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  1. infestacide

    Completed infesticide / good_old_bball

    all good cheers
  2. infestacide

    Completed Jaames and fest once more

    Jaames gets: Haywood patch Fest gets: $$ Agreed?
  3. infestacide

    Completed GarnettFan4Life and Infestacide One more time

    Matt gets: Booker and George Patches #/25 Fest gets: $$$ agreed?
  4. infestacide

    Completed Heafy83 and Infestacide

    Heafy83 gets: Ed Davis Patch #/25 Fest gets: Paypal Agreed?
  5. infestacide

    Completed 07kevaloski & Infestacide

    Re: Everyone involved in this trade must read & understand the following ... all good...........
  6. infestacide

    Completed xxxstar69 and Infestacide

    xxxstar69 gets: prestige harden auto #/100 Infestacide gets: Paypal Agreed?
  7. infestacide

    Completed kecipir and Infestacide

    kecipir gets: Derozan Lot Infestacide gets: $$ Agreed?
  8. infestacide

    Completed lilreddevil and fest

    lilreddevil gets: maynor and Chandler lot fest gets: $$ agreed?
  9. infestacide

    Completed TRANCEMASTER and Infestacide

    TRANCEMASTER gets: harden classics auto gordon sophomore auto Infestacide gets: Paypal Agreed?
  10. infestacide

    Completed dw8 and the festy one

    DW8 gets: money Fest gets: harden and ibaka auto agreed?
  11. infestacide

    Completed infesticide gobbles up some cheap curry served up by collectorGALLORE

    Re: Everyone involved in this trade must read & understand the following ... all good and paid up
  12. infestacide

    Completed kingjack // infestacide

    dealio mate
  13. infestacide

    Completed GarnettFan4Life and Infestacide Murph it up

    GarnettFan4Life gets: Murphy oncard auto #/49 Fest gets: $$ towards his set chase Agreed? :v:
  14. infestacide

    Completed Ultimate and Fest

    Ultimate TC gets: Fisher patch #/49 Fest gets: $$ Agreed?
  15. infestacide

    Completed infestacide and araiee

    classics auto, but yes
  16. infestacide

    Completed ACE E & Infestacide Round 2

    Re: Everyone involved in this trade must read & understand the following ... all good to me
  17. infestacide

    Completed kenny3011 and Fest

    kenny3011: $15 limited lot fest gets: ....$15? agree mate? :thumbsup:
  18. infestacide

    Completed DW8 & infestacide

    no worries mate, will be more goodies in there for you to
  19. infestacide

    Completed lemu23 and Infestacide once more

    payment recieved, feedback left and cards being sent monday
  20. infestacide

    Completed Jordan_Cards_Fan and Infestacide

    Jordan_Cards_Fan gets: Kobe and Rose GU Fest gets: $$ Agreed?
  21. infestacide

    Completed Mollinski KO's Festy (Infesticide)

    all good in the hood.