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  1. fastnbulbous

    Completed drobfan8 and fastnbulbous

    drobfan8 gets: 2003 Exquisite Gold /25 Lot of 6 Amare Stoudamire Allan houston Elton Brand Baron Davis Andre Miller Shareef Abdur-Rahim fastnbulbous get paypal Agreed
  2. fastnbulbous

    Completed Clinton and fastnbulbous

    Clinton gets Dennis Rodman Upper Deck SE Electric Gold 93/94 fastnbulbous gets paypal agreed
  3. fastnbulbous

    Completed pawelbet @ fastnbulbous

    pawelbet gets Joe Johnson Marks of Gold /25 auto fastnbulbous gets paypal
  4. fastnbulbous

    Completed przemekj & fastnbulbous

    przemekj gets 1999 and 1998 Michael Finely ex Credentials (/50) fastnbulbous gets paypal
  5. fastnbulbous

    Rare 90s serial numbered cards (PMG, Playmakers theatre)

    Some rare 90s cards Malone, Olajuwon, Robinson PMGs Playmakers Theatre real serial, Shaq, Kobe, Pippen, Penny Listings
  6. fastnbulbous

    Duncan Playmakers Theatre (Serial but not embossed)

    Just noticed on this ebay listing: 1998 1999 Fleer Tradition Playmaker Theatre Tim Duncan BGS 9 5 Serial 57 100 | eBay that the card has a serial number, but is not embossed! Normally these cards are complete pre-production sheets without any embossing or serial number. This one seems to...
  7. fastnbulbous

    Completed M4YH3M1 & fastnbulbous

    M4YH3M1 gets kemp electric gold 1994 fastnbulbous gets paypal agreed
  8. fastnbulbous

    BGS grading options

    I know this has been discussed fairly widely in the past, but i just want to get peoples opinions and touch base on the current of grading services (especially ways about submitting cards from an Australian context) I have a few raw cards which i am considering sending in for grading. These are...
  9. fastnbulbous

    Interesting PSA case
  10. fastnbulbous

    Using stored US funds direct for paypal

    This is probably a bit of a stretch for general basketball, but i thought others may be in similar situations and may have some experience to comment on. Like some others, i usually list and sell items in US currency (even though i am Australian). This has led to getting an amount of currency...
  11. fastnbulbous

    Rare 90s 1998-99 Playmakers Theatre (serial), PMG, credentials

    Some rare serialed 90s cards including playmakers theatre from 1998/99. Each one is the real embossed serial version. Feel free to make your best offer (i don't have a lowest offer and will consider each in USD) Shipping from Australia - free Sipping international will be $15+ 1998-99 Fleer...
  12. fastnbulbous

    Completed Trefk13 & fastnbulbous

    Trefk13 gets 1993/94 fleer ultra all-defensive set fastnbulbous gets paypal gift$
  13. fastnbulbous

    Old Beckett Magazine(s)

    Interested to know if anyone has some old beckets, sometime between 1997/98 and 2010 Wouldn't mind getting a 2 or 3 from somewhere in this time span Hopefully someone has some old ones which they may have been considering throwing out ;)
  14. fastnbulbous

    Rarer 90s inserts and serial numbered cards

    Have a few selling on ebay, let me know if you're interested in any
  15. fastnbulbous

    Awesome Michal Jordan 1/1 Logo Rookie Auto! [From blowout]

    From Carolina as well!
  16. fastnbulbous

    Speculating on a potentially dodgy auction/user

    I've done several deals with people in Philippines and have not had any problems Although this one has all the hallmarks of being dodgy, for which i have been burnt before so i just wanted to raise it. I often put low ball bids on items and had been burnt after thinking won something quite...
  17. fastnbulbous

    Cancelled aussielaker & fastnbulbous

    Aussielaker gets walker ultra stars Fastnbulbous gets PayPal Agreed
  18. fastnbulbous

    Completed dockerboy & fastnbulbous

    dockerboy gets wilt chamberlain retro masterpiece fastnbulbous gets $ paypal agreed
  19. fastnbulbous

    Completed M4YH3M1 & fastnbulbous

    M4YH3M1 gets $ paypal fastnbulbous gets immaculate beal patch auto agreed
  20. fastnbulbous

    Completed fastnbulbous & jbabz84

    jbabz84 gets jordan z-force slam cam 96/97 fastnbulbous get paypal agreed
  21. fastnbulbous

    Received COMC which i don't think is mine (Durant)

    I received this Durant card in my comc box. I am pretty sure i didn't bid or win it, as i am actually having trouble identifying it. What card is this? If anyone knows what the card is and who might've ordered it, as i am wondering if someone else got a potential card which was meant for...
  22. fastnbulbous

    Completed fastnbulbous & Cobretti

    Cobretti gets a number of fleer retro inserts Starring role - James - Court Masters - James - Raise the roof - James - Playmaker Malone, Robinson, Chamberlain - James - Staring Role - Allen Iverson, Larry Bird - Platinum - Reggie Miller, Larry Johnson, John Havlicek, Bill Russell Precious...
  23. fastnbulbous

    Some Masterpieces, rarer 90s singles and Fleer Retro inserts (Incl Jordan, Lebron)

    Please make an offer. i am also looking for some 90s sets and Latrell Sprewell Higher End Numbered/Masterpieces Isiah Thomas Fleer Retro Flair Masterpiece chamerblain masterpiece sold Some higher end 90s sets singles Garnett Ultra Stars Sold Hardaway thrill seekers and molten metal sold...
  24. fastnbulbous

    Most expensive card ever sold?

    Today Francis Bacon's painting "Three Studies of Lucian Freud" became most expensive ever auctioned: $142million - £89.2million I suspect auctioned is the operative word as it seems a number of other paintings...
  25. fastnbulbous

    Worst beckett grading slab

    Just saw this on ebay How pissed would you be if you're card came back like this! With all the attention they are paying to grading the card, you'd...