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  1. Evolution79

    David Zaharakis Footy’s Finest

    Looking to buy cheers.
  2. Evolution79


    Looking to buy the following: Sam Mitchell Dustin Martin David Zaharakis Cheers.
  3. Evolution79

    2016 & 2017 Certified Footy’s Finest

    Looking to buy. Already have Adam Treloar and Patrick Dangerfield. Cheers.
  4. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Select Certified Taylor Adams Influential

    Anyone got one for sale?
  5. Evolution79

    Completed Malcholm and Evolution79

    Malcholm gets $$$ Evolution79 gets 2017 NRL Traders Premiership Predictor Melbourne Storm 9 card set plus Predictor card. Agreed?
  6. Evolution79

    2017 NRL Traders Premiership Predictor Melbourne Storm Set

    Anyone got on for sale? Haven’t seen any redeemed ones anywhere.
  7. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Certified commons needed

    5, 17, 40, 47, 52, 85, 124, 136, 164, 173, 210. Cheers.
  8. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Certified 460 Collingwood checklist

    i need this card.
  9. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Certified Guernsey Signature Redemptions unredeemed

    Need the following: Taylor Walker Michael Hurley Toby Greene Jack Gunston Nic Naitanui Cheers.
  10. Evolution79

    2017 Select Certified Collingwood Wantlist

    I am looking to buy the following cards: Certified 460 C41 Collingwood Checklist Draft Rookies RC57 Josh Daicos Influential IC4 Taylor Adams Cheers.
  11. Evolution79

    Scott Pendlebury Guernsey Signature Redemption Mailday

    I received this one in the mail today. Pretty happy with the patch, considering I only paid $276 for the redemption card on EBay.
  12. Evolution79

    Callum Brown and Josh Daicos Rookies

    I am looking to buy both. Give me a price.
  13. Evolution79

    For Trade 2017 AFL Select Certified 460 trade/want list

    For trade: Certified 460 C3 Checklist 167 C12 Jake Kelly 073 C18 Harris Andrews 063 C44 Will Hoskin-Elliott 446 C46 Chris Mayne 268 C52 Jesse White 342 C61 Darcy Parish 390 C70 Shane Kersten 081 C78 Mark Blicavs 159 C83 Steven Motlop 061 C95 Tom Lynch 326 C100 Peter Wright 033 C106 Matthew...
  14. Evolution79

    Toploader size for AFL Guernsey Redemption cards

    Just wondering what size top loader I need to buy that hold Guernsey Redemption cards?
  15. Evolution79

    10 packs of 2017 AFL Select Certified

    I bought another 10 packs today. The last 4 packs of a box and 6 from the next box. I’m pretty happy with the haul.
  16. Evolution79

    Jack Watts Guernsey Redemption Mailday

    I got this one back in the mail last week. Interesting patch must be the tag at the bottom of the jumper. If anyone is interested make me an offer.
  17. Evolution79

    Scott Pendlebury Guernsey Redemption Mailday

    I received this in the mail today very happy with the patch.
  18. Evolution79

    10 packs of 2017 AFL Select Certified

    I finally found a newsagent that sells these. These are the hits from 10 packs. Pretty happy to pull a redemption for once but I haven’t bought any packs for a while.
  19. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Certified Collingwood inserts

    I am looking for the following: All Goal to Goal All Rookies Prefer to but in one lot thanks.
  20. Evolution79

    2017 Select Certified Signature Adam Treloar

    I am looking to buy one with a perfect signature with no smudges thanks.
  21. Evolution79

    2013 Future Force Gold Signatures James Aish and Matthew Scharenberg

    I am open to offers for both of these. I will not separate.
  22. Evolution79

    2017 AFL Future Force Collingwood Redemption redeemed

    Anyone got one for sale?
  23. Evolution79

    Alex Fasolo Certified Signature

    I am looking for one to buy.
  24. Evolution79

    2012 AFL Eternity Draft Signature Henry Shade

    On the back of his great performance on Friday night keeping Lance Franklin goaless, I am looking to add this one to my Collingwood collection.
  25. Evolution79

    Completed Evolution79 & Ardog

    Evolution79 gets: $$$ Adam Treloar Purple Caricature Levi Greenwood Purple Caricature Jack Crisp Purple Caricature 3 Collingwood Holofoils Ardog gets: Jack Steven Brownlow Predictor Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti Green Caricature Agreed?