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  1. nznrl

    Game of Thrones & Star Wars autos etc. Pic heavy.

    I have been sitting on these a while because I gave up using Ebay. I've probably got another 100 mid-low level autos for GoT sitting around as well as golds, inserts, promos, relics (low-level) etc. Postage across the ditch seems a bit more attractive than postage across the world right now...
  2. nznrl

    Another Members Giveaway - 2019 Elite

    Like a few others I was lucky enough to win a box of 2019 Elite. My thanks to the site, @graham for looking after me with postage and his workload with these giveaways, and to TLA for the product donation. I haven't watched the box breaks/collation of this series so I was very surprised when...
  3. nznrl

    World Nines - IP Hunting

    Hi all. Whilst I don't collect sets of cards anymore, I still collect all Warriors commons and low-end inserts in IP.Unfortunately Sam Tomkins left back to England without playing a home game after 2015 Elite was released, meaning I missed a few of his cards. I need his parallel silver...
  4. nznrl

    Completed Avonc & Nznrl

    Avonc gets the following New Zealand Warriors cards: 2016 Elite Ruby set (#002/040) R&GP RTS/SJ (#002/100) 2012 dynasty Mannering LLB (#017/050) 2004 Maggi set of 4 1994 PNG cards x3 (These are in average condition) 2006 Signature Tazo set of 2 2007 Signature Tazo set of 3 Nznrl gets...
  5. nznrl

    Older cards (pre-1988). Several signed. Pic heavy

    I'll add some prices tonight when I get home from the kids sports games. (I'm still working through PMs, please be patient)
  6. nznrl

    Completed jama99 & Nznrl

    Jama99 gets Storm IPs: 2002, 2004 Reynoldson, 2007, 2010 Nznrl gets paypal $$ Nznrl agrees
  7. nznrl

    Many signatures and higher end inserts.

    As pictured. Send a PM or offer if you are interested in anything. I am fairly familiar with the numbers most people collect - there are no special numbers here that aren't pictured. Update 28/4 - Bulldogs ruby, Carlaw & Caine 2001 FFs, Panthers case card, Finch & Bowen Retirement, 2012 Ltd...
  8. nznrl

    Belated Christmas present from the wife - Star Wars

    These arrived today. I'll open them tonight. I'm not expecting much, but should be fun. Probably my last hurrah on Star Wars
  9. nznrl

    R.I.P. Saints4me (Ken Nixon)

    Hi all I thought that those of you that have had the pleasure of trading with Ken would appreciate knowing that he passed away on Saturday. Whilst I don't know him beyond a few years of card trading he always struck me as a tremendous bloke. I'm sure many of you would be able to share similar...
  10. nznrl

    Completed Jacques & Nznrl

    Jacques gets a 1992 Currie Cup Set with 49 hand-signed cards. Nznrl gets paypal $$$. Nznrl agrees
  11. nznrl

    Completed DaveK & Nznrl

    Dave K gets 1994 Hometown Heroes and 1994 Dynamic Duos sets. Nznrl gets $$ via PP. Nznrl agrees
  12. nznrl

    5 packs of Doctor Who

    I got home from a long Christmas visit to the family, and there were 5 packs of Doctor Who waiting for me. I pull out the top millimeter when I bust these and saw gold. I doubted myself when I saw it and opened the rest, left it for half an hour and came back. Sure enough it was 1/1, and...
  13. nznrl

    Case of Star Wars High Tek 2017

    This is my first foray into Star Wars and I purposely went in blind to make it more of a discovery. Unfortunately I wasn't bargaining on 8 cards in a 'box,' so was a little disappointed with that! 3 double-ups on the autos Not a great break, but not the worst
  14. nznrl

    Completed DaveK & Nznrl

    Dave gets 1995 Greg Alexander Signature 3 card set #129 delivered by international courier. Nznrl get paypal via family and friends Nznrl agrees
  15. nznrl

    For Sale Warriors Collection - All years, entire collection

    All will be listed on other sites too. All prices $Au, no trades thanks I have all other low/mid inserts. I haven't decided what to with my IPs (I have nearly every Warriors card made in an IP variant), I may sell if there is interest. 2018 Elite Paasi Ruby #10 (Jersey number) $25, Hiku Ruby...
  16. nznrl

    Nznrl's maildays

    Hi all I opened a couple of boxes today to get the common set and those combined with a series of case breaks is me done for the busting side of Season 7. I'll be patient on the secondary market now (GoT prices are up across all seasons atm). The two boxes weren't great, but each auto was one...
  17. nznrl

    GoT Season 7

    I was kind of hoping we would get a year off and they'd release this at the arrival of the new season. I guess you expect nuffies at this stage, but there are a few that take the cake here... and as always there are more to be named. Really pumped to have Gendry, Benjen Stark, Lyanna Mormont...
  18. nznrl

    Completed Deano & Nznrl

    Deano gets paypal $$$ Nznrl gets #001 Warriors Emerald via (well-padded) regular post with tracking Nznrl agrees
  19. nznrl

    Completed Chamarasen & Nznrl

    Nznrl gets IPs of Darren Sammy, Steve Smith, Trent Copeland, Vernon Philander, Hashim Amla, Imran Tahir, Robin Petersen, David Miller, Peter Handscomb, Clint Mckay, Daniel Vettori and James Pattinson delivered via registered post Chamarasen gets paypal $$ Nznrl agrees
  20. nznrl

    Game of Thrones Valyrian Steel

    My first 2 of 4 boxes arrived today and I'm very pleased with the results. Gotta be happy with two ELs, a VL and another Gillen auto. Hopefully there will be more of the same in the next two (perhaps a dual). And hopefully the stock for this series doesn't dry up before I can afford more...
  21. nznrl

    Completed Ollie & Nznrl

    Ollie gets 2001 Future Force and Future Force Redemption sets: No.4 W.Mason and No.9 T.Tahu. Nznrl gets paypal $$ Nznrl agrees, thanks
  22. nznrl

    IPs, inserts and signatures to trade for International IPs. Pic Heavy

    Hi all. I have consolidated a large collection of trading cards (2 full rooms over 30 years) to 4 or 5 very small collections over a couple of sports. One of those small collections is my aim to get an autograph of every player to have played international cricketer for their country (test...
  23. nznrl

    Double posting - please delete

    Hi all. I have consolidated a large collection of trading cards (2 full rooms over 30 years) to 4 or 5 very small collections over a couple of sports. One of those small collections is my aim to get an autograph of every player to have played international cricketer for their country (test...
  24. nznrl

    Completed Manly & NZnrl

    Manly receives Matt Parcell young gun, 2016 Traders piece of puzzle 87 & 2009 Tony Williams top prospects Nznrl receives paypal $$ via F&F Nznrl agrees, thanks
  25. nznrl

    Help for IP collectors

    Hi all For those die hard IP collectors like me the last few to complete sets can be very challenging. What may help is a thread to share who our most elusive are in the hope that others have personal connections or access to them. I'd prefer that to Facebook stalking ex-players as I don't...