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  1. Muhaimin

    Doncic Prizm Rc

    $500+ Post Card is mint but has a small scratch on the back therefore selling below comps!
  2. Muhaimin

    For Sale/For Trade Giannis Antetokunpo Starter Kit

    Giannis Antetokounpo Starter Kit 🤩 $550 Express Posted All cards mint! Includes- Pinnacle Rc Fleer Rc SP Rc Donruss Choice 2021
  3. Muhaimin

    For Sale Lebron James Topps Bazooka GOLD Rc

    Very undervalued Lebron Rc, gold variant! Average sales are around 1K USD so asking $1400 Express Posted in Australia
  4. Muhaimin

    Preorder Intel- NBA Donruss

    Preorders for NBA Donruss Blasters drop at 12pm vic tomorrow at eb! Set your alarms!!
  5. Muhaimin

    NBA Topshot

    This thing is booming right now, basically buying NFTs as 'moments/highlights' of NBA Players. You can buy packs but they sell out instantly! There is also a marketplace where you can buy/sell. Could this be the next big thing...
  6. Muhaimin

    Luka Doncic Mailday!

    Recent pickups of the don 😍. Finally got the silver 🤩
  7. Muhaimin

    Hoops Blaster, Fat Packs and Boosters

    Preorder at ebgames at 12 Prices as follows Blaster (1 auto per)- $55 Fat Pack- $18 Booster Pack- $7 Will sell out ASAP so get on it at 12 today @wasportsfan1 @GarnettFan4Life @Iron Clad Lou
  8. Muhaimin

    For Sale Zion Williamson Keys To The Kingdom SP Flash Case Hit

    $1000 Express Posted in Australia, card is pack fresh and a case hit, one sold 1050 AUD so this is a fair pricing
  9. Muhaimin

    High End Sextons

    Hi Looking for high end collin sexton rcs
  10. Muhaimin

    Giannis Prizm Silver Rc

    So I found this, normally sells for $18k AUD, currently 1 bid for 5k, someone with deep pockets better pick this up, NOTE: Not mine
  11. Muhaimin

    NBA Hoops Cello

    They are in stock at EB right now!
  12. Muhaimin

    Luka Doncic Prizm Fastbreak Rc

    Slight Back surface issues, last sold was 2400 Price- $1900 AUD
  13. Muhaimin


    LF any high end Kobe’s PayPal ready, preferably good condition Cheers
  14. Muhaimin

    Anthony Edwards and Lamelo Ball

    Preferably high end but willing to look at everything Cheers
  15. Muhaimin

    For Sale/For Trade Anthony Edwards Rc Auto /5

    $1550 or looking at trades!
  16. Muhaimin

    Completed Muhaimin & Grplum

    Muhaimin gets Paypal @Grplum Gets Roby Silver Prizm Agreed?.
  17. Muhaimin

    For Sale Doncic Sale

    Selling to get funds for a larger card! Prizm Rc Green- $1500 Select Tri-Colour- $1000 Fastbreak Prizm- $2,000 Raw Prizm Rc-$700
  18. Muhaimin

    For Sale Massive 118 Celtics Rookie Lot!

    $100 Exactly 118 Rookie Cards all in gem mint condition! Will be sent in a. Team bag! Players as follows: Romeo Langford: 26 Carsen Edwards: 40 Grant Williams: 33 Tremont Waters: 19
  19. Muhaimin

    Collin Sexton

    PayPal ready looking for Sexton Rcs!
  20. Muhaimin

    Completed Masia Mocha and Muhaimin

    Muhaimin gets $45 PayPal @masia mocha Gets 6 card lot Agreed?
  21. Muhaimin


  22. Muhaimin

    For Sale Luka Doncic Donruss #/99

    2019-2020 Luka Doncic Donruss Green /99 $200