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  1. old-timers

    In Progress old-timers & saints man

    old-timers gets Green Butters, Blue Lambert + Toranto + Orange Ward + Rockiff and saints man gets Hanners Blue + Ross Green normal mail or registered your choice do you agree??
  2. old-timers

    In Progress old-timers & Iron Clad Lou

    old-timers gets paypal $$$$ and CA29 + SP23 & SP72 and Iron Clad Lou gets Green Prestia & Red Edwards normal mail do you agree??
  3. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

  4. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Bet that bought a smile to your dial=D>
  5. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    just found that I had another 001 in a Blue Mills, Green 006 Suns Collins & 010 Giants Whitfield.. only got 2 inserts in Collingwood (my team) Gamebreaker (same picture as Footy Stars) and Orange Noble, every thing else will have to go at the gate..
  6. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Hi.. Happy little vegemite.I received my boxes today and cracked 3 not game to crack the other as I reckon my luck will run out, main cards ORANGE HEADER 003, CROWS Sholl, LIONS Lyons, BLUES Casboult, MAGPIES Noble, BOOMBERS Stringer, GIANTS Perryman,Haynes, DEMONS Viney, PORT Gray, BULLDOGS...
  7. old-timers

    Can't find feedback manager

    found it
  8. old-timers

    Can't find feedback manager

    Hi..Found it
  9. old-timers

    Completed old-timers & josh238

    old-timers gets 2021 footy stars oddbodz glitter: 18, 29 oddbodz glow: 34 and josh238 gets Common 33 and 204 oddbodz glitter: 13 oddbodz glow: 14, 8 to be sent by normal mail, do you agree ??
  10. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    fluked a couple of boxes, must be the new computer:hearts:
  11. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Doubt it having 2 different times allows for 2 lots of bots buying might not be worth the risk if caught you could lose your first lot,
  12. old-timers

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Maybe it was a test like Willy Wonka did for all the kids,the ones that were lucky enough to get a golden ticket. could be you hit the nail right on the head,
  13. old-timers

    Select Supremacy Thread (now with Afterpay)

    Because it's not Grant Copley's fault. If you live off of canned tuna because you buy cards, is that your fault or the card company's fault? Now I feel guilty eating canned tuna of which I happened to like, but hell no I am still going to purchase my cards.
  14. old-timers

    Completed old-timers,KKieren

    Old timers gets OddBodz Glo's 1, 4, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30, 32, 33, 36 and Glitters 6, 7, 14, 26, 27, 36, KKieren gets STAR POWER SP-04 Lachlan Sholl, SP-06 Lachie Neale, SP-10 Daniel Rich, SP-16 Brodie Grundy, SP-22 Dylan Shiel, SP-27 Michael Walters, SP-31 Patrick...
  15. old-timers

    Select Collector Club Membership

    $99 membership plus way to sell extra stock - A Select Club Logo album of your team (RRP $29.95) - A “Select Star” cap (RRP $34.95) (Album and Cap to be sent out in mid May 2021) - Exclusive access to SCC Members Only products and releases. - Access to other SCC Member Only merchandise. -...
  16. old-timers

    2021 TeamCoach & Footy Stars Updated 04/05

    Updated 20th April
  17. old-timers

    Completed ebbs88 & old-timers

  18. old-timers

    eBay and Paypal

    Those that have migrated to managed payments no longer have to accept Paypal i believe. seening that these payments go thru ebay would I be correct in thinking ebay is harvesting credit card details, I know they say they don't retain details but somehow I find that hard to believe.