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  1. Wattsup

    My first rainbow 2018 Panini Prizm World cup

    Super work! The rainbow for this years Prizm of Ryan is even bigger, and the prices right now are crazy!
  2. Wattsup

    2015-16 TapNPlay A-League Gold Parallel #114 Scott Galloway

    Hi Guys, Just need this one parallel from 2015/16, never seems to pop up anywhere! Anyone got this to sell? Cheers
  3. Wattsup

    2013-14 panini titanium

    Only difference is the thickness of the card stock, just compared the two Boguts I have the retail and hobby. Other than that they're identical
  4. Wattsup

    A League 2015-16

    Serg's website has a visual checklist:
  5. Wattsup

    Completed Wattsup and weflyasone

  6. Wattsup

    Socceroos and A-League Wants 2019

    2020 Update! Anyone got anything from my list in first post?
  7. Wattsup

    Socceroos and A-League Wants 2019

    updated wants list for Donruss, will add Immaculate in coming weeks
  8. Wattsup

    2018 Socceroos World Cup Updates

    Check out this lot from Peru from the Gooolazo set, it seems the artist has recycled some familiar faces from World Cups past and just slapped new names on the illustrations! At least they got Tim Cahill right...
  9. Wattsup

    Socceroos and A-League Wants 2019

    Hi Guys, Annual update here, hasnt changed much! Chasing the following across a broad spectrum of releases. Socceroos: 2018-19 Panini Donruss Optic Red Velocity #96 Tom Rogic /50 Optic Black Velocity #95 Robbie Kruse /25 Optic Black Velocity #97 Mark Milligan /25 2017-18 Panini Select Soccer...
  10. Wattsup

    Upcoming 18/19 A League Season

    Looks like SergB has provided the full rundown of players for this set to Alans site: Craig Goodwin (Adelaide United) Isaias Sanchez (Adelaide United) Nikola Mileusnic (Adelaide United) Adam Taggart...
  11. Wattsup

    Card Zone ( Steve Wang )

    Oh look, 2014 Honours is still available to purchase, I thought it was going to be sold out according to his post!
  12. Wattsup

    2018 Socceroos World Cup Updates

    FInally got around to scanning most of the items I've picked up for the Socceroos recent World Cup Campaign. There were an inordinate amount of non-licensed items eminating from Peru this tournament, and as Peru were in the Aussies group we featured in a number of 'oddball' releases. I've...
  13. Wattsup

    For Sale 2017/18 TNP FFA FOOTBALL A-LEAGUE

    Still have any parallels left from this set? I'm after: #09 Kruse #14 Mooy Thanks
  14. Wattsup

    Socceroos Mailday Updates

    It's still at COMC so not in hand yet, but check out the number of the Tim Cahill Panini Instant that arrived today, albeit obscured by the watermark 4/10!!
  15. Wattsup

    Socceroos Mailday Updates

    Picked up a new set from Fairplay publishing Australia that arrived today, kinda quirky cards but nice! They're available from here
  16. Wattsup

    Caltex Socceroos

    Updated just two to go!
  17. Wattsup

    Mat Leckie 2018 Prizm Auto Set

    Sweet! Great stuff Steve!
  18. Wattsup

    Caltex Socceroos

    UPDATED 19.7 Just chasing the last two Strike Force cards for this set, like most it seems! CSF-02 Nikita Rukavytsya CSF-03 Robbie Kruse have the following to trade from the same set: Cahill Legend SL-01 x 2 Strike Force CSF-05 Tomi Juric Field Generals CFG-01 Wright, CFG-04 Luongo, CFG-05...
  19. Wattsup

    Socceroos Mailday Updates

    Finally had the chance to scan a fair amount of the socceroos oddballs I've picked up from this years World Cup as well as previous years Also, this week finally had delivered a Super rare set from 1974, the Monaco Gente set: This is a super super rare set, I've never seen any Australian...
  20. Wattsup

    Auskick cards
  21. Wattsup

    2018 Panini World Cup Prism

    Here's the checklist on Alans site: And yep, look at all these parallels of the base cards! 23 variations in total of each: PARALLEL: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Prizm - Silver PARALLEL: FIFA...
  22. Wattsup

    TLA Player In Focus Limited Edition Cards - Released Each Monday 12pm

    Received my Munster today #12 of 76
  23. Wattsup

    2017/18 Topps EPL release

    Premier Gold checklist has been listed on Alans website: Looks like they've still got plenty of sticker autos leftover of so many of the same guys that have been in the last few Topps releases!
  24. Wattsup

    2017/18 Topps EPL release