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  1. infestacide

    Durant RC's

    I recently purchased a couple of 'lots' of Durant rookies, and have a couple that have doubled/tripled up. I am willing to let these two go via paypal $25 dlvd for the pair 07-08 Topps Sterling Chrome RC 07-08 Topps Trademark Moves RC #/1999 i can get some pics together, but they look just...
  2. infestacide

    Thunder Patches/Autos - Read Inside

    Ok, so i have just come back and i am looking to get a collection started from scratch. Just before i left the game a little while back, i sold EVERYTHING to fund my move and tattoos. Now i have settled and inked up, i am ready to get back into it. Please take the time to read my post as i don't...
  3. infestacide

    Not new.. but returning

    Ok, so after a 2 year absence from actively collecting.. i think i am ready to come back and start from scratch. I don't think i will be as full on as i was a few years back, but i definately could use a hobby again. I haven't kept up with any of the collecting scene since i was last back here...
  4. infestacide

    Tour Posters

    I wouldn't mind some metal tour posters that i might have missed.. too many to go through, but if you have any AUSTRALIAN TOUR metal posters in decent condition, then let me know. They would look good in my metal den \m/
  5. infestacide

    Boxing Who have you got.

    Ok, so i should involve myself a little seeing as i don't collect anymore, so here goes... I am going to have this thread for all you boxing fans to share your upcoming predictions. Just follow how i have posted as a guide =D> Also, feel free to add any fights you would like to talk about :v...
  6. infestacide

    UFC: Machida and Danzig Autos FS

    I have these 2 for sale $10 paypal takes them both delivered. pm me :v:
  7. infestacide

    Derozan Auto

    last drabs of what i bought prior to leaving have come in. This Derozan $15 dlvd cheers
  8. infestacide

    Wesley Johnson Jersey #'d jumbo patch

    This one came in, and must go! #04/25 (jersey #'d!) sweet patch aswell $20 paypal delivered :v:
  9. infestacide

    Sweet patches ending tonight

    Ozcarders (in australia) can have unlimited postage for $3 on these auctions valuepackerz items - Get great deals on Sports Mem, Cards Fan Shop items on! :v:
  10. infestacide

    Completed Jaames and fest once more

    Jaames gets: Haywood patch Fest gets: $$ Agreed?
  11. infestacide

    Completed GarnettFan4Life and Infestacide One more time

    Matt gets: Booker and George Patches #/25 Fest gets: $$$ agreed?
  12. infestacide

    Completed Heafy83 and Infestacide

    Heafy83 gets: Ed Davis Patch #/25 Fest gets: Paypal Agreed?
  13. infestacide

    $25 for these supplies DLVD

    Will be looking to move the following lot of supplies for $25 dlvd, will be sent in pre-paid satchel. $15 if you are close enough to pick up Approx. 20-30 regular team bags (unused) Approx. 30-40 Graded team bags (Unused) Approx. 20-30 Used Penny Sleeves 1x 100 pack of Unused Penny Sleeves 15 x...
  14. infestacide

    The Im OUT sale - patch sets etc all up for grabs.

    Im done, having been married for a few months i have many other expenses to deal with and it will leave no room for cards. Need to make a quick $1000 so i can move and start a new job. That being said, im not going to let these go to cheap as i paid good money for most of them (specially the...
  15. infestacide

    Completed xxxstar69 and Infestacide

    xxxstar69 gets: prestige harden auto #/100 Infestacide gets: Paypal Agreed?
  16. infestacide

    Completed kecipir and Infestacide

    kecipir gets: Derozan Lot Infestacide gets: $$ Agreed?
  17. infestacide

    Member Mail and yet another set card...

    Not expecting (or remembering) that i had more mail on the way from members, i made a mailday post yesterday.. wish i had waited, but anyway. This one is available and came in from Jaames. Cheers mate. Another one that is available for the next few days as i need some $$ for a pc card...
  18. infestacide

    Finally another arrives..

    Getting towards the end of my set chase now so they are coming in much slower. I have 3 more on their way, but this one came in today Greivis Vasquez I hope the Wall, Bradley and Johnson arrive soon so i can get them with their mates ;)
  19. infestacide

    Completed lilreddevil and fest

    lilreddevil gets: maynor and Chandler lot fest gets: $$ agreed?
  20. infestacide

    Jersey and Patch

    Jersey Patch Glad we could clear that up :thumbsup: =D>
  21. infestacide

    Completed TRANCEMASTER and Infestacide

    TRANCEMASTER gets: harden classics auto gordon sophomore auto Infestacide gets: Paypal Agreed?
  22. infestacide

    **Updated Again** 72 Hour Sale - Derozan. Harden and co.

    It really sucks because i only just got some of these, but there is a card i am really seeking being made available and i need to come up with a few more dollars. So.... I will have these available for the next 3 days, if there is no takers then they will go straight back into the PC. Prefer...
  23. infestacide

    Member mailday of some young guns

    I have been picking up a few of my favourite young players recently from various OCT members, thanks to Jack and Kiwi for the freebies added aswell! Whilst these are not "set in stone" pc, they are still players i am keen on owning more of. Wilson Chandler James Harden DeMar...
  24. infestacide

    Completed dw8 and the festy one

    DW8 gets: money Fest gets: harden and ibaka auto agreed?
  25. infestacide

    Always seeking autos/auto patches of....

    Prefer rookie year and oncard autos, not looking for ultra high end. Will consider all if the price is right, and definately check in with me if you are looking to move fast. Kevin Love Eric Gordon Russell Westbrook Stephen Curry Brook Lopez Serge Ibaka Demar Derozan James Harden...