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  1. Wattsup

    2015-16 TapNPlay A-League Gold Parallel #114 Scott Galloway

    Hi Guys, Just need this one parallel from 2015/16, never seems to pop up anywhere! Anyone got this to sell? Cheers
  2. Wattsup

    Socceroos and A-League Wants 2019

    Hi Guys, Annual update here, hasnt changed much! Chasing the following across a broad spectrum of releases. Socceroos: 2018-19 Panini Donruss Optic Red Velocity #96 Tom Rogic /50 Optic Black Velocity #95 Robbie Kruse /25 Optic Black Velocity #97 Mark Milligan /25 2017-18 Panini Select Soccer...
  3. Wattsup

    2018 Socceroos World Cup Updates

    FInally got around to scanning most of the items I've picked up for the Socceroos recent World Cup Campaign. There were an inordinate amount of non-licensed items eminating from Peru this tournament, and as Peru were in the Aussies group we featured in a number of 'oddball' releases. I've...
  4. Wattsup

    Caltex Socceroos

    UPDATED 19.7 Just chasing the last two Strike Force cards for this set, like most it seems! CSF-02 Nikita Rukavytsya CSF-03 Robbie Kruse have the following to trade from the same set: Cahill Legend SL-01 x 2 Strike Force CSF-05 Tomi Juric Field Generals CFG-01 Wright, CFG-04 Luongo, CFG-05...
  5. Wattsup

    Socceroos Mailday Updates

    Finally had the chance to scan a fair amount of the socceroos oddballs I've picked up from this years World Cup as well as previous years Also, this week finally had delivered a Super rare set from 1974, the Monaco Gente set: This is a super super rare set, I've never seen any Australian...
  6. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup & McDizzler

    Wattsup gets: Tap N Play A-League Midfield Generals MG-02 Elise Kellond-Knight Team Captains TC-02 Emily Van Egmond Golds 110 Silvers 120 Vukovic McDizzler gets $ via paypal
  7. Wattsup

    Jedinak Mailday

    Hi all, Managed to track down a Jedinak auto from the latest Futera release finally, haven't seen too many of these floating around in the market, #'d 9/50 Also scanned and loaded up 90% of my Jedinaks now to TCC, here...
  8. Wattsup

    Tim Cahill 2013 Topps MLS Extra Time Autographs

    Picked up the redemption for this after it came out, activated the redemption, and then, like all other redemptions I do, completely forgot about it.... I had pressed go on shipping my COMC mailbox with 200 odd cards in it a couple of weeks ago, and 5 days later come home to a Fedex slip saying...
  9. Wattsup

    NBL Card Set-Any Help?

    Hi Guys, I picked up this partial set of SE Magic cards a couple of weeks ago, have never seen them before and have no idea where they originated from, can anyone help me identify how and who released these? Here are the scans of 8 of the 9 I got, from the 11 card set, they appear to be cut...
  10. Wattsup

    2014-15 FFA Trading Cards

    Hi Guys, I'm after just a few more Socceroos cards, only after these and Victory commons. Only been buying off ebay so far, so havent really got anything to trade at this stage sorry I'm after: James Troisi Massimo Luongo Ryan Mcgowan Tim Cahill and the following Victory cards: Kosta Barbarouses...
  11. Wattsup

    Another Iceman COMC Mailday (plus a few Aussies)

    Hi All, Got in the habit of accumulating lots of cards in my mailbox (we're talking 200+) and doing a ship every 6 months or so lately..always fun! Here's the latest, with some highlights.. A few Aussies, starting with the newer guys: Onto some Longleys: A few random Boguts of the many: A...
  12. Wattsup

    ud retro 11-12 pmg proofs?

    Hi guys, anyone know anything about these? Real/fake/buyer beware? Seller has quite a few. Thanks
  13. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup & Silvertapoutstar

    Its icy in here.... Wattsup gets Iceman Intrigue Immortalized Silvertapoutstar gets paypal... Payment sent from this end..all good?
  14. Wattsup

    Socceroos Prizm Mailday

    Hi All, Well its taken a long time to finally get here, Ive been storing all my Prizm Socceroos in my COMC mailbox, finally got them shipped out so here they are! Start with the boring: Base Prizms: Blue-Red Blue Wave: Red White and Blue: Yellow and Red Pulsar: Blue /199: Red /149: Purple...
  15. Wattsup

    George Gervin, Bogut & More COMC Mailday

    So its been a while between maildays for me, using the COMC mailbox means I can spread these out over quite a few months. As usual the focus is my Iceman PC, this haul takes it to well over 200 autos in hand now. Also plenty of /25 or less parallels that I'm wrapt to have finally tracked down...
  16. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup and Iconclast

    Wattsup gets: David Andersen NT Printing Plate Iconclast gets: $USD via paypal. Agreed?
  17. Wattsup

    A 49ers fans Mailday...of a Seahawk??

    Yep, of all the clubs "Tha Monstar" Jesse Williams had to goto on draft day, it was one of our arch enemies! Nonetheless, I still wanted to collect him. These are all from my recent COMC mailday (I did a basketball one in that forum), the accumulation of a couple of months worth of purchases...
  18. Wattsup

    COMC Mailday

    Been building up my purchases on COMC for a few months, meaning this has been my biggest mailday ever in terms of value of the cards received at one time (193 cards in total, all gold!) Here are some of the highlights: Some more Gervins for the PC The Topps Stars are Atomic Refractors, the...
  19. Wattsup

    A few low end Panini Marquee Inserts (LeBron, Wade, Curry) to trade

    Wanting to trade some of these for equivalent Spurs cards, or other Spurs similar level inserts I dont have from this year. Thanks
  20. Wattsup

    Select Series 2 Name Confirmed!

    Anyone else just now get the blog post appear in their RSS feed? Select Series 2 is called will be called "Prime"! Now cant wait to hear what other details slowly emerge. Also interestingly they've...
  21. Wattsup

    Cancelled Wattsup & araiee deal

    Wattsup gets: 11/12 Gold standard redemption auto: cory joseph superscribe auto: dejuan blair All good?
  22. Wattsup

    Completed silvertapoutstar & Wattsup

    silvertapoutstar gets $ via paypal Wattsup Gets Sweet Shot Tony Parker /199 Topps Co-signers Manu Ginobli /50 Agreed?
  23. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup and Bigdee

    Bigdee gets: $$ Via paypal Wattsup Gets: Gold Standard Dejuan Blair/Dennis Rodman Dual Auto /25 All good?
  24. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup and Bigdee

    Wattsup gets: Colin Kaepernick Inception Auto Bigdee gets: $$ via paypal All good?
  25. Wattsup

    Completed Bigdee & Wattsup Deal

    Bigdee gets $ via paypal Wattsup gets Tony Parker GU/Auto /25 All good?