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  1. Tigersalmon

    2020 nrl elite head 2 head parralell case cards

    Or trade #1 teddy dally m winner
  2. Tigersalmon

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 Elite

    Is the billy mss2 qld still available?
  3. Tigersalmon

    2012 LLB #006/50 Sutton jersey #rabbits ,2020 elite jersey numbers, 2009 csr Robbie Farah #13, 2016 Moses #04 and Farah sigs, ruby mojo set

    2016 run gun team set -$85 SOLD farah LS #114-$125 SOLD moses YG #04-$200 ruby mojo set #08, woods jersey number-$225 gold parallel set of 12-$20 farah CSR-#13/50-$1000 WILL TRADE FOR BENJI LST+ benji emerald, will just for LST if #2 Look at this on eBay 2011 strike premiership set #34, manly...
  4. Tigersalmon

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 Elite

    Interested in the douie #2 RM if willing to sell , have trade but no knights, but would be willing to do a sapphire mojo card for ruby, or emerald mojo for both tiger’s ruby cards also interest in the slater sig, i have the stor ☔️ version #100 to trade would be wiling to put a cherry on top too
  5. Tigersalmon

    900$ Benji Marshall LEAGUE SENSATION TEAM 2020 NRL ELITE 20/20

    Oh yeah lol, I just read that others had asked, I always get over excited and don’t read try to type in as fast so not to miss out but idk he had on eBay till it was ova
  6. Tigersalmon

    900$ Benji Marshall LEAGUE SENSATION TEAM 2020 NRL ELITE 20/20

    Is this card for sale on here or on eBay? What are u after for it?
  7. Tigersalmon

    For Sale/For Trade 2018 , 2019 , 2020 TRADERS / ELITE HIGH END INSERTS

    Tigers sharks head to head sold, the parallel one sorry #17/17
  8. Tigersalmon

    For Sale Eels card’s for sale

    Keen on Hayne if still available
  9. Tigersalmon

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete. Merged with primary trade thread

    Hey keen on tigers sapphire logo, and the emerald card if still available
  10. Tigersalmon

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 nrl elite/priority mail day

    Hey mate, super keen on the benji team colour! have teddy dally m priority + more if interested totally forgot teddy was roosters being in his tuxedo! 😂
  11. Tigersalmon

    For Trade 2020 elite,LST- Munster, DWZ, LSB-Tommy , Dwz MSS trade for BENJI card’s , #1 priority YG sharks Ronaldo #1, teddy dally m winner #1 jersey number

    AFTER BENJI MARSHALL CARDS LST-MUnster -#16/20 TRADE ONLY LST-DWZ #2-jersey #2- TRADE ONLY Billy MSS1-#59-$180 LSB-Tommy-#23/40-$200 LSB-dwz-#21/40-$180 Young guns Black bulldogs -#101-$45 titans -#95-$38 Tigers -#44-$45 SOLD TEDESCO DALLY M WINNER PRIORITY #1/67 jersey number-$280 would prefer...