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    Select 97 Cricket Cards, 4 NRL Cards (Mid 90's)

    Hi Ive only got a couple posts on this forum and i didnt see a sticky that i needed a minimum to start selling. For reference, My ebay ID is Novakovic88 so you can see that ive got good feedback. Ive got these up for sale if anyone is interested, I will consider any offers. My location is...
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    Hi Just signed up, nice forum youve got here. I signed up mainly because i wanted to start getting into card collecting, im more of a pokemon fan, as a kid i wanted the full first set, and now that im older ive got some money to buy em. but ive got roughly 450 basketball/cricket/soccer...
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    Some of my cards, Are they desirable ?

    Hi Just signed up, I have some cards (this is about 9 of 450) but though i might just post a pic up to see if these are worth/desirable at all. thanks