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  1. jaycmc

    Completed Chris_UDSE93 and jaycmc

    Chris_UDSE93 gets: 03-04 Upper deck SE Die Cut All Star SE1 Michael Jordan 03-04 Upper Deck SE Die Cut Future All Star E15 Lebron James jaycmc gets: Paypal$$$
  2. jaycmc

    Completed Looney tune and jaycmc

    jaycmc gets Paypal Looney tune gets: 3x Boxes 98-99 Skybox Thunder 6x Boxes 98-99 Skybox Metal Universe 1x Box 97-98 Skybox Metal Universe 1x Box 98-99 Fleer Tradition 97-98 Ultra Platinum Medallion Michael Jordan 259P #96/100 97-98 Ultra Platinum Medallion Michael Jordan 23P #100/100 BGS9.0...
  3. jaycmc

    Completed NBASIMMO and jaycmc

    jaycmc gets paypal =D> NBASIMMO gets 06-07 EX Essential Credentials Future 25/75 =D>
  4. jaycmc

    Completed Jordan_Cards_Fan

    Jordan_Cards_Fan gets: MJ Z FORCE 97-98 RAVE 23 097/399 jaycmc gets: $$$
  5. jaycmc

    Completed hegotgame15 and jaycmc

    hegotgame15 gets: 97-98 Row 0 BGS 9.5 Michael Jordan jaycmc gets: $$$
  6. jaycmc

    Completed Rogerbid23 and jaycmc

    Rogerbid23 gets: ULTRA 97-98 PLATINUM MEDALLION 259P PSA 9 No Serial AND 98-99ONE OF A KIND62BGS 9020/150 jaycmc gets: $$$
  7. jaycmc

    Completed blackcrow + jaycmc deal

    blackcrow gets: UPPER DECK 07-08 NBA ALL STAR DIE CUT AS-10 UPPER DECK 03-04 SE ALL STAR DIE CUT SE1 E-X 06-07 JAMBALAYA JMJ BGS 9 E-X 06-07 JAMBALAYA JJO Magic Johnson E-X 06-07 JAMBALAYA JPS Peja Stojakovic E-X 06-07 JAMBALAYA JCD Clyde Drexler jaycmc gets: $$$
  8. jaycmc

    Michael Jordans - High End, graded, numbered and raw

    Hi guys, i'm thinning out my MJ collection and have the following for sale. Prices are in AUD and negotiable slightly. More discounts if you buy more than 1! E-X 06-07 JAMBALAYA JMJ BGS 9 SOLD STADIUM CLUB 98-99 ONE OF A KIND 62 BGS 9 020/150 SOLD ULTRA 93-94 ALL DEFENSIVE 2 BGS 9.5 $200...
  9. jaycmc

    Completed christianokaruso and jaycmc

    christianokaruso gets: '97 - '98 Skybox Golden Touch - Michael Jordan '96 - '97 EX-2000 A Cut Above - Michael Jordan jaycmc gets: $$$ :thumbsup:
  10. jaycmc

    1997-98 Skybox Z-Force Series II 1X Box

    Pulling out 1 of my 90's boxes to break open while I'm bored at home. Odds of pulls are: 25 "Zensations" (1:6 Packs) 12 "Zebut" (1:24 Packs) 12 "Slam Cams" (1:36 Packs) 12 "Dunk Strike" (1:96 Packs) 15 "Big Men On Court" (1:288 Packs) Autographics (1:120 Packs) There are also...
  11. jaycmc

    Completed minnesotachill and jaycmc

    minnesotachill gets '97-'98 Flair Row 0 /250 PSA 9 '96-'97 EX2000 A Cut Above PSA 9 jaycmc gets $$$ :thumbsup:
  12. jaycmc

    Completed Rogerbid23 and jaycmc

    Rogerbid23 gets 98-99 Hoops Bams MJ #158/250 jaycmc gets $$$
  13. jaycmc

    Completed hector and jaycmc

    hector gets 5x 97-98 Skybox Metal Universe Championship box plus 1x 99-00 Fleer Ultra box jaycmc gets $$$
  14. jaycmc

