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  1. SamiFour7

    Trae Young MY HOUSE!

    Hi All, I am looking for Trae Young My House variations. Lime Green /149 Orange /39 Pink /25 Gold /10 Please show me what you have. PayPal ready!
  2. SamiFour7

    Wax for Xmas

    Every year I rip wax with kids on xmas day. This year it has been tough to come by without paying overs. Looking for fair prices, happy to trade or PP, prefer mid-tier products but can't be too fussy with only a few weeks left. PM me what is out there.
  3. SamiFour7

    For Sale/For Trade Graded cards for sale or trade - ZION, RJ, JJJ, Ja Morant, Devonte Graham, MPJ, Bagley..

    Will be adding to this regularly. Prefer selling but will look at trading for bigger deals. Hit me up with any questions. $6 postage within AUS 1. 2019 Hoops #258 Zion Williamson Quad 9.5's TRUE GEM - $180 2. 2019 Hoops #258 Zion Williamson Quad 9.5's TRUE GEM - $180 - SOLD 3. 2019...
  4. SamiFour7

    Hi, Just seeing whether anyone has tried out ? I looks like it is cheaper than ebay and comc? Ive opened an account but would like to know if others are using it. Let me know. Cheers
  5. SamiFour7

    Mitchell Robinson

    PM me anything you are looking to move please. cheers
  6. SamiFour7

    Completed cardsdownunder and SamiFour7

    cardsdownunder gets 2018 Tatum Silver and SamiFour7 gets PayPal Agreed?
  7. SamiFour7

    In Progress James Cannon and SamiFour7

    James Cannon gets Knox Cornerstones /75 and SamiFour7 gets PayPal Agreed?
  8. SamiFour7

    Completed Taffster74 and SamiFour7

    Taffster74 gets KG prizm swatches, Aldridge impeccable and Aldridge contenders draft /18 And SamiFour7 gets paypal agreed?
  9. SamiFour7

    Memorabilia question

    Hi, I had a colleague approach me asking whether I thought his Michael Jordan One glass framed shoe signed and “authenticated” would be worth anything today. He just sent the photos and before i break the news to him that it’s fake I thought I would ask here.. Authenticated by “Hollywood legends...
  10. SamiFour7

    In Progress SplashTas23 and SamiFour7

    SplashTas23 gets Robinson Flawless And SamiFour7 gets paypal agreed?
  11. SamiFour7

    Completed Andrew111 and SamiFour7

    Andrew111 gets: - Bledsoe Optic Auto - Markkanen Crown Royale Auto SamiFour7 gets PayPal
  12. SamiFour7

    In Progress hackadeandre and SamiFour7

    hackadeandre gets: - Pippin /149 - Rodman /199 - Robinson /99 and SamiFour7 gets PayPal Agreed?
  13. SamiFour7

    Completed Okramrajnoc and SamiFour7

    Okramrajnoc gets - Jokic Season ticket - MPJ Astro - MPJ Contenders Optic Silver and Cracked Ice and SamiFour7 gets PayPal Agreed?
  14. SamiFour7

    Cancelled SamiFour7 and Holdendazz

    Holdendazz gets dieng /8 prizm choice And SamiFour7 gets PayPal
  15. SamiFour7

    For Sale Big mix high to low. Adding regularly.

    Hi, Listing a few again. Doing my best with comps. Postage extra. Standard $4, Registered $8. Send PM. Cheers Pippin /149 $15 SOLD Rodman /199 $8 SOLD Nash Tiger $50 (28th April $45usd) Malone /199 $10 Harden /88 $45 Rodman SS $90 Robinson /99 $3 SOLD Lauri /99 $6 Crowder tiger $8 CJ /99...
  16. SamiFour7

    Completed SamiFour7 and tekk3113

    tekk3113 gets 18/19 shaq flawless /10, devonte graham impeccable /99, Ayton cornerstones /199, Paschall Optic Sigs, 17/18 Tatum optic /155, 18/19 Retro Gold stockton /10 x 2, malone /10, 18/19 Prizm Lebron Fireworks disco, 18/19 Prizm tiger KG, 19/20 CP3 sig, 18/19 Tatum Black Velocity /39...
  17. SamiFour7

    Completed c_davis and SamiFour7

    c_davis gets MPJ Contenders /199 and SamiFour7 gets PayPal F&F
  18. SamiFour7

    In Progress SplashTas23 and SamiFour7

    SplashTas23 gets 2018 Robinson Flawless /25 and SamiFour7 gets PayPal F&F.
  19. SamiFour7

    SOLD/TRADED For Sale - Shaq, Mixed rookies and some other stuff

    Hi, First time selling here. Ive sold on ebay but mainly use comc. I use 130point for comps so will do my best to go close. Will list some stuff here with prices before sending to comc in a couple of weeks. Appreciate your help with anything. DM me with interest. cheers Shaq 18/19 Flawless /10...
  20. SamiFour7

    Looking for Mo Bamba! Let me Mo.. I mean know!

    Looking for Mo Bamba! Let me Mo.. I mean know!
  21. SamiFour7

    LF Ben Simmons Gold Prizm RC /10

    I know its a long shot but worth asking
  22. SamiFour7


    Im selling up some of my Luka cards. Will on sell to good serious offers. PM me if interested.