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  1. Muhaimin

    Rookie card cleanout

    Sold Zion, Ja Bam Fox, Sexton Tatum
  2. Muhaimin

    Steph Curry Collection

    f*** you're rich 🤑
  3. Muhaimin

    Doncic Prizm Rc

    $500+ Post Card is mint but has a small scratch on the back therefore selling below comps!
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  6. Muhaimin

    SOLD/TRADED FS. Lebron lot. $50 dlvd

    Really, he seemed legit to me
  7. Muhaimin

    For Sale/For Trade Giannis Antetokunpo Starter Kit

    Giannis Antetokounpo Starter Kit 🤩 $550 Express Posted All cards mint! Includes- Pinnacle Rc Fleer Rc SP Rc Donruss Choice 2021
  8. Muhaimin

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Its relatively cheaper on facebook US pages
  9. Muhaimin

    2021 NBA Trade Deadline movements

    Magic tanking for Cade 😂
  10. Muhaimin

    nba breaks australia?

    The Bearded Breaker on facebook
  11. Muhaimin

    2020-21 NBA Hoops (2) Blasters and Fat packs

    Let me know if any of those Slams are for sale! I'm trying to complete the set and need Dirk Kawhi and timmy d :)
  12. Muhaimin

    For Sale Kobe topps finest rc

    Ikr, atleast put up a price and say its negotiable lol
  13. Muhaimin

    For Sale Kobe topps finest rc

    He's only looking for offers
  14. Muhaimin

    Does these have any value?

    Keen on kobe if you want to move
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  16. Muhaimin

    NBA Topshot

    That zion dunk my guy 🤑🤩