    Completed drobfan8 and jaycmc

    drobfan8 gets 1x box topps chrome :woot: jaycmc gets $$$ :worthy:
  15. jaycmc

    90s Old School Boxes and High End Jordans

    Hi all,:wave: I have the following 90s basketball boxes for sale. All are hobby boxes. A$10 registered post for the first box and add A$2 for each additional box to anywhere in Australia. Email me if outside of Australia. Payment by paypal or direct deposit. '97-'98 Topps Chrome - A$65 per...
  16. jaycmc

    Michael Jordan Inserts

    Hi all, Have the following for sale. Prices include registered postage :D A$110 1996-97 Skybox Slam Cam - NRMT A$120 2007-08 UD All Star Die Cut - MT A1,400 1997-98 EX Jambalaya - back lefthand edge in poor condition. Pack must have been sticky:mad: - front of the card is...
  17. jaycmc

    Completed tss501 and jaycmc make a deal

    tss501 gets Michael Jordan: 1997-98 Ultra Exclamation Points - NRMT 1997-98 Skybox Premium Players - NRMT 1997-98 Fleer Game Breakers - MT jaycmc gets: $$$ :D
  18. jaycmc

    Holiday sale - Michael Jordan Inserts

    Hi all, I'm in need of some extra holiday money and looking to downsize my MJ collection a bit so have the following MJs for sale. All prices include registered shipping to Australia and are for direct deposit only. Add 2.4% for paypal (I'll pay the $0.30 :D) A$110 1996-97 Skybox Slam Cam -...
  19. jaycmc

    4x Boxes of 1997-98 Topps Chrome Hobby Boxes

    Hi all, Title sums it up. I have 4 boxes available for sale. Boxes are sealed. Price: 1-3 boxes A$75 each plus A$15 (for any number of boxes) registered postage and packing to anywhere in Australia All 4 boxes A$280 plus A$15 registered postage and packing to anywhere in Australia...
  20. jaycmc

    February's Maildays

    Hi all, A lot of MJs for the PC this month and a special one arrived today. Hope you enjoy. First off...The Admiral Jambalaya! Thanks tss501! :thumbsup: OK now for the MJs... 1997-98 UD Great Eight Serial# 463/800 Thanks good_old_bball! :thumbsup: 2002-03 Fleer Authentix...
  21. jaycmc

    Completed jaycmc and tss501

    jaycmc gets 06/07 EX Jambalaya David Robinson and $$$ tss501 gets 96/97 Z-Force Slam Cam Michael Jordan :thumbsup:
  22. jaycmc

    Maildays for the past month! Mjs + others

    Hi all again, Have a mixed bag this month as I decided to go for some side PCs and some other 90s cards as well. First off abit of Jambalaya goodness - going for my second set Now this card looked good so I couldn't pass it up Stadium Club Co-signers: Joe Smith / Kobe Bryant. I have...
  23. jaycmc

    Completed jaycmc and scorpio84

    jaycmc gets $$$ scorpio84 gets 1997-98 Skybox Autographics Ron Harper and shipping to Poland :thumbsup:
  24. jaycmc

    1999-2000 Ultra Hobby Box

    Hi all, I have for sale a sealed box of: 1999-00 Ultra Hobby Basketball. Notable possible inserts are: Fresh Ink Autos Serial #'d (Pippen, The Admiral, Shaq) Millenium Men - Serial # to 100 (Kobe's BV $120) Platinum Medallion (serial #d to 50, RCs #d to 25) and Masterpieces (1 of 1s)...
  25. jaycmc

    Pick Ups for Dec and Jan

    Hi all again, Below are the recent pick-ups for the last 2 months. Again it is predominantly of my PC player M. Jordan!! :thumbsup: Enjoy... and contact me if you are looking to offload some highend MJs :D;):whistle: :offtopic: Anyway... Away we go... First off I broke a box of 1996-97...