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  1. aussiecrf

    penny auto ??

    Hey everyone i was looking throghebay earlier and seen this[/URL] was wondering if this looks legit as i am no too sure. Thanks every one in advance...
  2. aussiecrf

    Carl Landry wanted

    Hi everyone if anyone could help me out with some Carl landry cards it would be sweet, if you have any let me know. Kind regards, Shane
  3. aussiecrf

    Footy tonight

    Who is watching the footy tonight?? how is Billy Slater playing..... he is a freak... aus fullback for sure! any thoughts?:thumbsup:
  4. aussiecrf

    03-04 Fleer Ultra

    hey there guys i was just wondering what everybody thought of the above series. i have just won a box and would like to know what are the chances of pulling some good cards out of it? and y feedback would be apreciated. thanks.:v:
  5. aussiecrf

    hey everybody

    Hey there guys fairly new to the site and i thought i might say gday. i am a new collector so if i seem i bit silly or keep asking silly questions please try and be patient with me. thanks guys have fun and i will talk to you soon.