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  1. Jalbert009

    Completed Jalbert009 & BeauZo

    Jalbert009 gets Shaquile Oneal Flawless Auto /25 And Kareem Abdul Jabbar Noir Auto /99 BeauZo gets $$$ Agreed?
  2. Jalbert009

    SOLD/TRADED Vet All Star Auto's plus more

    I am taking trades for Kevin Garnett - Anything Tyson Chandler - Auto's or numbered 25 or less KAT - Rookies & Auto's Jerry West - Auto, Rookies, Patch/Jersey GU, Silvers, Numbered Cards Kawhi Leonard - Auto, Rookies, Patch/Jersey GU, Silvers, Numbered Cards Celtics Uniform Pierce, Rondo &...
  3. Jalbert009

    Completed Jalbert009 & huydao94

    Huydao94 gets Kobe Bryant TOPPS rookie BGS 9.5 Jalbert009 gets $$$ Agreed?
  4. Jalbert009

    In Progress Jalbert009 & c_davis

    C_davis gets Damian Lillard Studio Case Hit Jalbert009 gets $$$ Agreed?
  5. Jalbert009

    Completed Jalbert009 & cardfund

    Cardfund gets Shaquile Oneal Fleer RC BGS 8.5 Kevin Durant TOPPS Hardwood PSA 9 Jalbert009 gets $$$ Agreed?
  6. Jalbert009

    For Sale MVP Players & other vets

    Payment - PayPal Friends and Family Postage: $3.50 Regular $7 Registered $13 Parcel Post (Small) $15 Express (Small). Bulk postage rates may apply (Orders over $100 must ship registered) Tim Duncan /10 BGS 10 SOLD Kobe Bryant TOPPS RC BGS 9.5 SOLD Shaquile Oneal Fleer RC BGS 8.5 SOLD...
  7. Jalbert009

    Completed postgsl & jalbert009

    @postgsl gets paypal $$$ gifted @Jalbert009 gets the following Select Prizm A. Davis Select Prizm T. Duncan Prestige K. Leonard Bonus Shots T. Parker /99 Excalibut Knight Court T. Duncan Prestigious Pioneers Kareem Excalibur Knight Court Butler Prestige Prestigious Post A. Davis Excallibur...
  8. Jalbert009

    Buying a box vs buying here or ebay

    Hello everyone! I have collected nba cards on and off over the years and have only focused on the low end scale of the hobby. I have always followed the NBA and have decided to collect again only this time i want to get into the mid scale of cards and possibly the high end eventually. My...
  9. Jalbert009

    Completed jalbert009 & CT2

    CT2 gets paypal $$$ CT2 will send goods first coz of 0 feed back score. jalbert009 gets 8 GU/AUTO cards. Payment to be made upon arrival of cards. :v:
  10. Jalbert009

    Ned help with info on this set.

    Official NBA Action Packed Basketball Hall of Fame Trading Cards. Printed in 1994 1. Can anyone tell me how many cards there are in this set thanks! 2. How much is this set worth? Thanks a lot guys!
  11. Jalbert009

    Completed Jalbert009 & deegs1978

    jalbert009 gets: UD Game Jersey - Gerald Wallace UD Game Jersey - Joe Johnson UD Game Jersey - Danny Granger UD Game Jersey - Caron Butler UD Game Jersey - Richard Hamilton SP Game Jersey - Manu Ginobli UD Game Jersey - Jason Kidd UD Game Jersey - Amare Stoudamire UD Game Jersey...
  12. Jalbert009

    Completed Jalbert009 & Shawn Bradley Fan

    $10US includes shipping to NZ Penny hardaway GU Wally Scerbiak GU Juwan Howard numbered #2/50 GU Dana Barros Auto
  13. Jalbert009

    What's the difference between Upper Deck SP and SPA?

    Hi guys, I want to collect a small recent set and I have Upper Deck SP and Upper Deck SP Authentic in mind. There are only 100 cards in those sets. Can anyone tell me the major differences between the 2 sets? Because when I saw a few cards of each set they looked quite similar besides the...
  14. Jalbert009

    Hi From Auckland NZ

    Hello everyone! Keen to do some buying and trades from you guys. Im trying to complete my 94-95 UD Collector's choice set. I also want to start to collect All Star GU's and Auto's. cyah guys around.