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  1. cardfund

    For Sale PSA Sale

    Hi all, Prices include registered post Cross-posted, $70 KD ~ $120 Ayton $100 Giannis $110 Giannis Clear Vision $120 Trae Optic $80 Trae Prizm $80
  2. cardfund

    Rui Hachimura

    Hi all, Looking for Rui mid-high end. Thanks!
  3. cardfund

    Completed cardfund & Adam Dunstan

    cardfund recieves $$$ @Adam Dunstan receives: - KPJ Optic x 4 -KPJ Mosaic x 4 agreed mate?
  4. cardfund

    Kobe Lot

    Hi all, Please see below Kobe lot $450 Fleer 06-07 Behind The Numbers Jersey /199 2016 Crusade PSA 9
  5. cardfund

    LF KD/Lebron/Ginnis/Jokic/Ingram (updated 26.12)

    Hi all, Looking for all years of the following, prefer quantity: Low-Mid End Graded ~Lebron ~KD ~Jokic ~Ingram Base: ~Lebron Base Prizm ~KD Base Select ~KD Base Prizm ~Ingram Base Prizm ~Ingram Base Select ~Giannis Base Prizm Thanks!
  6. cardfund

    Lebron, Kobe & Shaq Lots

    Hi all, All lots are $50 each delivered (tracked) Lebron Lot (Select heavily scratched) Kobe Lot ~ Some cards have corner/edge wear Shaq Lot - Mad Game refactor has small surface marks Thanks.
  7. cardfund

    Big Want List (Booker, Ayton, Tatum, SGA, Murray, Ingram, Mitchell,Bazley Curry etc)

    Hi guys, Looking for the below cards, prefer quantites/lots. Please PM with availablity and prices; Darius Bazley - Mosaic Base, Optic Base, Prizm Base Terence Davis - Prizm Kevin Porter Jr- Optic & Prizm Base SGA - 19-20 Prizm Base Rui Hachimura- Optic & Prizm Deandre Ayton - 19-20 Prizm Base...
  8. cardfund

    In Progress cardfund & peter1980d

    cardfund receives $$$$ @peter1980d receives: - Lebron 14-15 Court Kings - Kobe 97-98 upperdeck SP - Giannis 16-17 Revolution @peter1980d agree mate?
  9. cardfund

    Completed cardfund & tekk3113

    cardund receives $$$ @tekk3113 receives Kobe Retro /250 Agreed @tekk3113 ?
  10. cardfund

    $50 Thread (Murray, Lebron , Kobe, Kawhi, AD, Iverson)

    Hi guys, everything below is $50 each dlvd with tracking. Also cross posted. Lebron 2015-16 USA prizm (small scratch near his name) Kawhi 2015-16 Court Kings /299 (Slight corner wear) Kawhi 2019-20 Select Courtside Jamal Murray 2019-20 Optic Holo Lot (one has a scratch)...
  11. cardfund

    LF: Henry, Ronaldo, Messi, Drogba, Vieira,Keane, Bergkamp, Zidane, Maldini

    Hi guys, Looking for cards of Henry, Ronaldo, Messi, Drogba, Vieira,Keane, Bergkamp, Zidane, Maldini. Prefer 90s or 2000-2007. Please PM with Prices
  12. cardfund

    Lebron Sales Thread

    Hi guys, Looking to move some Lebron cards, also cross-posted. Prices include registered postage. 2014-15 Court Kings: $80: 2006-07 Topps Turkey Red Black - $70 (slight corner/edge wear) 2016-17 Optic Elite Series: $25
  13. cardfund

    13-14 Pinnacle (Includes Giannis) & 17-18 Optic Complete Sets (Includes Tatum)

    2013-14 Pinnacle Set (Includes Giannis rookie pic below). CJ Mcollum RC corner dinged. $200 dlvd 2017-18 Optic Complete Set (including all rookies: Tatum/Mitchell/Bam etc) $150 dlvd. $320 for both. Cards not for individual sale. Thanks!
  14. cardfund

    Completed Cardfund & DJW

    Cardfund receives select lot of Kawhi & Giannis + Lebron Prizm/Select @DJW receives paypal $$$ Agreed mate?
  15. cardfund

    *updated 20/7* Looking For Lebron, AD, Kawhi, Jokic, MJ, Curry

    Hi guys looking for the following: Lebron: Prizm/Select Base & Prizm Colours from all years Giannis: Prizm/Select Base & Prizm Colours from all years Kawhi: Prizm/Select Base & Prizm Colours from all years Curry Prizm/Select Base & Prizm Colours from all years Please PM! Thanks
  16. cardfund

    Completed Cardfund & Hosko87

    @Hosko87 receives John CollinsPrizm RC Lot (5 ) Cardfund receives $$$$ Agreed @Hosko87 ?
  17. cardfund

    Completed Cardfund & Hosko87

    @Hosko87 recieves Kevin Durant Lot Cardfund recieves $$$ Agreed mate?
  18. cardfund

    Cardfund Clearance Lots (Lebron, Giannis, KD, Luka, Harden, KP etc)

    Hi guys clearing out some lots, some cross-listed below prices included registered post. Any questions, let me know. Lebron Silver/Holo Lot (Hoops is serial'd) ~$90 Luka RC Lot $150 (includes Swirloarama/50) Kristaps Porzingis RC Lot ~$80 Giannis Optic Holo Lot ~ $150 Pascal...
  19. cardfund

    Ja Morant Donruss the Rookies x 3 lot

    $50 dlvd registered. Cross posted.
  20. cardfund

    LF 19-20 Optic Stephen Curry, Lebron & Rui, Kawhi

    Hi everyone, looking for the below: Optic 19-20: Steph - Holo Lebron - Base/ Any Colours Kawhi - Holo/Any Colours Jamal Murray - Holo Nikola Jokic - Holo Trae Young - Holo Deandre Hunter - Holo De'Aaron Fox- Purple Rui Hachimura - Base/Holo/Any Colours PM with prices.
  21. cardfund

    LF: Rui, Ayton, Lebron, Luka, Giannis & Curry

    Hi everyone, Looking for the following: -Rui -Ayton from 18-19 -Lebron Patches (all years) -Giannis 19-20 Prizm colours -Curry 19-20 Prizm Colours -Luka 19-20 Prizm Colours Please PM what you have and price. Thanks!
  22. cardfund

    In Progress Cardfund & 1stBowman

    @1stBowman sends Rui Hachimura Green Prizm cardfund sends $$$$ @1stBowman agree?
  23. cardfund

    Zion, Lebron, Dame, SGA , Kawhi & AD Lots

    Zion 2019-20 prizm 3 card lot ~ $310 delievered Lebron Silver Lot ~ $100 delivered -2018-19 Select Silver Prizm -2016-17 First Step Silver Prizm SGA Lot ~ $90 delievered: -2018-19 Immaculate Patch -2018-19 Select Patch -2018-19 Select Premier x 2 -2018-19 Select Concourse x3 AD Lot ~...
  24. cardfund

    In Progress cardfund & Slick.34

    @Slick.34 Will receive 10x Ja Morant Prizm Cardfund wil receive $$$$ Agree @Slick.34 ?
  25. cardfund

    Completed cardfund & KaboomCards

    Cardfund receives Rui pair KaboomCards receives $$$ @KaboomCards agree?