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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets following cards: MJ En fuego Shaq credential MJ Never comprisement Topps finest Mystery Jordan and Kobe MJ Ntense 2012-13 select anfernee hardaway silver prizm and base hector gets $$
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    Cancelled boosta and whereiswally78

    Deal cancelled
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    Completed boosta and hector June 20

    boosta gets kobe championship galaxy and court masters. hector gets cards and cash.
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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets the following cards: 1) Rodman championship galaxy 2) kobe 3d skybox 3) MJ Slam cam blue 4) LeBron topps chrome variation 5) MJ 1996 ROY 7) MJ Slam cam (black) 8) leBron 2010 topps chrome 9) MJ first day issues x 3 10) 2012 prizm lebron & kobe 12) scoring magnet MJ hector...
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    Completed boosta and hector

    boosta gets some MJ , pippen inserts hector gets cash.
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    nba cards insurance, safe deposit box

    Hi all Been researching and saw a similar thread in BO, my cards are in a safe deposit box and I can't find any insurers company that might insure NBA cards, tried this link and it doesn't work for me. I'm with RAA insurance and this is their response: As per...
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    home loan mortgage

    Long short - don't know how to do up a poll: Would you sell your PC (say 5k or more) and use it to pay off the mortgage or invest in shares instead? Me - lost interest in cards, lol. Cheers Clem
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    High-end send back to Oz, Comc- GSP - MMB etc

    Will like to know from members, any of your high-end purchases (for me > than usd$1k but for my example is usd$4k a white whale), seller only does eBay global shipping program which I don't trust. I have asked for Dhl express, FedEx and USPS global express guaranteed but seller is admanant on...
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    Completed boosta and Southnet

    boosta gets these cards: Yogi Ferrell Contenders Draft Ticket RED Auto Yogi Ferrell Contenders Draft Ticket BLUE Auto Aaron Gordon Magic 14/15 Rookie Threads Jersey Southnet gets paypal.
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    2 boxes of 1999-00 Fleer mystique

    Nothing special meh, some card damage due to glue not sticking and old age. I do like the base cards. Think I will take another 4 year free from box busting break haha! nice sparkle looking things! who are these guys???
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    MMB mail day

    Joined a few group breaks - Spurs, Mavs and Nuggets and these are the results from my MMB delivery today. Nothing FS yet as I have not gone through all cards properly yet. @skip20 - Ty Lawson metal card, LMK if you need it. Hoping to break these two boxes tonight last box break was 4...
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    PC Mail day in "Chronological" order - chronology canvas

    Just posted on BO and now on OZT: Received the last white whale yesterday, the search is over (daily eBay and forums search)! Inspired by WillC (OZT and BO) and THAT one card (obtained 5 years ago) that spark the revival of the chase (though I refuse to purchase cards that I sold… sadly a BGS...
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    The "try not to buy anything Panini" mailday.

    Quoting myself "For me to try not to buy anything Panini as I am still waiting for my redemptions replacement. Already hassled them!!!" 2016 Collecting Goals I have already breached this, haven't joined a group break in ages so decided to join the 30 box mammoth by @West Oz Cards , was lucky...
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    LTB: 07-08 chronology timeless memories / legends auto

    Priority list below though maybe interested in other players, please provide scans of front and back of pic n price via pm. Happy to check bucket etc. Priority: Kareem Abdul Jabbar Dr J David Robinson Hakeem Olajuwon (Legends) Cheers Clem
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    Set collecting....

    For set collectors, be it auto or parallel - do you end up collecting the whole set? eg - (11-12) past present elusive ink autographs Do you buy all cards or buy the really "key popular" players? Cheers!
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    Pls delete.

    Pls delete.
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    Scans for back or card

    Call me pedantic, but it is a pet hate of mine. Why don't sellers post scans for back of card pics especially when it is a expensive card (> $500, limited copies) on eBay? I have requested for it and no response. Do you still want to buy it or just leave it? Your version of expensive xard...
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    Completed Aronzo33 and boosta

    Aronzo33 gets these 4 cards: Panini 2014 Panini Preferred (14-15) - Unparalleled Card #516 (15 / 50) -Patty Mills Panini 2015 Panini Court Kings (15-16) - Calligraphy Card #48 (118 / 199) -Joe Ingles Panini 2013 Panini Innovation (13-14) -Main Exhibit Signatures Rookies Card #45 (46 / 299)...
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    Panini replacement mailday - Go Aussie!

    Just received this yesterday after I finally contacted Panini directly ~ 3mths ago. Would love for the Serge Ibaka but Mills will do. Received: 10/01/2014 7:59 PM by: Panini 2013 Panini Select (13-14) Franchise Signatures Prizms Purple Redemption: 25NE5HLE12K Card #3 ( / 30) Serge Ibaka...
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    Completed boosta and Coopz05

    boosta gets pp Coopz05 gets 09-10 draft edition Joe Ingles auto blue #17/25 BGS 9, Auto 10
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    Completed boosta & alex_mkd2000

    boosta gets paypal alex_mkd2000 gets Lebron Pack (contains 8 cards, 09-10 Upper Deck Game used - 101/150, 09-10 Contenders Lottery Winners 02/50)
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    Kevin Love Auto 1/1 & Serge Ibaka Auto BGS

    Greetings - Kevin Love Auto 1/1 & Serge Ibaka Auto - check it out! Kobe 2008 MVP inserts (KB26-35-49-58-63-75-82-88-94 + Dynasty (LAL-1) - $5 dlvd (Oz), $7 dlvd (int) Shaq pack - $6 dlvd (Oz), $8 dlvd (int) Cheers Clem
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    Completed boosta & ElkyJnr

    boosta gets paypal and ElkyJnr gets the following cards: TT-DT David Thompson TT-EB Elgin Baylor TT-HO Hakeem Olajuwon TT-HT Hasheem Thabeet TT-IT Isiah Thomas TT-JO Michael Jordan ST-AH Jrue Holiday/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ST-UB Darren Collison/Josh Shipp AM-DP Dustin Pedroia AM-FC...
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    Completed boosta and Mr Paparazzi

    boosta gets 10/11 UNC Hobby box x 1 Mr Paparazzi gets $$