haha dont worry, im not one to hold back
  13. infestacide

    Almost 2 more for the set..

    I read Nick's mailday the other week where his Augustine was bent in two after being white enveloped from china. Well, the end of last week was my turn. Same country, same postal methods, and same result..:mad: A bent, James Anderson Patch atleast this one made me a little happier.. DeMarcus...
  14. infestacide

    2 more jumbos for the set chase

    Had a couple more creep in early this week. Just overpaid majorly for one, but thems the breaks i guess. Patterson (actually looks much much sweeter in hand) and todays one, Damion James thanks for looking :v: P.S - This is what halfway looks like in hand...
  15. infestacide

    Patchy Saturday with a chance of an auto!

    eeek need that udoh for my set :P
  16. infestacide

    Patchy with a chance of nasty

    haha next time mate!
  17. infestacide

    Patchy with a chance of nasty

    Thanks Al, i should get one of the better players next week.. and its pretty nasty to Yeah mate, i really dig this product haha same! Just looking at the 13 i have in hand is awesome... cant wait for the rest sure Matt, there is still some i have never even seen before cheers! Was a good...
  18. infestacide

    Patchy with a chance of nasty

    I must say, i have been loving opening my mail this week.. i have had some nice patches staring back at me, and today was no exception. I had 3 in total arrive today, 1 from Camo and the other 2 from the bay First Up, this one was from Camo in a trade we had, cheers mate Paul George #/25...
  19. infestacide

    Three for Thursday

    Had a slightly mixed bag in today, 1 double, 1 side pc and 1 for the set chase...:) ok, first up is a double... i pretty much just got it because it was cheap... and now i don't really know why seeing as the patch on the one i had already was nasty.. but anyway... Babbitt #/25 (again)...
  20. infestacide

    Two for Tuesday

    lol im coming off like an alcoholic.. good thing i don't drink turkey aye hahaha
  21. infestacide

    Two for Tuesday

    mate the cousins i just won would cost ya a litre bottle lol
  22. infestacide

    Two for Tuesday

    Seraphin is numbeted to 10, and havnt seen One yet either
  23. infestacide

    Two for Tuesday

    yeah, going for the set, 12 to go with 5-6 more in my sights... then one of the bastards is #/10 and of course John Wall who i cant even seem to locate
  24. infestacide

    Two for Tuesday

    The patches have sloooooowly started rolling in. Can't wait to get some of the filthy ones i have coming in... but these 2 aren't too shabby i guess Ed Davis and Craig Brackins thanks for looking.. lets hope for a few more! :v: