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  1. John Snow

    ⭐️Michael Porter Jr Spectra RPA #/49⭐️ (Listed on ebay starting at 0.99c!!)

    ⭐️⭐️Michael Porter Jr RPA /49! I have here a Michael Porter Jr RPA #48/49 I am looking for $800 dlvd registered!! Grab a great investment piece of a future star!!
  2. John Snow

    For Sale/For Trade (PRICE DROP) 2016 Supreme Hardcourt RPA /199!!

    PRICE DROP 2016 Supreme Hardcourt Jamal Murray RPA /199 $250 delivered registered!! Attached is a the old photo, if you want close ups let me know!!
  3. John Snow

    Vintage Cards (Topps Chrome, Fleer, Topps)

    Hey Guys, Made some progress with my wants! Still need these to remain: The ones with a number "1" next to them mean I have them already. Cheers! Year Player Series Sum 1948 George Mikan Bowman 1957 Bill Russell Topps 1957 Bill Sharman Topps 1957 Bob Cousy Topps 1957 Bob...
  4. John Snow

    For Sale Michael Porter Jr Rookie RC /75! (Cheap!!)

    MPJ RC Grab a bargain of a young ⭐️ 1x 2018 MPJ Revolution Sunburst /75 $180 dlvd OBO!! Price is negotiable! UPDATED
  5. John Snow

    For Sale Lauri RC Lot (Young Star ⭐️)

    SMALL LAURI RC LOT Grab a bargain! Young star ⭐️ $200 dlvd for the LOT 1x Prizm Silver RC 2x Prizm Base RC 1x Optic Base RC 1x Encased Auto /99 130point is currently down so goung based off ebay sold listings!
  6. John Snow

    Richmond Scanlens/Cigarette Cards

    Hey Guys, Looking for these cards, the cards in red and orange I own so looking for the cards in white! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. John Snow

    NBA All-Time Top 50 - RCs

    Hey guys, I am looking for the following cards: If you happen to have any let me know! Can pay or trade for modern! Obviously some of these are super high end (Mikan etc) but would love to get some!! The ones I currently own I have deleted Thank you again Year Player Series 1948...
  8. John Snow

    For Sale/For Trade Collin Sexton RPA 1/5

    Hi Guys, I have a: Collin Sexton Tools Of The Trade RPA 1/5 The 1/1 sold for $685 I’m only looking for $450! Happy to trade for rookie prizm or select base/# variants of the following players: Booker, Fox, Luka, Herro, MPJ, Trae
  9. John Snow

    Completed Kemba Walker RJA

    huydao94 gets 2012 Kemba Walker Select RJA John Snow gets $$ agreed?
  10. John Snow

    Rookies (Dbook, Fox and more!)

    Nice Rookies Autos ‼️📈 Aaron Holiday Crown Royale RPA /25 -$200 Andre Drummond RPA /25 - $120 Devin Booker Hot Signatures $240 Kemba Walker RJA /99 - $140 De’Aaron Fox RPA /25 - $180
  11. John Snow

    SOLD/TRADED Ja Morant Crown Royale

    Any Ja fans out here?? 2019-20 Ja Morant Crown Royale Auto Jersey $660 posted! Below the most recent comp! Funding for a Luka after his massive game and need to sacrafice!
  12. John Snow

    LF: Michael Porter Jr and De'Aaron Fox RC Autos

    Hi all, Looking for Michael Porter Jr and De'Aaron Fox RC Autos! Show me what you have! Thanks!
  13. John Snow

    For Sale/For Trade 2012-13 Immaculate Andre Drummond RPA /25 (Perfect Cond!)

    Hi everyone, I have here a: 2012-13 Immaculate Andre Drummond Chinese Red RPA /25 I couldn’t find comps for drummond but did find some of Kemba and Beal who both sold for $288usd ($408aud) and $257usd ($356aud) I’m only looking for $280AUD dlvd registered! Come grab a bargain!
  14. John Snow

    ROOKIES (RPAs, 1/1, Base)

    Hi all, Having a small rookie card sale Please add $4 normal post and $8 registered post Thank you all for looking! 2016-17 Collegiate Isaiah Whitehead RPA /5 $20* EDITED 2015-16 Cameron Payne RPAs $15 for the lot 2013-14 Rookie Roll Call Dennis Schroder $10 2012-13 Damian Lillard Select Auto...
  15. John Snow

    Pre 1990s graded rookies!

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy some vintage rookies! LMK if anyone has any for sale/trade!!
  16. John Snow

    SOLD/TRADED Stephen Curry Cubic and Gary Payton Flawless Patch Auto Graded (BARGAINS!!)

    Hey Everyone, Getting back into the card game after a year off Am looking for any vintage graded rookies or rookies of Devin Booker/De'Aaron Fox! I have added prices for those who are interested in buying! 2014-15 Flawless 'GREATS' Dual Memorabilia Auto Gary Payton #05/25 - $230 (the only 1 I...
  17. John Snow

    For Sale Klay RC Auto, Hood RC Auto /10, Wiggins RC Auto + more!

    Hi everyone! Have some cards looking to sell! Please add $3 for normal post and $7 for registered!! Unless stated, one touches not included Rodney Hood RC Auto /10 (BGS 9.5) $40 Cameron Payne RPA /25 $7 Andrew Wiggins RC Auto $35 Klay Thompson RC Auto $60 Dragan Bender RPA $5 Jazz Lot (Bradley...
  18. John Snow

    Sweet RC cards! (1992-now)

    Hi guys! Who wants to do some old fashioned trading?? I’m after some new RC cards for my collection! I mainly collect rookies of: Devin Booker, KAT, Kristaps Porzingis, Kyle Kuzma, De’aaron Fox, Dennis Smith Jr and Lauri Markkenan! I’ve got a couple of cards up for trade! 2016-17 Isaiah...
  19. John Snow


    Hi All I'm in need of these Richmond cards! (I've also given my respectible buying prices): 2018: 2018 Select Legacy Richmond Premiership Predictor - $70ish 2018 Select Legacy Jack Higgins Rookie Card - ON ITS WAY 2018 Select Legacy Noah Balta Rookie Card - ON ITS WAY 2018 Select Legacy Ben...
  20. John Snow

    Select Legacy Lot $95 dlvd!!! (or trade for Richmond!)

    Hey Everybody!! I have some nice cards here! Malcolm Blight Hall of Fame Legend 9 Parallels 3 Rookies 3 HOF Numbered Editions ALL FOR $95 DLVD YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT 15 NUMBERED CARDS AND A 1/4 CASE CARD FOR $95 DLVD
  21. John Snow

    Richmond Cards

    Hi All! I'm in need of a: 2017 Anthony Miles Brownlow Predictor 2017 Jack Higgins Platinum Signature 2017 Patrick Naish Platinum Signature I can trade or buy for the right price! I have AFL, NFL and NBA to trade!! Thanks!
  22. John Snow

    Completed John Snow and as.close

    John gets: 2013-14 Exquisite Dennis Schroeder RPA 2014-15 Preferred Silhouette Rodney Hood RJA as.close gets: $$ Via Paypal
  23. John Snow

    In Progress John Snow and Rodawg1986

    Rodawg1986 gets: Thon Maker Select Die-Cut Auto Marquesse Chriss Select Auto Die-Cut Damian Jones JSY Numbered Tie Dye John Snow gets: $$ Via Paypal Agreed???
  24. John Snow

    Some nice RCs

    Hi all, I have some nice RC signatures, RPAs that I have to trade I would like to trade multiple for a couple of better RCs! I collect any RC of any players! (Mainly 2010 onwards) So send me offers! I will reply! Here is what I have!
  25. John Snow

    In Progress John Snow and Gary Dixon

    John Snow gets: Tomas Satoransky Impeccable Auto /49 Frank Mason III Tools of the trade prime Gary Dixon gets: $$ via paypal Agreed?